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Gardners, by nature, are a hopeful lot.  We'll take a seed, a small cutting or a small starter plant and nurture it till it grows.  Part of this is the love of seeing the metamorphosis of the seedling to the full grown plant or bloom.

We garden with the hope that our efforts will produce something useful and beautiful in the end.  Sometimes things die, but that does not prevent us from our continued gardening efforts......we don't GIVE UP.  
I believe that the events in our world happening right now can correlate to a gardner's efforts in their own home.
Our world is FULL OF plant loving people who garden for beauty, necessity, hobby or just for the love of getting their hands in dirt...and each one of us does this with hope in our heart's that our plant will survive and thrive. We know that we need to stick with what works and neglect the rest.  So right now stick with the positive people and people who believe we will not only survive this pandemic but we will come out o…

HERE'S THE THING........................

O.K.'s the thing....We are all in this together, so do something wonderful for yourself.  Please bring something beautiful into your home.  You deserve it, your emotions deserve it, your family deserves it, and your space deserves it.

If you lucky enough to have a yard....go out and whack on some bushes and bring some greenery inside.  I've  done this here with 

trees and bushes that are flowering at the moment.  I can't go the grocery store and buy fresh flowers because of our stay at home mindset right now..but I can raid my yard.  Things in pots count too....go cut off some stems of greens and put them in a little vase inside.  You would be amazed at what this little bit of effort does to your immediate space.

One can only image how long this "sheltering in place" will be in effect but don't let this bump in our society let you lose your long term goal of living and having a beautiful life.  
I know many folks have lost loved ones...and it happ…