Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JUST JAMMIN' HERE............................................

I have never attempted to make jam.  I actually don't know why because it is actually pretty easy.  Perhaps I didn't because I thought it involved canning jars and all that came with THAT.  (?:  

This is jam made from Pluots.  Don't know what a Pluots is? Well neither did I until this summer while shopping at my local Costco.  A Pluot is a cross between a plum and apricot (I think) least that is what the name sounds like.  This wonderful fruit hails from France and is a summer delight.

I had some that were getting ripe and needed to use them so I found a jam recipe somewhere on the net.  Here it is in all its simplicity:

4 parts cut up fruit
3 parts granulated sugar
3 tlbs. of lemon juice 

When I made mine I had to figure out by actually measuring the fruit in a one cup measure....did the same with the sugar.
Add all the above ingredients in a deep sided pot...heat until temp comes to 221 degrees...I stirred mine pretty much constantly as I didn't want it to burn.  If it does not appear thick enough...cook a little longer until you like the consistency.

Let cool and put into pretty jar.  It will get thicker and a little firmer if you put it in the fridge.

This makes a sweet jam with a little bit of tart because of the lemon juice.  You could probably fool around with the sugar and lemon juice if you wanted it a little less sweet.  You could also use any fruit you have on hand such as blueberries or strawberries.

We had it on toast this morning and it is wonderful.

Who knew jammin' was so easy?

have a sweet day,


Monday, August 26, 2013

A LITTLE HOUSE TOUR....BATHROOMS AND ALL......................................

Since we are in the process of putting our house on the market to sell, some of you have asked me to see some shots around here.  I've taken a few shots with a few little things we have changed this is so hot outside that all you can do is stay inside and do little projects there.  The round mirror above the little table used to be antique gold and hang in our powder room.  I loved its shape and wanted to change it so I painted it a wonderful shade of dark, dark blue...which actually looks purple in the pic.  The cloth on the table is one of my Kantha cloths from India.  I actually have started becoming a collector of these things.  I can't believe it, as I have almost NEVER been a collector of any one thing...but I have fallen in love with all the color.  They are actually made from old Sari's and hand stitched in the little villages in India.

This is a shot of the other side of the living room.  The little square beaded pieces on the pillows are some little things I picked up at one of my favorite stores while we were traveling.

Looking down the hall with a little funky seating area.  The lantern is actually all metal but I wanted to soften the light so I draped black lace over it.  And of course one of my Buddhas....often use them as a place to put pretty hats.

My room where I spend time working on art stuff and watching TV with the dogs.  Once again, Kanthas covering the sofa.  My dogs shed and of course the like to burrow and make little mounds with all the this does save the sofa from damage.

The other side of my room.  At the present all my art supplies are stored in the far corner out of sight.  I've tried to tidy up a bit but I know I will have to do more when the house is staged finally to sell.

Our master bath.  We have not remodeled in here....had always planned to...but now it is going to stay the way it is.  The only thing we have done in here is spiff up the cabinets with some paint.  

Guest bathroom....nothing done here as well other than paint.  You know, I always wanted to change these out while we lived here.  But now, I don't know...they are actually pretty funky and kind of go with our feel.  We have been looking at homes and all the bathrooms look the same.....brown, brown and more brown.  LOL LOL

I've shown pics of my remodeled kitchen in another won't include that here.  We have really loved living in this house and will surely miss it...but I know once this one sells and we find another one...we will be able to give it our touch and it too will become HOME.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour today and didn't find it too boring.  When we moved here 12 years ago, we did not have nearly so much color, but over the years Brad and I have felt we needed more and more so it has turned out this way.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BLUES HUES.......................................................

I have never be a lover of blue...per say,  but lately I'm so drawn to this color.  Perhaps because it is considered a cool color. But this one has such warmth in it that I have really fallen in love.

As a person who always has cut flowers in the house whether from my garden or purchased elsewhere, I am always on the lookout for vessels to use as vases.  Here are three different styles in the same wonderful blue.  The one above is a bulb forcer purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale.

This one is a Starbucks coffee bottle.  They introduced a new coffee flavor and I could of cared less about the coffee....I just loved the I purchased the coffee.

And last, but not least, is the real thing.  A cobalt blue crystal vase from my ex-husband's house.  He left many lovely things and my children did not want I carried it home with me.

I think they look so very pretty displayed such a wonderful color punch!

Are you a blue lover?



Monday, August 19, 2013

MAKING THINGS MORE INTERESTING...........................

I'm afraid I'm the sort of gal who can never leave well enough alone.  (O:
Anytime I find something I love to incorporate in our home...I end up changing it in some way.

These pieces are things we have had for quite sometime and I wanted to give them a little different feel.

The Mola above was purchased in Panama in the 60's while I lived down there with my first husband.  I had the old frame laying was an antique gold.  I thought it would be more striking painted a dark, dark bluish purple.  Completely changes the feel of the thing.

This old funky mirror was actually in a pile of junk.  The frame was silver..but I loved the funky look of it.  Brought it home, glued the small mirror in the center and painted the frame that same moroccan blue.  Looks so much more interesting.

And finally this old has been a million different colors as I paint it whenever the mood strikes.  Blue again~~ as I am adding it to my color scheme and I've adorned it  with some old fringe from a scarf.

I believe a person's home speaks volumes about the person living there.
I've never been one to follow current trends as I seem to have my own funky style.

Like it or not....I truly think everyone should follow their heart when doing their home.  Don't worry if it isn't the latest in thing or doesn't look "decorated to the nines".

Just me and my opinion.



Monday, August 12, 2013

JUST WAITING..................................................

How many times in our lives have we waited to do something?  You know the feeling....I'll wait until a better dress,  car , man, friend....etc. comes along.  Only to find that our waiting has actually made what we wanted a thing that will never be attained.  Making a decision and then going forward with it can at times be very fearful..but more often than not it is the right thing to do.

I have always be one to be proactive in most things...sometimes to my peril..but that is just the way I am.  However, with age and wisdom now on my side...I am more able to put on the brakes occasionally and make a more considered decision.  

But I do believe there is a difference between making a considered decision and waiting to long for fear of making any do you feel about this....and have you had experiences where waiting has been a definite advantage or disadvantage?

Case in point right now for us is this move we are anticipating.  We could have waited till we both were older...but after much discussion..the decision was made to do this now.  We are still fairly young and healthy and a move now into something a little more manageable will certainly prove to be beneficial to the both of us in the long run.

Today I'm just thinking about what lies ahead....thanks for listening.



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