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I have had a grand time celebrating my birthday this month.  Since I am now a lady of a certain age....I always buy my own gifts.  It lets my wonderful husband off the hook and lets me get exactly what my heart desires.
This is the beautiful Suzanni in the  pictures both above and below. 

I chose this one because of the magnificent colors.  It was made in 1988 and I purchased it from a vendor in Morocco.  It is actually a wall hanging...but I will use it for everything from a chair cover to a table cloth.  I actually remove it each morning when we have our coffee while reading the paper. 
I love colorful fact I have numerous Kanthas I have collected over the years.  You can see an example of these on the orange cover on the chair and the gold Kantha on the desk in front of the window.  They are so versatile and you can change the feeling in a room in an instant.  
We also are planning to take a little trip down Tucson way to a sweet little spot called Tubac. It'…


O.K......shuffle on over here on your pretty little feet and hear about my most recent blogging dilemma.  I have only the most rudimentary technological knowledge.  I often refer to myself as a Ticonderoga #2 in a word perfect world.  For those of you who are too young to know what a Ticonderoga #2 is a simple pencil.
Anyway, the other day I attempted to log into my blog and alas, I could not get into it in my usual manner.  Brad, my husband, was out golfing so I could not ask the computer wiz for help.  Anyway, after feeling totally helpless....I started clicking on things and somehow ended up at Google having to sign in with a password.  Of course, couldn't remember my password so I entered a very old one from years ago.  Alas....that event made even more of a mess of things.  I created a whole new blog....WHICH OF CORSE I DID NOT WANT..
Frustration set in as I had to leave for an appointment and could not fix the MESS.

Decided to leave it another day and after a restful …