Sunday, April 28, 2019

AN ARIZONA ENTRYWAY....................................

For those of you living in colder parts of our country, I wanted to share pics of what it is like in Arizona right now.  Flowers are blooming like crazy as it has not turned so hot yet.

The jasmine has bloomed and the fragrance is truly heavenly...but it doesn't last for long.  So we do enjoy it while we have it.

The lavender and dianthus are taking off as are the bottle brush bushes.  The bees are especially fond of the lavender and the hummingbirds LOVE the bottle brush.

We have a resident humming bird who lives in a tree nearby and often vacations in our little courtyard.  He loves the Buddha fountain I have hidden under the bamboo.

Most evenings he comes here for water and to take a little bath while Skyler and I are in our TV room watching a movie.  We can see him through the window as he often comes to show us how lovely he is by putting on a display in front of the window. I always like to think this is my Scott sending a little message to me to let me know all is well with him where ever he is in the universe.

This is the bamboo that we have decided to let grow so we can arch it over the window to its left.  When we bought the house it was just even with the window sill so you can see how much it has grown in 5 years.

Golly, 5 years, it seems impossible that we will be spending our 5th summer in this sweet house.  I can't believe how time flies.  Hopefully we have all grown a little wiser as we have grown older.

blessings from here


Thursday, March 28, 2019

OH MY GOODNESS.....HAVE NOT BEEN ON THIS BLOG SINCE CHRISTMAS...................................

It seems as though I rarely post on my blog anymore.  Not that I am that busy mind you....
My outside activities mostly consist of just living...seeing friends, going to clubs I belong to and getting together with family.

However, lately I have been messing around the house again.  Painting on some of our walls in our sweet little spot.  

I really would never consider myself a real artist but I do enjoy the process and my thought is that you can always paint the wall back to its original color.  Although, in this case I think you would have to put on a heavy coat of primer and I have used some pretty dark colors here.

I have many pieces of art hanging on my wall but not a single piece of art ON MY Wall!!

Hope all of you are having a great day....I am.



Friday, December 21, 2018

HOLIDAY SILLINESS...........................................

Brad and I have a lunch group that meets on the third Friday of each month.  We rotate turns on picking the place.  Today it was Indian food.

Here are we girls being silly in our Christmas cheer.



Wednesday, December 19, 2018


I certainly don't do as much Christmas decorating as I used to when I was younger.  In fact, since my son passed Christmas is always a bittersweet time for our family.  

But this year it has been easier to get in a festive mood, so we got out all the old Christmas things and tried to use them in new ways.  The above wreath is decorated with clear bulbs that my sweet grandson and I tie-dyed to be pink in color.  They turned out lovely and I was able to use them in this old wreath.  I have it mounted on an old bird stand and it is proudly displayed in our living room.

Our tree is only about three and a half feet tall and it sits on a desk and the end of our main room in the house.  My sweet sister in law gave me a Christmas book a few years back with all kind of handmade papers and cards.  This year I took it apart and used it to decorate my little tree.  

When you retire and live on a fixed income it is not possible to go out and buy new each Christmas so I reuse things each year.  Besides......Brad and I don't need anymore stuff....I'm trying to get rid of stuff I have....not acquire more.

I laid my mom's high-school autograph book and my ex-husbands old social studies book at the base of the tree.  I like including things from people who have passed on in my Christmas scheme.

Old Christmas things I have made in years past decorate our little table as well.  Just looking at these things bring back so many wonderful memories of Christmases during my lifetime.

By using personal items of people I love it seems as though they could be right here with me celebrating the holiday.

We always have an amaryllis and this one looks like it will grow to reach the sky before it blooms. haha....

Here is another wreath I made years ago and I simply put a Christmas post card in the middle and changed the look a bit.

I have a large collection of nut crackers I have managed to collect over the years.  The above are the Three Kings, they really are my favorites.  I just don't have room to display my collection so I put out what pleases me and spread it out all through the house.

An old Santa head the was broken from the body was put onto an old bed spring and made as a decoration in one of the bathrooms.

Silly things that make me smile.....after all isn't that what the holidays should  be.  Smiles and laughter and love spread all around.

Merry Christmas to you.



Friday, October 26, 2018


I have had a grand time celebrating my birthday this month.  Since I am now a lady of a certain age....I always buy my own gifts.  It lets my wonderful husband off the hook and lets me get exactly what my heart desires.

