Monday, April 30, 2012


Soon we will begin our summer progress to our little spot up North....but before we leave I wanted to have a small give-away for all my dear followers and perhaps anyone who would like to become a follower of my little spot on the internet.

To begin with An Entire Year's worth of Romantic Country for the year 2011.  It is truly one of my favorite magazines and I always save all my copies as I never know when I will need a beautiful picture or two.  In case you aren't familiar with this publication....each issue is $7.99 on the newstand.

Second.......this wonderful little bag....I picked up on an Alaskan cruise.  I brought home several as gifts for friends....and had an it is for you.

Here is the front....and here is the inside...

I really thought these bags were cute and so different....

and last.... soap and fragrance AMAZING GRACE from is my absolute favorite scent in their line.

O.K.    Here is the deal.....

Leave a chance
Post about or pull any one of the photos for your side bar....
two chances
Become a new follower....for a third chance

It is not necessary for anyone to become a new follower...but it will increase your chances of being chosen...and I love meeting new Bloggers.

Give away ends Sunday, May 13th....Mother's Day.....

Good Luck to all 

Hugs from here.


First Photo:  Tumbler~~Pininterest......can't remember

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful roses from my rose gardens.  I have more than I know what to do with and deadheading and cutting is keeping me busy.

I bring in as many as I can and make arrangements....because once the heat starts they don't last long on the bush.

April and very early May is the short season for roses least that is how it is at our house.

I may get one more batch of beautiful blooms depending on the heat here....but I always enjoy them no matter how few or how many bloom.
In closing....I want to share information on a book I have been reading and enjoying to the fullest.

This book, by Diane Ackerman, is a gardner's dream book.  It is not a how to book about gardening...but it is rather a book about all the sensual delights she derives from her gardens during each season of the year.

It is beautifully written and her descriptions make you feel as though you are part of her magical world in her garden.....bugs and all. LOL LOL

If you are an avid gardner, as I am, I don't believe you will be disappointed with this wonderful read.  Treat yourself to this gardner's know another gardner when we read one.  (O:(O:

Hugs from here,


Friday, April 20, 2012



Time for weather......and bold....bold....bold color.

0  0

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

CREATING CHANGE.............................

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
Viktor Frankl

I am an an avid reader of the morning paper.....yes...I hold the paper in my hands and sit down with my coffee and have a little time in the morning to see what is going on in the world and my community.

Sometimes the news is "good" but more often than not it is "not so good."

When I'm finished reading I often can I help this troubled planet and the people on it.....I'm just one individual and we are talking about "MAJOR" issues.
After reflecting on this a while this is the conclusion I came to.....all of us on the blogging bandwagon are attempting to make this world a kinder, prettier, gentler place.  Oh we have our bad days and sometimes just need to vent...but for the most part....posts are positive, uplifting, just telling our day to day stories or showing our wonderful creativity.  Unlike facebook or twitter....posts are almost always filled with "beauty".....that DOES COUNT FOR SOMETHING.

Here is a recent horoscope reading for Libra and it applies to all of us...I believe....
"Find creative inspiration.  It is not an indulgence so much as a way for you to save the world."  I don't know if it will save the world....but I do know that anything beautiful is worth seeing and will make one's "heart sing".

Big hugs to each and every one of you today and everyday.


Monday, April 16, 2012


"Patience is waiting. Not Passively waiting~~that is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow~~that is patience."

I have not always been the most patient of souls.  In fact, when I was younger I'll admit I had very little patience....and that has come back to haunt me in more ways than one. life has a way of slowing even the most impatient of us down.....I find lately that I have acquired more patience than I ever dreamed possible.

Anything worth worth waiting for is an old saying I have heard and repeated often.

I believe that in the U.S......the "land of immediate gratification" patience is often placed on the back burner because of having to "keep up with the Jones's and the ease of charging everything" thereby never having to wait for anything.

I'm not sure this has served us well....I certainly believe that I have benefited greatly by being able to wait until the time is obtain whatever my heart's desire happens to be at the time.  You is always in accordance with our Creator and the Universe. More often than HEART'S DESIRE arrives at just the right time in the grand scheme of things.

How do you feel about this dear friends?

hugs today,


Photos:  Domus New York
Brown Dress with White Dots~~Tumbler

Friday, April 13, 2012

FRIDAY'S MUSINGS.................

You.....gotta' LOVE this......

Have a great weekend.


Sign:  Via Karen Via Domus New York

Monday, April 9, 2012

ME FIRST.....................................

"It's All About Me"

Here is a photo of a recent painting I purchased from a wonderful artist.  Of course I loved the composition and am over the moon thrilled with the colors.

Anyway.....thought this was an appropriate photo to share with this post.

Here goes.......

I believe a lot of women are raised to put their needs last.  I know I was.

I have spent a good portion of my life ignoring my needs while putting everyone else's ahead of mine.

With age....comes wisdom....if one is lucky. You learn to listen to your body and pay attention to your needs.   Putting yourself first does not mean you are selfish...but always taking care of yourself last could mean you are selfless.

I'm constantly trying to strike a balance  between caring for myself and caring for others.  Often....this is not an easy task....but one I know I must master if I am to live my own AUTHENTIC LIFE.

I don't want to end my life knowing I have hitched my wagon to someone else's star.

Any thoughts on this?

hugs from here......still busy, busy with Skyler......



Saturday, April 7, 2012


Crystal clear
The day begins

Knowing I'm still here
One more time

To revel in the glory and the splendor
Of the morning light

Happy Easter Weekend to all.



Thursday, April 5, 2012

EMPTY SPACES......................................


It's in empty spaces my friend
that one can find true bliss


No distraction of the mind
No rumination to hinder clarity

somewhere on the prairie

Between the in-breath and the out-breath
That one brief moment of nothingness for the mind to feed on


Wide open spaces, empty rooms,
simplicity...clarity.....leave the mind open for wisdom


Being still...sitting with only yourself...are the empty spaces where one can find true joy.




Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SPRING HAS SPRUNG.....................................

Well.....springtime is finally here in this part of the country....just mild days....and cool, cool nights.  Here is a shot of my first Iris of the season.  I have them in my  beds with my roses and Lavender.

I am always amazed at how they spread all by themselves.  This is the kind of gardening I like "volunteer gardening" is what I call it.  I only have purple Iris....but when they all does take your breath away.

In closing today...wanted to show you a small photograph that was purchased in Ganges on Salt Spring Island...many years ago.  It is from the Lumina Gallery there....don't know if they are still around...but this piece struck me even then.

Isn't it amazing how everyone sees things so differently.  I loved the treatment of this Iris...and I'm sorry can't remember the artist's name.  Do any of my Canadian followers know who this was a beautiful woman with such a distinctive style all her own.

She had several large pieces for sale....but we were there on our boat and there was no way we could bring them back home.  So....I purchased this little piece of wonder as a fond memory and a beautiful piece of work.

Hugs from my place to yours,

BTW.......I apologize for not visiting much....been pretty busy with a grandson and a puppy......(O:(O:(O:

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