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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY........MOM.....................................................

My mom died when I was 32 years old.  I still miss her after all these years.
Here is to you MOM!!
Jacqueline Marie Robinson 1921~~1979


This photo, of my son, was taken  a few years ago.  He was so very healthy here...had been working out like crazy and was eating really well and taking care of himself.  He has been gone a little over two years now and I still miss him every day.
This morning...when I realized what day this was I did a little trip down memory lane and remembered the day he was born.  I was only 20 years old, much too young to be having a child of my own.  He dad was just a year older...he was also too young.  When I think back over the years of my son's brief life I try to remember only the good fact I think I have purposely blocked out the bad.  
His love of music and animals is always something that brings me solace when I get a little sad about his passing.  He was a gifted drummer and never saw an animal he did not love.  His heart was as big as gold... although he did not have much to share with anyone...he would have given you the shirt off his back if you had asked for it.  
I was b…


This is a second marriage for both Brad and I.  His first wife, though I never met her sounds like a lovely woman, but the marriage just didn't work.  Fortunately, ours has.

He has never shared much with me about his first marriage...but as I have gotten older I have been a little more inquisitive about that part of his life.

One of my recent questions to him was what his home looked like. He has always loved wood and he has told me that his last home with her had Mahogany doors and window casements.  Perhaps that is why we always have wood floors  when we purchase a new home.  

This led to me inquiring about the inside style of his home. He said it was pretty leather sofa from college days and a few other things they has picked up along the way.

Her style was totally opposite mine....not so much stuff!  haha we are talking about this he was looking around our sweet little spot..and he said the sweetest thing to me.  You know what it was??  Here it is....I DI…