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FINDING SOUL IN OLD THINGS......................................

I cannot believe the last time I did a post here was last June.  I have missed  blogging and visiting each of you when I am able.  

These are a few of the old items we have lying under our tree this year.

When I view some of these things I can almost hear the singing of the United Shoe Workers of 1912;  as well as the sermon that the Reverend H. Bursell must have preached during his travels in 1850.

One's life is made of memories and each year during the holidays they are especially acute.  

For several hears now...since the death of my son, Scott, the holidays have been something to simply get through...but this year seems different.  Perhaps the grief has finally been able to take a back seat to all the JOY that is in the world and in my life.  

We didn't put up a large tree this year as our home is simply too small to do so, but we did purchase a little three and a half foot tree that I have decorated with a few things that hold special MEMORIES. 

The dried roses on this tree are…