Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is raining today in Petaluma, CA.....so we have chosen to stay right where we are and make this a no travel day.  Every so often we do this so we can catch up with the outside world....you know....e-mails....paying bills....grocery shopping....laundry....phone calls, etc.  

The above little corner is our little office on our coach.  We seem to do quite nicely in this small space.  My sweet husband uses his laptop....while I use the larger computer with the screen.  I don't see as well as I used to so having a bigger screen is necessary for me.
We also work from this little corner which is our dining table.

As you can tell.....I am in love with lanterns....any kind....any shape. I would hang them everywhere from the ceiling if I could.

Found the above cloth lanterns in Sonoma....had a wonderful lunch there and found a Fair Trade store that carried these.

Well as you can see....all is quiet on the home front.  Just brewed me a little pot of tea from my favorite Tea Store..... TEAVANA.

Again I apologize if I am not able to visit as often as I would like, it is also so very difficult to send e-mails.  I can receive them....but it is often impossible to send.

Have a restful day dear friends,



  1. I envy you traveling this way...I always wanted to "see" our country! Even a day off, not driving, sounds like an adventure. I love all the cozy little places you have. Enjoy!


  2. If we could only get some of that wetness over here. I'm not betting on it.

  3. Lanterns are magical and I love them too. Whenever you are able to visit it is a special treat. Wonder photos and words. Hopefully next year in April and I can hardly wait.

    We have a fifth wheel Keystone Montana, and three rooms slide in, quite different from your motor home. But I am still looking for a lantern, among other things.

    Always happy to see you.

  4. What you are doing is something that I have always wanted to do. Sometimes I have very vivid daydreams about my wishful travels. Your traveling home is so lovely. What a wonderful way to travel.

  5. The lanterns create the coolest ambiance, don't they! There's just something good about them. So, you travel around in an RV? Is it fun? I love the idea of taking my house with me somewhere...


  6. I certainly don't post everyday, so I don't expect anyone else to either. I just love reading whenever people feel like talking. So whenever you post, we'll be here. You have made your motorhome so cozy. I am not a "nester" and if any decorating gets done it's because Jim does it. It always surprises me that I have no sense of decorating taste in my own home but I so enjoy others. Just like art - I have no talent but I enjoy looking at others.

  7. Your coach looks so cozy. You've inspired me to put more touches of "me" in ours. Thanks! K

  8. You have a pretty and cozy looking motor home, Jo. I don't blame you for not blogging while on an adventure like you are now. It's fun to hear from you when you have time and we always love your photos.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment at my blog. Have fun and enjoy your travels! ~Cheryl

  9. I love that little dragonfly teapot Jo. Hope you have been able to relax today as you are rained in. Would you please send some of the rain my way? It's been so hot and dry here.


  10. Jo I'm loving your little niche with the Lanterns and we have a Teapot just like that one but with a Bamboo motif, it's the one we use daily for heating our water for Tea!

    We stayed in today for a completely different reason, it was hovering around 112 degrees and rather humid, I think a Monsoon storm may be brewing...

    Thanks for stopping by with your sweet words about our Son. And I'm still smiling about your comment about the DH saying that Fantasy Shopping is the best kind... The Man would be in agreement with that, Fantasies don't break the Bank. *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Hi again Jo...

    Love that you took a little down time, do you hear the rain in your little gypsy wagon? One of my favorite sounds :)

    Is that one of the new 'All in One' computers? I'm thinking of getting one soon.

    Listen to me, asking ?'s that you can't answer! That's ok, you will when you can.

    Enjoy your cozy journey...

  12. Loving the corners of your world Jo...best wishes for a wonderful day and thank you for your very kind comments recently, much appreciated!

    Jeanne xxx

  13. Jo, I absolutely adore your home away from home! Such a peaceful place you have created for you guys when you are traveling! Love it! ~Hugs, M

  14. I love Teavana! I have one of their little pots and I use it all the time! Your coach seems so warm and cozy and homey that I wouldn't mind staying in on the occasional rainy day and curling up with a good book and a cup of tea!

    You are such a dear love, sweet Jo! Thank you so much for stopping by. I always love hearing from you. Please don't ever worry that it's been a little while. I sure don't get around to my dear friend's blogs as often as I would like to. Life happens as it happens...

    Enjoy your quiet time, my friend. Many blessings to you and your dear hubby.

    Mrs B

  15. I always love your photos and your stories. You are a great example of what I just blogged about--Life is good!!!

  16. Hello my free-spirited friend! I love that your travelling on the road and what a cozy nook to be in!
    Just love your cloth lantern. I'm off Saturday so I too am playing catch up with comments etc.
    Have a wonderul vacation Josette.
    Hugs Rosemary... XX

  17. Dear Jo, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a complimentary comment... I hope you found that site to be as fun and user friendly as you need it to be to enhance your beautiful photos. Playing with texturing was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time.

    Hopefully the rains have subsided and you've got sunshine to play in again? *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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