Saturday, October 24, 2015

THE HEALING AND HOPING SEASON............................

Life keeps moving on at it's normal pace.......
with events happening that are totally out of our control, but one thing we can control is how we take care of ourselves..which is needed especially during difficult times.

I am a  big fan of organic and natural skin care, and since good cosmetics have become so very expensive I often come across something I can make myself that I believe has a wonderful effect on one's skin.

This skincare recipe is from the above publication.  I had not seen it before so I picked up a  copy to see how I could incorporate some of these items in my personal care.

It is such a simple concoction and so very easy to make.  

3/4 cup chopped need to peel
1/4 cup liquid coconut oil...I personally use organic
1 cup white sugar
Basil leaves as much as you like .. mine are from my garden out back

I chopped cucumber and basil.   Put them into my blender, added the sugar, then the coconut oil.  Then I put the blender on puree and mixed it to my desired consistency.  I like my body scrubs to be a little on the goopy side ... if you want yours a little thicker just add more of the cucumber and basil.  This has the most clean refreshing fragrance you will ever experience.

Pour the mixture into clean storage containers.  Mine are plastic as I did not want to worry about dropping them in the shower and having the glass shader.  
But you can certainly use anything you have on hand.  This recipe made a little over two small jars of scrub.  It stores well in the fridge for two weeks...and I promise you will not smell like a SALAD when you exit the shower.  LOL LOL

This mixture does miracles on rough feet and elbows...although I use it over a lot of my body just because I like how soft it makes my skin feel.  Be sure and rise the floor or the tub or shower thoroughly as this can be slippery and you will want to rinse any little pieces of 
"green stuff" down the drain.  (O:(O:

Enjoy this and let's make a pact with ourselves to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES THIS UPCOMING SEASON.

hugs from me,


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

THERE IS A SEASON...............................

I turned 69 on Saturday, October third. It was a bitter sweet birthday this year since my son was not with us.  
We went to one of our favorite  spots for my birthday dinner.  In fact, it was one of the last places my son was with us while he was alive.  The familiarity was somehow comforting for us..although some  tears were shed by us because of the vacancy that was felt by his absence. 
Which really brings me to the point of this post for today....THERE IS A SEASON.  

These pics were taken by us on a trip 2 years ago.  We toured down the Danube  and the Rhine rivers in Europe.  It is pretty evident that it is Fall in these was an incredible time for us.

It was before our move and Brad's  surgery.  It was before our son's death.

Who would have known  what was in store as we were viewing this incredible part of the world.

It was a season of all  joy and hopefulness. Then came the season of hurting and sorrow.  Every life has it's seasons....and each of them leave their mark.

Here in America we are in the Autumn season and for me personally it will be the healing and hoping season.

All the season's are necessary for one's soul development and each will appear in its own least this is what I BELIEVE.  

Any thoughts on this?

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