Saturday, June 25, 2011


There is a blog I follow on a regular basis....she is somewhat controversial....which I don't mind.  My belief is that everyone's opinion is valid.  

Now.....on with my hissy fit; she recently did a post in which she clearly indicated that she felt posting about one's things or one's lifestyle bordered on BRAGGING!!  Now I ask you dear do you feel about this???

I've never been one to blog much about "stuff" but if I find something that I think is particularly relevant to my being....I  will happily purchase the item and incorporate it into my lifestyle.

 And.....speaking of lifestyle's......each of us has our own, granted some are more fortunate at times than others....but I do not feel it is in anyway bragging about one's life if you post about it.  We all have trials and tribulations in this life....sometime's we feel free to post.....other times not..but that does not mean our difficulties are non existent.  We simply choose to view life as the cup being half full instead of half empty.

I personally enjoy visiting a blog that is positive and I do try to give the person doing the posting the benefit of the doubt...thinking they are coming from a good spot....and certainly NOT BRAGGING.

There....I got this off my chest and feel better for having said it......thanks for allowing me to have my little hissy fit this morning.

Have a gentle weekend,



  1. Jo, good for you for getting it off your chest. I admire all who do.
    The Olde Bagg Linda

  2. Our story . . . is one of the things we have that is truly our own. I personally enjoy sharing it, for the encouragement, humor etc. of others.


  3. I follow lots of great blogs and really never considered anyone bragging. I love to see what people do around their homes and yards and how they turn one thing into something else wonderful. I love to learn new things every day from them. I think we should blog about whatever we want to:) That is the whole point isn't it? Hope you are having a great weekend, Jo:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Sounds like she might be just a little bit jealous. I've noticed many bloggers lately who talk about not being able to keep up with others who they consider to have better blogs or more followers or who they think live a grander lifestyle or more exciting life. You wonder if that is a reflection of how they feel themselves, somehow lacking ... I think that is really sad. Why are women always comparing themselves to others. I'm not blogging to sell anything so why do I need anything grand? I just want to be me, simple as that may be; stay true to myself and connect with others who feel the same. It's good to get things off your chest. Have a great day! Tammy

  5. Good for you Jo, Have your Sweet Hissy Fit, I personally was Complaining on My Blog yesterday, I bet some people don't like that either, but a Blog is a Web Journal, we should be able to Vent or so called Brag when we want or need to, That's what it's all about~
    Have a Great Weekend

  6. I am with you Jo. Sharing a bit about our lives, gardens, recipes, etc. is how we are forming friendships here in blogland. I haven't noticed any bragging, and like to hear about what's going on with folks.

  7. Keeping it real, that "is" life, that is blogging. If someone is bragging it is clear to me, if someone is sharing, it is clear to me. Sharing our life is what blogging is all about, some easy, some difficult. I do keep some parts private, it is better that way, for me. Maintain a certain amount of mystery. Sharing mostly the positive because that is what I aspire too. However, I do share a few of life's struggles, as I feel able.

    Thank you, for all you share. I believe in sharing we give gifts to each other.

    Happy weekend.

  8. I find it easier to blog about what I lack or can't do or when stuff goes wrong. I realize some don't blog that way. They tell only the good moments, not that there aren't bad too. That's the beauty of blogs--each is different and fulfills a different purpose for the writer and the reader. I'm sure some think I'm negative and grumpy. There are people that have more than me and those that are less fortunate. Someone who worries about measuring up is probably not a very happy, little blogger. And probably not a very happy, little person. Blog on, Jo. Do what you want! If they don't like it, they can stop following...Their choice.

    Jo Too

  9. I think people should blog about whatever they want to. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it. Just move on, sister, move on.

  10. Every good southern girl, or any girl, should have an occassional hissy fit. It is, afterall, a birthright.
    I do not blog about negative things except sometimes my emotions just might creep into my words without intention. I don't mind if others want to vent, but I prefer to visit upbeat blogs. But, still it's okay to have a hissy fit!


  11. Hi Jo, what exactly does this person post about if not about her life? I choose to follow the blogs where I feel like I personally KNOW the blogger, and I never feel like they are bragging if they are talking about their grandkids or family etc... and SO WHAT if they are bragging??? I think that is our God given right to be proud of who we are, who our family is, accomplishments and achievements they have made... and it is only natural to share these things with our friends, and I consider my blogger friends, FRIENDS! Jealousy is an ugly thing, and I think there is alot of it out there... I am always happy to hear about something new someone bought or was given, a promotion at work, a new online shop of their own, whatever it may be... I am happy for them!... my blog is my online journal of sorts of my life and my gardens, my family, my dog, and vintage treasures I find or buy... I am not competing with anyone else in blogland for anything... there will always be someone with a bigger house, more money, younger than me, more beautiful than me... you name it, but that does not phase me... wow, I have certainly joined you in your hissy fit!... Sorry I took up so much comment space... chill out, relax and don't give that person a second thought... and please continue telling us about your travels, your home, your gardens, your purchases... whatever is in your heart... love to you... ok, I will get off my soapbox now... xoxo Julie Marie PS I have had emails from bloggers with similar complaints about some of my posts and I cordially invite them not to return...

