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THE WELL HAS RUN DRY................................................

"O.K. God--you take care of the quality.  I will take care of the quantity." Julia Cameron

At this point in my life.....I am just stuck!  There, I have said it...and am going to have to do something about it. I don't like being in this spot.  This last year of my life has been so very unsettling, with my huge move and downsize, Brad's serious surgery, and my son's death; it seems as though true JOY is just out of reach.  
This isn't a case of the "blues or depression"....I'm still getting on about the business of life.  The passion is gone.  Things I once loved doing, blogging, painting, making jewelry just being creative in some manner have all fallen aside and piled up behind my wall of "being stuck".
Friends tell me that this will pass since I have certainly had a lot going on...but I DON'T LIKE BEING STUCK. 
Since I believe there is a direct connection between spirituality and fact they both fuel each other; I'm g…

NATURE'S BOUNTY IN AZ.................

My friend, Lainey, is one heck of a gardner!!!  She had to leave town unexpectedly this week to drive to Wyoming; before she left she told me to go pick tomatoes as she didn't want the birds to get all of them.  So......I did!!

The lemons are ours from our tree out back.  We have been harvesting them for months.  LOL LOL
Anyway, I make tons of homemade salsa so these tomatoes are going to be used for this as well as some homemade spaghetti sauce.
I'm only growing a few herbs and some easy veggies in our garden out back...since I seem to be a little intimidated to grow REAL VEGETABLES as I call them.  
Mint, basil and oregano
But.....visiting her garden today inspired me to buy one tomato plant and some cilantro.  I don't know if it is too late to plant the tomato but I'm going to plop it in with my flowers and see what happens.
I'll keep you posted!