Monday, May 30, 2011

THE SOUL SEAMSTRESS........................

Wouldn't it be nice if we could darn our souls like we do a pair of socks?

Taking a little stitch here...a little stitch there...closing those holes that continually fray and open into gaping chasms.

I have posed this question to myself many times through out the years.  How does one address those nagging things that continue to unravel....never seeming to be fully repaired....yet constantly needing a patch here..a patch there.

This is what I think.  First and foremost~~we have to be still and observe our own being.  You know....the stuff that is in never want to face ~~ ANGER, RESENTMENT, ENVY, HATRED, LONELINESS, LAZINESS...just to mention a few.

Then, we must bring it to the surface and be brave enough to face it.  Really observe it in the light of day.  Why do we have it....what is our payoff here for continuing in this behavior.  Don't fool yourself~~there is always some sort of pay off when you hold onto something that causes soul holes. honest with we REALLY want to mend this soul hole?  Do we want to let it go?  Be totally honest here....because if you aren't...I guarantee...the hole will tear open again and you will need to do even more mending.

Last.....take the steps necessary to begin the mending process.  Prayer, meditation, counseling, talking with friends, etc.  ALWAYS begin mending your OWN soul hole first ~~ then perhaps your little stitch will affect someone else and they can take up their own needle and thread and begin their mending process.

In closing...I must say I believe this darning and mending is a life long process...and if you are lucky you will end up  with a mended soul only slightly frayed around the edges...because we are human..and we will never be perfect.

Stay happy dear friends,


Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I'm joining lots of ladies to celebrate a little trip to Paris.  The beautiful Anita of Castle's Crowns and Cottages is our gracious host.  Please visit her to see all the other wonderful bloggers who are sharing their story.

In 2007, my beautiful soul mate and I were fortunate enough to take a cruise down the Seine.  We were joined by long time friends for this cruise...beginning in Paris...and stopping at the various artist's colonies along the river.

We had three wonderful days in Paris.  Now...we all know...three days is NOT NEARLY long enough to see this wonderful city.  One could live there..and still not be able to see all it's wonders. are a few photos of my adventure....Hopefully, I won't bore you to death with these.  LOL

At the airport waiting for our flight,  it is obviously a long if you travel...there....wear comfortable clothing.
I know we all think France is the "fashion capitol" of the world...but while traveling ~~ comfort is a MUST.  Shoes especially.....WEAR COMFORTABLE will be doing A LOT of walking.

Picture of our ship....this is a little further down the river in front of one of the sweet villages along the way.

Now...just a few shots of some of the things we were able to visit:

The Champs Elysees lined with specialty shops and boutiques....a shopper's mecca. It means "The Elysian Fields" named after the place of the blessed in Greek mythology.  The Arc de Triomphe stands over 165 feet high and is 45 meters wide.  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the First World War lies beneath the Arc.

Next....the Eiffel Tower~~which stands 81 stories high.
(Gads...what a horrible picture of "fluffy" me) LOL

Notre Dame Cathedral~~they were doing repair work on the cathedral while we were there so inside visitation was very limited.

Various Paris streets and architecture...

The Louvre courtyard entrance

Wider shot of  the Louvre

Inside the the atrium before heading into the actual museum.  You are NOT allowed to take any photos inside the actual all my pictures are of the surrounding atrium area.

"Winged Victory"

"The Muses"

We were also able to visit Montmarte Hill;
the artist colony of early Paris.  It was located away from the city during the reigns of the Louie's. It is also the part of Paris that housed many of the "Impressionist" artists and writers during the l900's when the place "to be" was PARIS.

when you first walk up the hill into the village on your right is the beautiful La Sacre Couir

This was located at the entrance of our Montmarte Hill...called Mouline de La Gallette

interesting art along the walk...La Passe Muraille

A little bistro along our stroll.  During the city's early years Monmartte was full of grape was actually out in the country.

We connected  with friend's living in Paris.
They took us to the islands "de la Cite" and "I'ile St Louis".
These two islands were the original location of the city in the l600 and 1700's. Through the various Kings the city expanded to what is known now as "the right bank" and "the left bank".

We attended a wonderful concert in the cathedral San Chapel, located in I'ile St Louis  It was a free of so many that are held all the time around this wonderful city.

It was a late afternoon concert and I was able to get a shot of the marvelous stained glass window.

More pictures of architecture on this lovely island....the king's favorites and loyal servants would have lived in these apartments.

It was a wonderful adventure for us....full of history....and information.  

I know many of you ladies are enthralled with the French and their sense of shows in everything they do.  But....should you ever have a chance to go to Paris...I encourage you to LEARN about the history of this wonderful city....the flea markets are great.....but the HISTORY IS GLORIOUS.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey today....again..I encourage you to visit all the other wonderful ladies on their Paris visits.



Monday, May 23, 2011

THE BOHEMIAN INSIDE................

I am a child of the 60's...although...I had a family at the time and a very responsible job.  I always just looked from afar at all the "flower children" and smiled at their antics and outfits.

Now...entering the ripe age of my mid-60's .... I find I am a latent "flower child" myself.  

I have fallen in love with color all over again....and can't seem to get enough of all the wild color combinations that are appearing out there.

