Monday, September 17, 2012

PUTTING ON MY GYPSY SHOES......................

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Well.......the coach is packed...the laundry done in the condo....and we will be on our way tomorrow.

I often do feel like a gypsy moving from one spot to another....and each year my gratitude grows as I am able to continue this lifestyle.

I truly would love to "do up" my coach in Gypsy Style...but alas....not too practical as things probably would be flying all over as we traveled down the road.  (O:

But.....a girl can dream.....can't she?


My suitcase is packed with memories
To be opened further down the road

When my caravan must be halted
The bag waits to be opened

Stories to be told and shared
Like the gypsy's of so long ago

But for now....the wheels keep turning
And my case grows larger still

Waiting for the day..I must be stopped 
And my heart, to the brim, will be filled

Hugs from me to you,

Gypsy photos:  Electric Gipsyland on Flickr


  1. I LOVE your gypsey spirit. I like to think of all the wildness and imagination going on in that head of yours.
    You don't want to ever change that

  2. What a wonderful life you live. I always wanted to get a trailer and just travel about the country.

  3. I love this. It so describes my restless soul.

  4. How good to travel and go where your heart leads. It would be fun to decorate like a gypsy and even nicer to have a home pulled by horses.

  5. Hello Jo:
    We are reminded of the adage that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive. Happy adventure!

  6. Well Jo I admire your gypsy spirit. I would just adore to travel in a gypsy caravan like the photos above but am torn between that and my wonderful rambling rose garden here where my creative spirit is fed from too!
    Have a wonderful travel!
    x Suzy

  7. That gypsy coach above is amazing !

    Perhaps you could glue everything to the wall and the floor ?

    I love hearing about your nomadic adventures.

    I am too much of a woosy to give up the comfort of my stationary

    giggles Sharon

  8. Hello Jo,
    wishing you best wishes driving to your next stop.
    No reason why you couldn't make your dream come true!
    a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
    Maybe you might like to go over to Fiona at Raindrops and daisies... she has the most delightful post about the too.
    I love your images.. we have a few of those caravans that one can rent out here in Portugal.
    happy travels.
    regards, until next post

  9. What a Lovely Inspiring Post Jo... yes, Adventures down the Road Gypsy Style are what we Live for!

    Safe Traveling my Friend!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Have fun Jo!!! The hubby & I are going to look for a camper for next year...we just want something that we can go somewhere & camp & take the children with paws too...:) It would be fun to do it up Gypsy Style...:D

  11. Hello my beautiful Jo...I have to admit, that 2nd image just makes me giggle...Love it...I would so have a room like that if it weren't such a contrast to the hubby's style. Safe travels as you begin your next adventure. As always, big hugs, xoxo

  12. You are probably doing what everyone only dreams of; traveling and seeing the world. Oh, well the rest of us can just enjoy following along with you as you take us on your journey through this amazing blog! Love it!!! xo's Pam

  13. Thanks for keeping us posted :D I love hearing what you are experiencing. hugs, lady

  14. I've always loved the gypsy wagons...a mis-match of this and that, yet it all looks so delightfully wonderful and inspiring~
    Love your gypsy shoes too!!

  15. Loving your Gypsy shoes and all your wild, wonderful color! Just makes me smile! Besides, a Marmelade Gypsy has a passion for ANYTHING Gypsy!

  16. I love the bohemian look, everything is so lovely and you have me hooked! :)


  17. I love the gypsy wagon! That is my dream!


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