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Hi dear friends.  This is a photo of me on my 70th birthday.  It was taken at a dinner in celebration of same.  I'll soon be 71 and of course should have spoken out about this little issue earlier.  
Why is it that in today's society that once you are past 60 or 65 you suddenly become invisible.  Your opinion seem to no longer matter, your visibility all but goes into a closet and any  thing of new  interest always seems to be about the young.  I know.....we have had our "time in the sun" so to speak...but we still have ideas and comments to contribute to the world.
I follow a number of different media sources and rarely are the older folks even mentioned.  We are still here and we still are interested in design, beauty, art, culture, reading, making a living, cooking, people, travel.....just to name a few things...and the list could go on and on.  Oh.....didn't even MENTION politics!!!
Often times...even our own families don't value our input as they think we a…

READING THE "OBITS".............................................

O.K......I admit it, I have started reading the obituaries in our daily paper.  I think people can be separated into two groups.....those that do.....and those that don't.  I'm a do....and actually enjoy doing this little task daily.
I come across old friends I've lost track of over the years.  Old neighbors from long, long ago and many, many other interesting people.
In fact, there are quite a few I really wish I would have known while they were alive.
There was an article in today's Wall Street Journal about the writing of  "obits"..and how some people actually "TELL THE TRUTH" about the one's who have passed.  You know the one's....who are tightwads, selfish, quarrelsome, nasty....the list could go on forever.  However, in the majority of "obits" the loved one is KING OR QUEEN FOR A DAY and most of us leave it at that.
I'm actually thinking of writing my own "obit" before I pass....that way I have control ON THE WAY OUT…


SHOW UP PAY ATTENTION TELL THE TRUTH DON'T GET TOO ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME There it is in all its simplicity. So easy yet so very hard at times.