Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know the winter month's have arrived at many home's across the U.S.
Today....wanted to send each of you a bit of spring.....found these beautiful roses at my local grocers....

 The green blooms are called Bells of Ireland....I have never seen them before.....they most certainly could not be from AZ. (O:

I know this isn't a Christmas post....but I thought these were so lovely.....I wanted to share them with the world!!!

Hugs from me to you,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have posted before about not really being a crafter...but it seems as though I save every little thing just in case I might have a use for the item.

Here is a really cute and inexpensive gift you can make for those gardners in your life.

Bling Sticks for Plants

I used the Chinese chop sticks that come with Chinese take-out.....broke them in two pieces.  Then used some of the flat ornaments I bought last year on sale at Hobby know the ones that are two for a dollar.  If you need more bling just glue on some glitter.

Use your glue gun to attach the ornament to the stick...and you are finished.  How easy is that.

Inexpensive and could even bundle a few of them together using a variety of ornaments...and tie it all up with a bow.

A simple, inexpensive gift for anyone who loves houseplants and wants to give them that little special Christmas touch.

Hugs....from my home to yours,


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well, Thanksgiving is over.....had a great visit with friends....ate too now on to the next project.

For years we have had a wonderful helper who has decorated our tree....she and her helpers work a good part of the day getting both the inside and outside of our home ready for the holidays.  She can use the income......and WE can use the help.

Well.....this year....she had a hip NO helper....which means that my sweet soul mate and I have to put up the decorations.  We started this weekend.....we did not put up the big tree....just the little guy.  I have forgotten how much enjoyment I get out of decorating my home for the season.

We have had someone help us since the mid 90' it has been a while since we have had to do this ourselves.

Since I have not done this for so many years....I really did not know how many lovely ornaments actually adorned our tree.  Today I was able to see each one and choose the one's to place upon the tree.

Not done it takes a few days for us to accomplish this task...but it has been enjoyable...and it just might become a Christmas Tradition again for us.

Hugs from my house to yours,


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thank you.....thank you....and thank you all that is really needed on this special day!!!!



Monday, November 21, 2011


I don't know about you....but during the holidays I seem to be particularly stressed and sometimes bordering on being a little blue.

Usually....when that happens I try to find some inspiring little something to come to my aid.  Happened across this wonderful little is perfect for this time of year.

With chapter's such as "CARING ABOUT AND FOR YOURSELF"....
"SCHEDULE A MEETING WITH YOURSELF"...."SPENDING/SAVING TIME"....."BEAUTY" seemed to be the perfect balm for a harried and hurried season.

I do think that holidays are almost ALL women's work and adding this to a woman's already busy schedule leaves many of us with very little time to care for ourselves.

So please.......
Find A QUIET CORNER IN YOUR BUSY DAY....just for yourself to take care of yourself.

Hugs from here,


Friday, November 18, 2011


"Le style est l'homme meme."

Style is the dress of thoughts

Everyone is drawn to a certain color pallet in their decoration, clothing, art, ect.  Years ago we used to do something called color draping....perhaps it is still being done.  The color pallets fall into four categories...aligning with the seasons.
I happen to be an Autumn.  I didn't always know I was an autumn...but it does seem as though I was always drawn to fall colors.

For many years of my life I lived surrounded by taupes and beiges....perhaps out of fear or just because I thought these colors suited me best. I have gotten older I have come to realize that I am a TRUE 

No bouncing back and forth between Winter, Spring or Summer for me.  No sir.

These are a few pics from around my just blows me away how strongly I am drawn to this color pallet.

I always love, love, love looking at all the pink and soft blue and lovely cool white rooms and homes out here in blogland and think.....ahh.....I want to go that way......but it is simply impossible for me to do so.
Further reading about myself indicates that the most important aspects of my nature on which  I focus  are my spiritual, physical and mental health.

I don't know how accurate color draping actually is....but if you want to study the history of color...and it has quite a history....delve into readings about Albert Munsell, Wassily Kandinsky, Johannes Itten, Faber Birren and Suzanne Caygill.

What color pallet do you believe you fall into??