  12. I like how Cheryl said it... my blog is my web journal. It surprises me completely that anyone other than me finds it interesting at all.

    My first year of blogging was during one of the hardest and longest times of trials and tribulations we ever experienced. I only hinted in my posts through songs, verses or quotes that bought me much encouragement.

    Not sure why I shared all that. Maybe to say I find wonderful ideas, friendship, encouragement and joy in the blogs I visit ~ yours included :)

  13. It's my blog (or your blog) and I (or you) can post anything we want since it is our story. I am so happy with my life and the lifestyle we're living - even on bad days, but I certainly don't think anyone is bragging because they got something new or did something new. That's life. But just you wait until I have a grandchild - not for about two years though - then you'll see bragging in the blogging. LOL

  14. I personally find your blog an uplifting and refreshing place to visit, that is why I keep coming back. It is bright, colourful, happy & inviting. I love what you share with us one your blog & I view it as affirmation of a life well appreciated & well lived. I see it as an honest reflection of ones soul. My blog is a mish-mash of lots of stuff. I basically write about whatever is on my mind at the time. It can be positive, negative, neutral but it is a true & accurate reflection of ME!

  15. Jo, I believe it's all perception. The reader is in charge of the content interpretation. Everything can be misinterpreted so the perception is based on what you know about the writer.
    I believe all of life is perception.
    Change your thoughts, change the world~
    I'm grateful for your beautiful blog. Kathy

  16. I have never felt like someone sharing their newest finds or their decorating projects, or family or etc.. are bragging. They are SHARING. I think there may be some insecurities there for the person that thinks blogs are for bragging. The blogs are OUR OWN and an expression of our thoughts and lives. I experienced the same thing recently that people thought being happy and positive was "fake". Keep doing what you love doing Jo. I will stick with you friend.


  17. I have heard of this 'bragging' perception on another blog and I believe, as someone already mentioned, that a weblog/blog is basically an online journal. We put parts of our lives out there via our blogs but, unfortunately, we can't always control how others perceive it. Personally, I LOVE reading blogs and hearing about the lives of other bloggers. It's the personal, sharing touch that I love best and I would never view their sharing of triumphs or achievements as bragging at all...I find it inspirational.

    Keep on blogging! :)

  18. Dearest Jo, I so agree with YOU. I so love blogs that are happy and if they are sharing what they MADE, their home, their style of living, then LET IT BE! AS LONG AS THEY ARE HAPPY and positive...they lift my spirits and they give me IDEAS!!!!! I cannot and will not follow blogs that rant, use foul language or complain. The world has enough of that! But I understand what you are saying and I so agree. THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSITIVE WORDS about my blog post. It is important for me to try to find different ways to talk about......LOVE.


  19. Dear sweet Jo, I guess I am floored that someone would think that sharing a post about 'things' would be considered bragging. People write about things that make them happy and share photos of such. Some write about their produce gardens, others their flower gardens, some write about great thrift finds that simply brightened their day, some share home improvement ideas. I follow several blogs who share such things and I cannot say that I have ever seen one where I thought they were "bragging".

    Blogging is about sharing. Thoughts, ideas, crafts, finds, inspiration, lessons...etc. The list here goes on and on. Your blog is a happy spot filled with beauty and inspiration and I personally think you are amazingly wonderful! ~Hugs, M

  20. I always pretend I live in Texas where they say "It ain't bragging if its true"!

  21. Jo - Glenda took the words right out of my mouth...

    I love your story...


  22. I love the term "hissy fit." Haven't heard that in a long time. As for what provoked it, that seems relevant to the topic on my blog this month about judging. We are not each other's blog keepers, so as other commenters noted, it seems best to be responsible for our own blog content and not assume that someone else is bragging or whatever if they write about something they have or enjoy. Of course, maybe sometimes someone is bragging, and that's okay, too!

  23. Hello Jo, first of all, thank you for your welcome visit to my blog and much appreciated comment.I couldn't agree more, I also see blogging as sharing- gosh if it wasn't for all the lovely blogs out there, it would be a boring land.
    have a loveley week XO Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  24. I thought blogging was about us, our lifestyle, our worlds, our points of view. That is why it is OUR blog. Spreading your joy is not bragging. For my own blog, I only want the positive. I want it to be a place one can visit and feel good when they leave. There is enough ugly and negativity in the world. I like to have a refuge from it. Carry on with your beautiful lifestyle, my sweet Jo. I love hearing about it and seeing it.

  25. I say if one runs across a blog not to their liking...then don't read it! Simple as that.

    Personally, I love many different types of blogs and the ones that keep me coming back are the uplifting blogs and those that give me ideas I might use. Then there are the blogs that showcase their photography. I've seldom run across a blog where I thought a blogger was bragging, they're just telling their story!

