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I am always tickled when I see yet another post in social media about collecting though THAT was a new thing!  

I have always had plants once I had my own home.  In my early twenties and thirties I had as many as 150 of the little friends living with me and my family.
I do admit that number became little over-whelming as I had my children and life became more complicated....but I never disposed of my friends...I just became more selective in which ones I was willing to nurture.  Actually, that is kind of like only keep friends you REALLY VALUE. plants have been with me through thick and fact they used to travel with us when we would leave AZ for the summer.

But...due to time and age factors (both mine and my plants) I have cut my numbers significantly....(the plants..NOT my age)  haha.....  My next several posts will be about amusing plants stories...yes...they can make you smile once in a while... Just like any longtime friend w…