Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE ZEN OF MOTOR HOMING.............................

For those of you who camp or motor home.....this post will resonate.

When you motor home one must set your internal speedometer at a slower speed.  The above photo is the space we live in while on the road traveling.  Not very large is it??

While working in the coach this morning..this thought occurred to me....one has to do EVERYTHING slower and more deliberate in a motor home.  You only bring along what you absolutely cannot do without....i.e. things you REALLY need for your soul and your survival.

 You are always moving something out of the way to find something else....and the something else you are looking for is often hidden in a spot that you cannot for the life of you remember.  Thus....one must be PRESENT while loading your little home away from home or you do not know where anything is. You also must be extremely careful while moving things around because everything is jammed in so tight that things fall out of cabinets very easily.  LOL

If one is not careful while moving things around or moving oneself around you can be easily impaled by corners and cabinets....you simply cannot ZOOM around in an RV.  

This lack of speed makes it almost impossible for you not to take the time to smell the flowers.

In such a small space...there is very little to take care of and a lot of time to simply be mindful of what you are doing...whether it be washing the dishes or doing the laundry.  It does seem like you are in a little world of your own and you can choose to let the outside world in.....or not.

"Zen is not some kind of excitement...but concentration on our everyday routine."

I read somewhere that "mindfulness is quality time for the soul."

Both of the above statements certainly apply to the camping/motor homing lifestyle.

In closing....please ponder this wonderful quote:  "Simplicity, carried to an extreme,  becomes excellance."
  ~Jon Franklin~

Happy trails dear friends,



  1. I think your motor home looks quite large inside. I've always wanted to take a trip in one! Where are you off to now? :-)

    I love your perspective and the quotes. They very much apply to all in life!


  2. Your motor home is lovely inside and looks like a cottage. I enjoyed this post about slowing down and planning.

  3. What a lovely way to travel!! DH & I are not yet retired.... another 5 years to go!! We shall see where it take us but for now we are planning on buying a little place in Florida & retire in the sunshine!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  4. Oh, what a love space. I've always dreamed of having a motor home like yours and visiting every state.

  5. I adore the inside of your motor home, it looks like a very tastefully decorated and cosy cottage~!

  6. What a lovely zen place you have created for your home away from home! I haven't been in one of those since I was a wee child, but the memories still linger. ~Hugs, M

  7. That's what a good vacation is all about, isn't it? Slowing down and savoring life. Have fun!

  8. My mom and her sweetie have lived in a camp trailer for years. The would go from AZ to Montana also. But a few years ago they just settled in AZ. Mom always said when you downsize and need to live in a smaller space, you learn you can do very well with only the things you need. I'll learn that lesson someday...

    Your motor home is so YOU! Beautiful no matter what the size:) Keep showing us what we're missing out on. It makes my day to see you!

  9. Imagine if everyone just motored around slowing down to watch the sunsets and smelling the roses.....

  10. Your motor home looks great!!! I love your free spirit sweet lady! Happy trails.
    ~ Hugs Rosemary XX

  11. You are so full of zen richness! Living simply is living well. Right? or just well living?????
    Any way, it is the best way to go. Enjoy. Enjoy. and SHARE.

  12. Your home away from home is very pretty and cozy looking, Jo. Looks like a fun way to travel. Great quote! ~ Cheryl

  13. Your motor home looks charming! Do you think if my kids moved into a motor home, they would learn to keep it clean and tidy? Living in such a small space makes it crucial to pick up after yourself, I'm guessing! Actually, my kids are not that bad. Love the zen life lessons. Our lives are full of wisdom when we slow down and smell the roses!

  14. Your motor home looks so warm and cosy! I would love to do something like that....how freeing it would be! This might be a silly question but I can't help but notice all the beautiful plants and pots you have and I was wondering if you pack them away whilst actually driving on-road to avoid breakage?? Or are they anchored somehow?

  15. To answer your question Serna....actually we sit them in the bottom of the shower. It is like a mini greenhouse when we do that so they love it.



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