    You have a beautiful blog, Jo! Have a wonderful week.

  26. Hi Jo...rock on ..good for you!! I agree with you! I truly feel as bloggers we should celebrate one allow everyone to BE..just as they are.....sharing your life is wonderful! I often love photographing scenes and interetsing objects some mine /some belong to others ...and it is simply artisitic-expression...whether it be a flower one day..or a teaucp or a super cool antique is not is sharing..for me it is fun-creativity!

    anyways...I am not my things.. but while they belong to me I appreciate them......and I also have a healthy mind about "stuff" truly is not important..yet if you are blessed to have them..take good care of them and enjoy them and share what you can..there is nothing wrong with " things' is your relationship to them..and what is healthy to you is perfect!

    I find there are bloggers with lots of issues ha ha..I have had people get mad at me becuase i have many blogs( so what?)..they represent different parts of my life...there is no obligation as bloggers to follow or visit or comments is just fun-creative sharing..I find it funny how poeple can be..they get super offended and judgmental,,,so silly!

    I blog becuase it is fun and love connecting with others...and sharings..and I appreciate everyone for who they are..not what they do or dont have...and if they have an abundance i am joyful for them...and we should simply celebrate one another and not assume takes the FUN out of blogging. Those carrying judgements are not in harmony..and they are the ones with issues!
    I have waited my whole life to finally have a home( now I have one finally)..and a garden a few fun antiques..and sharing that is fun. we should not be judged about our lives or how we express our life! and if one is happy the way they express their life...allow others to have their life-expression too! Simple harmony and respect! Thats it!!

    Great post!

  27. A blog is a place of self expression.
    I am on your side of the fence!

  28. Hi Jo!!
    Pardon my lateness.. still getting over flu..

    I have to say at times I feel like having a hissy fit too.. hahaha.. actually at times i feel like whinging on my blog.. but once I open that door.. heaven help me to shut up.. hahah.. although... if I did it would only be 'anti-bragging' about my life.. haha I can't see any point in complaining about or criticizing other bloggers.. we are all free to blog about whatever we please.. and really.. the simple remedy for that blogger's annoyance would be .. to stop reading the blog that annoys her .. haha

    One of the blog i regularly follow and consider friend once blogged about a certain blog behaviour.. a behaviour I had myself occasionally employed.. and I have to admit it left me with a very bad feeling...It quite possibly was not pointed in my direction.. yet.. why do that.. why publicly 'out' people

    Anyway.. enjoyed your hissy fit.. why not post about thing we acquire.. it is often the inspiration others need.. not just for material purposes.. but artistic or even travel pursuits..

    Ok.. have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

    PS>. thanks for dropping in.. I am such a slack blogger lately

  29. She's just jealous.....

    Carry on cause we all love YOU and YOURS :)

  30. Well as you know, I have my rants now and then myself :D and I do think it is correct and OK to express your opinion whatever it may be, because we all have the option to "opt" out from whatever we disagree with. Delete button is there for a reason. We may discover that we no longer share an interest or have the same beliefs as another and it is OK to leave, no hard feelings, no foul.
    If we cannot be honest in our lives, and here, in both arenas, well then, we have bigger issues than blog etiquette.

    It is also OK to agree to disagree I think, as long as one does it with respect.

    Blogs are, and are not, public domain. We decide the tone, quality and character of our blogs and I still find it sad that so many feel it necessary to "compete" in this arena..either by "playing games" or worse yet, feeling less about themselves because they feel they do not measure up to their perceived notion of someone else.

    Far too often it seems, we learn that a blogger who appeared to have the perfect life has been suffering in reality and felt they had to keep up a facade because they were fearful of rejection, when so many here would simply open their arms wider to receive them.

    I still have a rant post on my sidebar about such blog issues and I still get feedback a year later. Keeping up with a blog and friends is work and who has time to be jealous, or competitive? (Obviously a lot of gals do unfortunately) I have a few friends who have enormous numbers and tell me they cannot comment or email or maintain the friendships they once had, and they wish it was different, like when they first started. The grass is not always greener on that other side of the fence. I still try to answer every comment I receive with an email and when the day comes I can no longer do that, I will make changes, because it is the connection I make with people, not my popularity, that matters to me. As you know, I'm all over the place on topics, and yes I occasionally brag about the

    oh dear, I guess I just did a mini rant...Anyhoot I agree with you..we all should post what we wish in the way we wish, as much or as little as we wish and if someone does not like it then we part ways. The best thing I ever did for myself on here was to stop counting, erase my numbers from view, stop worrying, and just view my blog as one gal said, "as my own journal". Albeit the pages are there for anyone to read, but it is mine all mine.
    Thank you for the honest discussion.

    Good clean breaths of air are always refreshing!

    (and thanks for the welcome made my afternoon!)


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