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I am always doing something around here to spruce up our little place.  Since I seem to have accumulated a lot of little cans of paint, I decided I would paint a wall mural.  Now mind you......I AM NOT ANY KIND OF ARTIST....but it is always fun to see what I can come up with.  

This is still early days on this project but I do enjoy working on this kind of thing.
It started out being something completely fact I was going to do a large face...but that went "south" in no time at all.....LOL LOL.....  So I decided to fill this spot with flowers and birds and foliage.  

I decided to paint on this wall as you can see it when you come into our lovely little spot.  We also have a wonderful piece of art that I plan on hanging here when I am finished.  
I have become fearless when it comes to I tell my husband.....IT IS ONLY PAINT.  YOU CAN PAINT OVER IT IF IT IS GASTLY.
Now that you can buy those little sample cans of paint colors you don't even have to spe…

STILL LEARNING ABOUT LIFE.............................

It always amazes me how little one actually knows about  living life.  I believe, if you are wise, one will actually slow down enough to really examine how things are.
I, for one, spend quite a bit of time re-examining past events and their outcomes.  Perhaps this is a result of growing old gracefully not necessarily about feeling guilty or regretful.  
Often I come across sayings or quotes that I believe would have been meaningful to me in my earlier years.  There are a million of them out there...but two seem especially relevant  to me personally.  
Unfortunately, my parents were too busy just surviving for the majority of their little was said about the future of one's life.  The day to day existence of managing events far outweighed any wisdom that would have been  imparted to me or my brothers.  I know they did the best they could with the…

I'M BIMBELLING HERE..........??? you might ask.....what is bimbelling?  Came across this word somewhere in my reading.  It is akin to putzing or puttering around one's home or property.  I'm ALWAYS doing that.
Thought I would share my  latest adventure into the bimbelling world...covered Brad's dad's old bench in an old scarf I have had for years.  While I was at it I decided to also cover an old cream lampshade with the same fabric.  

We also hired a friend to help us hang this gigantic mirror that has been sitting on our floor for the last four years.
Little projects being completed with little or no cost to us.
Next on the list:

This pillow remade with fabric from an old tote that was falling apart.

While I was at it, I used the pom poms on the tote to embellish a favorite jacket..

Also used a strip of the African print on the edge of the pillow above.

Added part of an old scarf to a Euro Sham on our bed to fluff up the room a little.

Used the rest of the old  scarf to cover the front of a little…