Monday, December 23, 2013


Oh my......remember these.....yes.....the WALL PHONE......How things have changed.

Have a wonderful holiday dear readers.....and looking forward to connecting in the coming year and meeting even more wonderful bloggers.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


meet Monique
see her jaunty "little hat with the feather"

Well....the tree is finally up and lit.  Usually we have the tree up right after Thanksgiving, but this year we wanted a MUCH SMALLER tree so we had to find one.  We visited our usual spots and could not fine a "small" one to save our we went online.  
Found this little gem at Treetopia.  

She was so inexpensive....(OOPS what is that 2 doing in my pic)  LOL.  Easy to put together and only five feet tall.  Our old trees weighed a ton and we had such a time just getting them up and standing.

We have tons of decorations....everything from birds to balls that look like glowing moons.

And...I love it so when tree is just dripping with ornaments...don't you?

Have some Santa's and some angels....a little bit of everything that that has blessed our trees over the years.

In fact....the truth is.....we actually love a smaller tree.  So much more manageable at our age.....our new motto....LESS IS life and in stuff.

Have a wonderful Christmas week dear friends.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

AN UNCONVENTIONAL CHRISTMAS SPRAY.....................................

Anyone who know me realizes that I use unusual things in my decorating and design.  I went to my local Trader Joe's
yesterday and was looking at the wonderful pine boughs that were shaped into Christmas sprays.  They were really inexpensive and I almost brought one home...but I resisted.

So this morning when I woke up I decided to make my own from whatever was growing and blooming in my garden at the moment.

We don't really have any pine trees when I live...but I do have lots and lots of lavender and rosemary growing in my yard and gardens.  
Went out and cut a bunch and tied it together with some very old Christmas pinecones I had on hand.  Put a pretty bow on the thing and attached it to my garden gate.  

Today the wind is blowing here in AZ so you really cannot get the full effect of all the "sparkle" but it is sort of sparkly.  (O:   The aroma is really heavenly as you open and close the gate and I read somewhere that you should have lavender growing by your garden gate just "for luck".  I like that idea.

Hope you enjoy my "little spray" of joy and also enjoy this AZ sunshine that I am sending you through my "virtual" photo.

Blessings dear friends.


Saturday, December 14, 2013


Each of us has our own way to seeing things.  How can one see the "sacred" in something without venturing into the "sweet sentimentality" that comes along with memories.

Some see miracles while others see something that is ordinary.
Some see beauty while others just see more work to be done.  Many see compassion while others see meddling. 
The list could go on forever.

This business of the Holidays, the shopping, the stress, the running here and there often means we have little time for sincere reflection of our lives.

This holiday I'm challenging myself to see more of the sacred in everyday.  This view is not necessarily strictly from a Christian perspective but from a perspective that engages one's soul.  
I'm going to really put some thought to the things I put around my home that reflect my sense of the Holiday season.

This Christmas glass is part of a set that has been in my home for over forty years.

I only have 7 of the 8 remaining....but this year they will hold flowers instead of drinks.  

No big Christmas dinner served here this holiday...but each time I view these glasses I will remember all the holidays past and all the people who have lovingly held these glasses in their hands.  Taking it a step further....I can envision all the workers over forty years ago  slowly crafting these glasses and putting the simple decoration on each one..with their own anticipation of the holiday season.  

Taking the time to really put some soul into your Holiday is really the important thing.....don't you think?




Sunday, December 8, 2013

THIS BLOG IS BACK IN BUSINESS...............................................

I have been gone for almost a month.  Needed a well deserved break to deal with some health issues.  

But now....I'm back to blogging and looking forward to connecting with all of you again.

Just want to share with you something I have been working on.  

I am a firm believer in having elements of a "spiritual" nature in my home.  It really does not matter what religious significance it imparts....although I do have my own set of beliefs.

This holiday season I have embarked on  a project of making my own personal statement with these little pieces.  

Each one is made with things that have meaning to me...and things I have picked up during my life's travels.

This little altar piece is made of a Mexican Milagro heart, the top of an old snuff can found in Wyoming, part of a pair of earrings and a Grecian coin that has an OWL in the center.  The coin was gifted to me over 20 years ago by a wonderful woman on a trip to  Greece.  She wanted to let me know how much she valued my visiting with her so she made sure I left with a little gift.

The Milagro is topped with an old rusty bottle cap I found in South Dakota while walking my beautiful dog....Skyler.  Each time I look at this piece I have made I will be reminded of all the places I have been and the lovely people I have met.

As I get older I do spend more time thinking of the significance of all the people and places I have been fortunate enough to encounter.  

This holiday season is a good time for all of us to think on the spiritual side of our lives and if you are able.....make a little visual something that is special to you as a constant reminder.

As you know.....I ALWAYS prefer something homemade to something store  bought......

Have missed all of you and hope each one of you has a wonderful coming week.



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