Found this great "Boho" bag at Anthro.....loved it the minute I saw screams 60's and the little mirror flourishes are right out of India.

Can't seem to get enough of blue....turquoise, aqua, name it....I love it all.

Found the old industrial cabinet while out junking....I'll paint it eventually...but for now....painted the lamp on it instead.  You guessed it.....a shade of blue with a little yellow wash.  

This mirror frame...was another junking was a red-brown....needed more blue...  It got painted also.

This came out a little darker shade of blue...but doesn't bother me one bit.  The "more the merrier... I say".


I am fearless when it comes to mixing things up a bit.  I am not afraid to paint anything....and if I can embellish things a little...I will do it!.
Most of these pieces I've had for 20 years or I'm a little tired of out comes my paint brush!!

This is just one corner of my living you think I could add more pillows?? LOL LOL
This house is a happy house.....don't you think??

In fact....I want to declare today, Monday..May 23rd.....

Hugs sweet ladies,


Friday, May 20, 2011

A SOFT PLACE TO LAND....................

Most of my life has been happenstance
Nothing much was planned
But, always foremost in my mind ~ was
Looking for that soft place to land

People come and people go
Not much planning there
Many of them on time clocks
But most just going nowhere

Me, I'm of  a different bent
No time clock in my life
My calendar is empty
Yet life is sometimes strife

Today my goal is still the same
I'm really just like you
Just taking life as it comes
Still paying my life's due

When at last I'm called to rest
My soul at last set free 
I hope to land upon a cloud
Having all creation to see

My wish at last is granted
It really wasn't planned
My great God gave this gift to me
My own soft place to land

Hugs....gentle souls,

Poem written by me......Photos by me~last photo Filkr

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A QUICKIE TODAY!!!..........

Had company for dinner again last night......this was my table.

When my beautiful husband walked into the kitchen.....this is what he remarked.....

"NOW...THAT is a happy table."


Have a happy day,



Monday, May 16, 2011


Ancient cultures and religions oftentimes believed in fate or destiny.......Your fate was determined by the stars, tea leaves, stones, bones or many other ways that were open for personal interpretation. Events were often blamed on fate and predestination.

Modern society often questions the validity of fate.
In today's world...why is it that some people seem to have all the luck....and other's none at all? Or why is it that some people have to blame everyone else for their unfortunate circumstance? I know that one time or another....kicks all of us in the gut.....but where does one's responsibility begin and end about one's life.

In my own humble opinion...I believe each of us is responsible for our character and how we handle what comes our way.  Having come from very difficult beginnings...I know firsthand how easy it is to blame my parents, my family, my job, etc....for whatever ills befall me.  But.....taking that one step further....I realize that I have had choices ALL along.  As a child our choices are limited, I know, but even a child can decide between right and wrong. 

Many things influence an individual.....but you can pick and choose which ones to bring into your life.  It is the choices we make that make all the difference. 

It is the choices we make that build our character.

It does not matter what our beginnings.....we have the ability to change our ending!!

Take care dear friends,


Sunday, May 15, 2011

TOOTING MY OWN HORN!!!.............

I am so very pleased to say that I have a little article being featured in the lovely on-line publication featured above.

Please visit the lovely Mimi Blue here to obtain your copy.
This is the May/June edition and will be hot off the presses very soon!

Have a beautiful Sunday,


Friday, May 13, 2011

IN THE GOOD OLE' SUMMERTIME........... is summer in Arizona....I know....many of you haven't even had Spring yet....but here it seems we go from Winter right to Summer...with almost no Spring in between.

Summer is a time for having friends for dinner and cooking over the grill.

Had our neighbors over last night for burgers on the grill and a very simple salad made from what was in season and on sale at the grocers.

Red and Yellow bell Peppers
Garlic and herb season salt
Golden balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Easy-peasey to make.....dice all veges very small
I start by adding twice as much vinegar to oil....but you can season as you like...salt and pepper to taste.
This simple salad is yummy and actually is part of the Medi-fast diet it is low in calories as well.

Tonight....more company....I'm making roasted chicken with rosemary...and my friend, Shirley, is bringing the salad.

As we have gotten older, I've come to realize that we don't need a 5 course meal at dinnertime.  The simpler.....the better.

How about you.....????

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends,


Photo:  Brenda Ferguson painting

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IT IS TIME TO "UNDECORATE"!!!...................

I love hopping around all the beautiful decorator blogs...I think the all white decor is lovely and the little touches of Aqua that seem to be everywhere are inspiring. this point in my retirement life...I CANNOT AFFORD to redo everything I own and replace all my existing with that thought in mind..I wanted to share a book with all of you that I recently came across.  It is written by Christiane Lemieux the proprietor of the wonderful shop DWELL.

The above photos are in this inspiring publication...showing us that we can live with things we own and love and put them together in quirky ways.  

SO....surround yourself with the things you love....don't pay attention to all the "decorator perfect homes out there".

UNDECORATE...I say....make your home uniquely yours...don't have it be a clone of every other home out there...

Each time you come home to your haven it should reflect who you are....not somebody else.  Don't follow the trend....UNDECORATE....I say.


Hugs to all,


IN THIS SEASON OF DARKNESS.................................

It seems as though there is nothing positive that is being shared in the news of the world as of late.  This can cause one to pause an...