This is the beautiful Suzanni in the 
pictures both above and below. 

I chose this one because of the magnificent colors.  It was made in 1988 and I purchased it from a vendor in Morocco.  It is actually a wall hanging...but I will use it for everything from a chair cover to a table cloth.  I actually remove it each morning when we have our coffee while reading the paper. 

I love colorful fact I have numerous Kanthas I have collected over the years.  You can see an example of these on the orange cover on the chair and the gold Kantha on the desk in front of the window.  They are so versatile and you can change the feeling in a room in an instant.  

We also are planning to take a little trip down Tucson way to a sweet little spot called Tubac.
It's an artsy-fartsy community that I have been wanting to see for years and we are finally going to make the short trip.
O.K. so that pretty much covers my birthday roundup.  Have a great weekend.



Tuesday, October 9, 2018


O.K......shuffle on over here on your pretty little feet and hear about my most recent blogging dilemma.  I have only the most rudimentary technological knowledge.  I often refer to myself as a Ticonderoga #2 in a word perfect world.  For those of you who are too young to know what a Ticonderoga #2 is a simple pencil.

Anyway, the other day I attempted to log into my blog and alas, I could not get into it in my usual manner.  Brad, my husband, was out golfing so I could not ask the computer wiz for help.  Anyway, after feeling totally helpless....I started clicking on things and somehow ended up at Google having to sign in with a password.  Of course, couldn't remember my password so I entered a very old one from years ago.  Alas....that event made even more of a mess of things.  I created a whole new blog....WHICH OF CORSE I DID NOT WANT..

Frustration set in as I had to leave for an appointment and could not fix the MESS.

Decided to leave it another day and after a restful nights sleep woke with renewed vigor

to attempt to fix this problem.  

Viola'.   I did it this morning by sitting calmly and figuring out where I needed to go to remedy this situation.  

It worked.....I did it.....and was able to get into my old blog and delete the new blog that I had no intention of setting up in the first place.

Just had to rant and rave a little this morning and pat this little old gal on the back for figuring this out all on her own.

So there.....
photos:  Courtesy of somewhere on the net.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I am always doing something around here to spruce up our little place.  Since I seem to have accumulated a lot of little cans of paint, I decided I would paint a wall mural.  Now mind you......I AM NOT ANY KIND OF ARTIST....but it is always fun to see what I can come up with.  

This is still early days on this project but I do enjoy working on this kind of thing.

It started out being something completely fact I was going to do a large face...but that went "south" in no time at all.....LOL LOL.....  So I decided to fill this spot with flowers and birds and foliage.  

I decided to paint on this wall as you can see it when you come into our lovely little spot.  We also have a wonderful piece of art that I plan on hanging here when I am finished.  

I have become fearless when it comes to I tell my husband.....IT IS ONLY PAINT.  YOU CAN PAINT OVER IT IF IT IS GASTLY.

Now that you can buy those little sample cans of paint colors you don't even have to spend much money on supplies.  I use my old water color brushes as needed and use old bath towels as drop cloths.

I'll share the completed project when finished.

Stay creative.



Monday, August 13, 2018

STILL LEARNING ABOUT LIFE.............................

It always amazes me how little one actually knows about  living life.  I believe, if you are wise, one will actually slow down enough to really examine how things are.

I, for one, spend quite a bit of time re-examining past events and their outcomes.  Perhaps this is a result of growing old gracefully not necessarily about feeling guilty or regretful.  

Often I come across sayings or quotes that I believe would have been meaningful to me in my earlier years.  There are a million of them out there...but two seem especially relevant 
to me personally.  



Unfortunately, my parents were too busy just surviving for the majority of their little was said about the future of one's life.  The day to day existence of managing events far outweighed any wisdom that would have been  imparted to me or my brothers.  I know they did the best they could with the knowledge they had.....just as I have done with my children.....but I do often wonder how much wisdom would have been passed on if things had been a little easier for them. 
Sometimes life can be so very overwhelming.....leaving little energy for passing on pearls of knowledge.

Not complaining today....just stating some observations as I reflect back on earlier times in my life.  Wanted to put this out in the Universe today....perhaps it can help in some unexpected way.

Many hugs,

       Photo credit: somewhere on the web

AN ARIZONA ENTRYWAY....................................

For those of you living in colder parts of our country, I wanted to share pics of what it is like in Arizona right now.  Flowers ...