Sunday, April 28, 2019

AN ARIZONA ENTRYWAY....................................

For those of you living in colder parts of our country, I wanted to share pics of what it is like in Arizona right now.  Flowers are blooming like crazy as it has not turned so hot yet.

The jasmine has bloomed and the fragrance is truly heavenly...but it doesn't last for long.  So we do enjoy it while we have it.

The lavender and dianthus are taking off as are the bottle brush bushes.  The bees are especially fond of the lavender and the hummingbirds LOVE the bottle brush.

We have a resident humming bird who lives in a tree nearby and often vacations in our little courtyard.  He loves the Buddha fountain I have hidden under the bamboo.

Most evenings he comes here for water and to take a little bath while Skyler and I are in our TV room watching a movie.  We can see him through the window as he often comes to show us how lovely he is by putting on a display in front of the window. I always like to think this is my Scott sending a little message to me to let me know all is well with him where ever he is in the universe.

This is the bamboo that we have decided to let grow so we can arch it over the window to its left.  When we bought the house it was just even with the window sill so you can see how much it has grown in 5 years.

Golly, 5 years, it seems impossible that we will be spending our 5th summer in this sweet house.  I can't believe how time flies.  Hopefully we have all grown a little wiser as we have grown older.

blessings from here


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