Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ALL WORK IS HOLY................................

Have not been here for quite sometime.  We have so much going on that blogging seems to have fallen to the bottom of the pile.  Just a quick update:

We have sold our current home.

We have purchased another home that is considerably smaller.

Currently we are going through things and selling or giving away what we know will not be necessary in our new wonderful little spot.

Although Brad and I are certainly not what I consider "old" I really wanted to do this while we were both still healthy and able to manage this huge task.
Which brings me to the purpose of this post....... 
As I spend my days packing and sorting  I am able to reflect on many things in life....and one of them is the concept of "hard work".  

I have always believed that ALL WORK is dignified...whether one is the Janitor or the boss...each has its place and is necessary in order for the Universe to stay as it should be.  I will admit that "physical" labor is a little more difficult for me now at this advanced age LOL LOL...but nevertheless...I will enjoy it.  

When I am feeling overwhelmed with what lies ahead of us....I will simply remind myself that ALL WORK IS HOLY and our spiritual fathers and mothers were firmly rooted in this belief.

hugs to all,


Sunday, June 1, 2014

THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AND COUNTING.....................................

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary.  My beautiful husband ALWAYS gets me red rose for each year we have been married.

I can honestly say that the years spent with Brad have made me a better and stronger person.  His commitment has never faltered and he has always been there with a helping hand when I needed it the most. Our love has only grown stronger over the years regardless of what life has given us.

Thanks honey for a wonderful 35 years and I only hope we can have 35 more.