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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A SIMPLE CHRISTMAS POST......................................................

Goodness....I have not posted in over a month.  This one will have lots of pics so be prepared.  (O:

I was not sure if I was ready to celebrate this year as Christmas day was the last day I saw my son alive....but I know Scott would want me to celebrate the day even though he is somewhere else....hopefully....having his own celebration!!!

These old clear bulbs turned into the ones in the shots above.   Still loved the bulbs as they are plastic and unbreakable but wanted to make them a color so took paint and made that happen.  

I have used the same decorations now for sometime....just remaking them into something new.  

We did not put up a big tree this year as I was just not up to the task...but as you can see I spread little things here and there though the house.

The leather photo album in this picture is over 100 years old.  It contains pictures of my aunt, my mom and my grandmother and grandfather.  It is a real treasure given to me by my Aunt Ruthie on one of our last visits.

More hand colored Christmas bulbs.  I actually do love how they turned out....I'll probably keep them out somewhere all year.

Old candle holders spruced up with new stuff.  I think I enjoy remaking things as much as anything about the holiday...

The perfect place for my homemade wreath from last year.

Here was my setting for a Christmas dinner party we had with friends a few days ago.  I swear...I have NOTHING that matches.  LOL LOL  At this stage I hesitate to go out and buy all new dinner ware for one evening.  

O.K.  I'm sure you are wondering what in the world this is.  Well...I have a wonderful collection of Lunch at the Ritz earrings.  I wore them all the time when I was younger.  They have just  be sitting up in my closet so I decided to put this to some good use this holiday season.  They are so very festive.

Each one is named and comes on a little card inscribed with Lunch at the Ritz logo.  I keep  thinking every year I will put them up for sale on e-bay but as of yet have not done it.

Here are two of the Christmas earrings.  The one with the Tree is called Merry Christmas and the one with all the toys is call Toy Box

Here is Polly Wanna which I think I am actually going to take with me on the next trip we are taking in January.  It is to Mexico so these earrings should fit right in.

Each one of these pieces really are a work of art and I decided I wanted to display them in some way so Miss Minnette was the perfect solution.

I know some of my things are not in the traditional holiday decor but I have had all of them for many many years and they hold a truckload full of memories.
So I'm sure they will reappear each Christmas as long as I am able to set them out and appreciate them.

Here is wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's.

warm warm wishes from here


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