Wednesday, June 8, 2016

LIVING IN A GREEN HOUSE....................................

June is always the hottest month in 

That is why, if you are able, one must surround your home with as much 
as possible.  Here, in the desert, much of what we see during summer months is brown...brown....brown.

So that is why Brad and I chose this little spot in order that we would feel as though we LIVED in a greenhouse.

These photos are from both inside and outside our home.  Every room has something live growing....

When you walk into our home you are looking directly into our backyard via huge glass windows.

I might feel as though you were in a jungle...but it makes everything feel so very cool and refreshing.

These plants are in my kitchen on an elevated bar area...I have a huge they get that much needed light.  Moisture from the faucet does not hurt as well.

By our front door....requires little light.

Good old pothos in the bathroom.  Hopefully it will trail all around the ceiling.

You really DO NOT have to have a green thumb to do this in your home.  Just have some decent light....somewhere....and pay attention.
Plants do quite well if left alone to do there thing...but you do have to be consistent in their care.

Hopefully you enjoyed my little tour of our greenhouse today.....we LOVE living here.

Stay happy.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Today is our thirty seventh wedding anniversary.  My how the years have flown by.  It seems like only yesterday we were standing in front of the Justice of the Peace in his KELLY GREEN leisure suit....that's was a hoot!!

I should of known
 then I was in for one heck of an adventure with my guy.  We have had a wonderful and exciting life together, and it "ain't over yet" as they say.

Happy Anniversary Brad... I will love you forever.