Friday, June 17, 2011


Nothing beats California for flowers.  Each time we come here from the AZ desert, I cannot get over all the green.

Gardener that I does set my heart atwitter.  

We have not been to this part of California since 1981....early in our marriage.

We stayed in a beautiful little bed and breakfast in the main part of Santa came complete with chocolate on the pillows, a shared bath down the hall and a hot tub in the back yard.  We loved every minute of it.   

Now......that whole part of town is one giant MALL.  If you have been to Horton Plaza in San Diego,   you will be able to get the picture here.   I am so disappointed that the city planners allowed this to happen...but I guess the city must grow and survive.  One way to make that happen is to put in a Nordstrom and a Pottery Barn; and several city blocks of various other stores and restaurants.

The traffic congestion is horrific and you CANNOT find a place to park  anywhere.  The population has certainly grown since almost 90,000 people.

We ended up parking at the harbor where we met ONE FEATHER.  Here is his home......are you ready.....

One love.....says it all......that was his motto.  We are all one and obviously......we should love one another.  We actually saw quite a number of these hippy vans on our trip through Southern California.  The place where   you can show up, light up, and drop out. (obviously these are not the right words for the 60's generation...but I was a married lady then with kids.)

He lives in his van and obviously doesn't have the pressure and worry of modern society.  He moves around occasionally so the patrol officers don't give him any trouble and of course lives off the small donation you give him for being able to participate in his eccentricities.  

I took a few shots of modest homes as we drove around.
These are not the million dollar babies set high on the hill.

This last photo is one I especially love....I hope this is me and my honey in future years to come....(No not cast in bronze) .....Just being alive and enjoying one another's company.

Stay happy,



  1. Thanks for the tour. Such gorgeous flowers. You're right about California...and a hippie van. Haven't seen one of those in years.

  2. LOVE the pretty flowers Jo... not so sure about the hippie van!... hope you are having a fabulous time... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. We went to CA last year for the first time and fell in love with the flowers!

    Hippie vans...I guess they will always be with us!! :0)

  4. That van looks like a crazy kaleidoscope. Looks like you are having fun driving around and seeing all the sights.


  5. Yep! That's what I miss! Green and trees and flowers. While everything is blooming there, much is dying here. Dusty and hot, hot, hot is all we got. :/ That hippie van is amazing! I say to each his own. Although everyone sees it as an easy life, sure seems like it would take a lot of effort to live that way. I know I couldn't do it. Such a shame when big business bulldozes the smaller more intimate franchises. Not sure if it is really progress when it just makes people crazy with congested traffic and the need to do and spend more. :/ Enjoy your travels. Tammy

  6. How I love your post today! I blogged about Santa Cruz that was home to Mom and Dad, they moved back to the midwest before I was born. I can't help but wonder sometimes what life would have been like if I had been a California kid! That guy in the van has a carefree life, not one I could enjoy though...

  7. Never been to the west coast!!
    Come on over to my blog as I am having a Southern Belle Giveaway!!

  8. Sweet photo of the couple!! Every thing looks so exciting. I love going on your trips with you.

    You looked so lovely in your photo.
    Smiles. Dottie

  9. Lovely photos, though I'm surprised you didn't get one of the B&B. One Feather certainly lives in a unique place, and those flowers, well they are truly lovely. But my all time fav is the statue! Now that is something that brought a smile to my face! Look forward to your next post my dear Jo. ~Hugs, M

  10. That van is a mobile work of art.. so unique & quite amazing. I bet ONE FEATHER was just as colorful as his van. The flowers are just gorgeous. We are experiencing winter here in Australia at the moment so there is not so much color about. My husband and I have been together since 15 and have been married for 23 years. I hope and pray that we will still be sitting side by side in our twilight years. A sentiment, I share with you!

  11. What beautiful flowers. My sister loves to visit San Francisco and she is always telling me how much I would love it for all of the agriculture. She's more of an architectural, city type girl.

    One Feather certainly has an eccentric lifestyle. Sometimes I wish I could just pitch a tent in the woods myself. ;-) Thank you for sharing these wonderful images from your vacation.

  12. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Although my blog is presented with a different focus, perhaps I can learn from yours to put more of "me" into it, in stead of just focusing on the RV lifestyle.
    Next time I'm in CA I'll have to keep an eye out for One Feather and his GROOVY ride! Crazy huh!
    Again, thanks for your beautiful blog!
    Blessings, Kathy

  13. One Feather...Funny! I too was married with kids, but had some hippy friends. Some of my friends now call me the latent flower child :) Love that you got to share some wonderful flower pictures with us. I drove to Santa Barbara back in the late 80's and loved the quaintness of it. Ate the most delish turkey sandwich at a place on the pier. Oh, and I have every bit of confidence that you and your sweetie will be traveling together for a long long time! bronzed or not:) Keep finding the unusual to share...


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