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AGING GRACEFULLY.............................

As a woman of a certain age, I am always interested in little ways to "age gracefully" as they say.
One cannot stop the natural aging little insights are always helpful.

Came across these little tidbits from a site called "The Happy Seeker"... thought they were valuable so I wanted to share them with you.  Here is what he had to say. 

                  1.  Learn from nature
                 2.  Be still 
                 3.  Be persistent
                 4.  Value little moments
                 5.  Love balance
                6.  Be interested in other people
                7.  Be kind

I'm sure there are many more that each of you could please do so...if you would care to.

In closing just want to add a little exchange between my wonderful soul mate and I.  This afternoon while heading out to do errands he commented on how youthful I which I replied,"thank you, but I know how I look and I just want to age gracefully.  To which he replied "I JUST WANT TO AGE!"
Cute huh?

Hugs, hugs and more hugs,


  1. Photo Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson

Monday, November 14, 2011


  I'm afraid I don't know how to do the Random Number Generator thingie.....
So I enlisted my wonderful husband's help in picking the winner for my Pamper Yourself Give Away......

And the winner is MARY AT MOONTIDES.......

Mary....please send me your address and I will get this out in the mail right you are able to enjoy this during the holiday season.

I wish I could have chosen all of you.....but I plan on having a few more give aways this keep a look out.

Hugs and squeezes,


Monday, November 7, 2011

WHAT'S IN A NAME????.....................................

"A wise man is superior to any insults which can be set upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation."

I have an unusual first name.....Josette.....this post is dedicated to all out there who have had to endure the kidding and chiding that being different can bring.

My lineage in fact my lineage dates back to the Louie's.

However...I did not know I was French until very late in 40's in fact.  I always thought my mother named me after her French maid when my dad was stationed in Germany after the war.

Not a lot of communication in my family of a child I hated my first name.

It was a weird name given to an insecure little girl who's eyes were crossed and  had to wear glasses.  Neither my  teachers nor my classmates knew how to pronounce it and it was often slaughtered....with anything from Josetta to Jo Setee ......and anything in between.  The first day of school I would squirm in my chair as the roll was read out loud ...... always dreading when my name would come up and would invariably be mispronounced.  

When you are a don't want to be I changed my name to a shorter version......and became Jo.
Simple enough....and I've gone by that ever since.

However, as I've grown into myself so to speak....I've come to love my first name.
It's beautiful and different.....and certainly matches the woman I've become.  My mom has long passed and I never thanked her for naming me in this special Thanks Mom.

Do you love your name?

sweet hugs,

Photo: cover

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today we have our wonderful grandson....we plan to stop and smell the roses.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Wednesday, November 2, 2011


During the upcoming holidays we are all so very busy caring for our families....that many of us do not take the time to care for with that said I am having a TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF GIVE-AWAY.
Let's see what I have included....

Some PHILOSOPHY "Shower for the Cure" body wash....the fragrance is  

A handmade journal by the fabulous Nicole Garrett Designs.  A little fleur de lis bling ring.....and a wonderful hand made card .

A pretty little votive holder made by moi....and some wonderful fragrance soap by Kay Hall Designs.

Oh....and I almost forgot.....a wonderful print by the artist Fanciful Twist.  Please stop by to see wonderful Vanessa she is a joy.

There might be another little goody in there as well....but you get the picture. is the drill.

Just leave me a comment.....that is all.....
If you would become a follower that would be great....but it is not necessary.

If you pull one of the photos with a link back to will get a second chance at winning.  Winner will be chosen November 14th....good luck...

I wanted to make this simple.....because I would like to see this holiday season stressless for us all!!

Many, many hugs
I appreciate all of you,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


1.  Always greet the day with gusto

2.  Enjoy every meal you the fullest

3.  Ask for love when you need it

4.  Forgive, forgive and then forgive some more 

5.  Take a little rest ~~ everyday

6.  Don't soil your nest

7.  Always appreciate those you love

8.  And last...but not least....bark...ahhh....speak up when you need to

Thank you sweet Sophie for bringing so much joy into our life.


black and white photo:  Tumbler

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