Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We have one of these......yep.......a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Here she is.....doing what she does best.....hogging the sofa and the pillows.  She will soon be nine, and it seems as though she is becoming so much more demanding as she gets older.  (Kind of like me.....I guess).  Anyway....she is a love and is such a gentle creature, one would hardly believe how she has changed over the years.

Each year seems to bring out yet more personality.....she now barks when she wants company on the sofa or the bed....she has to have a lick of my lip balm before we go to bed and she refuses to drink water from her bowl.  She prefers a glass....with ice!

Our vet recommends we feed her a raw diet mixed in with vegetables and potato or rice.  Well.....she now has decided she doesn't like if I add a little to her food.....she picks out each piece and sits it down on the floor....beside her food dish.  My friend tells me ........ she WANTS GRAVY.....silly woman.  Brother....if I start that she will want the biscuits as well.

We are so grateful for every day we have had her.....and are always amazed at all the lessons we learn from her.
I believe I read a quote somewhere that went something like this "Every house should have a dog.....and every dog should have a home."  I couldn't agree more.



Monday, July 25, 2011

DO YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES?????..................................

I don't know whether I do ....... or not.  There is a spot on the web you can access that will give you YOUR OWN FAIRIE NAME.  You can find it here 

My fairie name is Bindweed Rainbowfilter.
This is the description of me.

She brings good fortune
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows
She can only be seen on midsummer's eve
She wears tangled multicolored skirts made of petals and has multicolored wings like a butterfly.

I would like to think fairies exist, doing their work during the evening hours when the world is fast asleep.  Spreading their magic over the earth like so many raindrops, yet never leaving a trace that they have been here.

I really don't know much about you?
Please let me know where I can go to find out more.

Blessings to you,


Friday, July 22, 2011


Many of you have been artists for most of your lives.


In fact, my artistic journey did not begin until a few years ago when I started blogging.  Oh I had dabbled a bit in water colors and drawing....but always got side tracked by life.

Now, at 65, I have finally given myself permission to be an artist.  I have always been creative in my cooking and decorating, but never really considered those artistic pursuits.

Blogging, on the other hand, IS an artistic pursuit.  You can do ANYTHING on your blog.  The sky is the limit with how artistic you desire to be.

In 1996 I began reading "The Artist's Way" and signed a contract with myself to find my creative center.  It is now 2011 and I can honestly say that I did not begin my real creative path until a little over 2 years ago, when I started this blog.

I try not to beat myself up too much over wasted years ~~ they were necessary for me to work through things.  I am so grateful that I have finally found my path and am so very happy to have found all of  you in the process.

 A big hug to all you beautiful ladies out there,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A GARDENER'S SOUL.....................................................

Where does one's love of gardening come from?
Is it something you learn....or does it come from that deep well inside oneself?

My mother was not a gardner.  The only thing I can ever remember her growing was a sweet potato know when you put the potato in water and it sprouts.

 On the other hand, as soon as I was able, I began acquiring plants.  At one point in time I had about 150 of them growing in my house.  I had every kind you could think of.   My first husband built me a three tier hanging shelf that was suspended right in from of my living room window.  My current soulmate.....did the same thing.  This shelf was also suspended in front of a large window.

The shelves were painted varying colors from a sunny yellow to tangerine to orange.  I even loved orange back then.

I have long since abandoned amassing such a plethora of indoor plants as we travel so much now,  but I do have a few old faithful "friends" who travel with us.

I could not imagine my space without a living plant to accompany me and to feed my spirit.

Dear you need a living plant or two in your space to feel complete?

Hugs gentle friends,


Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is a little spot on the coast of California.  Moss Landing has a population of approximately 800 people.....oh I love a small community.

We were here for three days.....foggy most of the time...but that does not bother us one bit.

One thing I love about gardner's is that they will put flowers in almost anything, and they will put anything in their gardens.  How about that cannon??

Lots of succulents.  Also there is a what appeared to be a little rental cottage painted in the most charming blue.

See the purple door.....gads....I love this.

More garden art above.

We at at this little restaurant called the "Haute Enchilada".

The food was fabulous and the interior of the spot was incredible...they had an antique bar and incredible art on the walls.

Had fresh strawberries and artichokes.  I haven't had an artichoke since I was a kid.  My mom actually made them often....she loved them too.  Strawberries and artichokes were so fresh.....picked right from the fields next door to where we were.

Sweet little house in Moss Landing.

Had dinner at "Phil's Fish Market" which has been on Throw 
down with Bobby Flay on the Food Network.  

Moss Landing is a working harbor and lots of fishing vessels and seals around the docks.

Then onto Monterey and Carmel.
Here is a sneak peak of our next spot.

Yep......Big Sur.........

Hopefully I'll be able to continue our little journey tomorrow.  

Till then.......stay well dear friends,


Monday, July 11, 2011

O.K......O.K.......HERE'S THE ANSWER ................................

We are currently in Oregon visiting a friend...and I finally am able to take a little break and give a little update.  

Beautiful Julie Marie of Idyllhours did, in fact, guess correctly.  It is the Hearst Castle located in breath taking San Simeon. Here are a few more shots around the estate

"Casa Grande" , as the castle was called, was built between the years 1919 to l947 by William Randolph Hearst in collaboration with the female architect Julia Morgan.  It was surrounded by 127 acres of gardens and several guest houses.  On the estate were zoo's housing exotic animals, such as zebra's and white polar bears.

It has an outdoor olympic size pool, built in the Greek style.  Hearst was an big believer in swimming for exercise, There also is an indoor pool built in a pavilion. The tiles are inlaid with gold flecks throughout.

"Casa Grande", The Big House, has 56 bedrooms and 61 bathrooms.  It was constructed of reinforced concrete, to withstand earthquakes. The sophistication of construction here does bogle my mind. Remember.....this was in the early 1900's.

Hearst was an avid collector of European artifacts throughout his life and they are all proudly displayed in his castle.

This love of Europe was instilled in him as a child when he traveled through Europe for a year and a half with his mother.

Here is the formal dining room where Hearst had all his famous dinners.  You would have cocktails in the Salon beginning at 7 o'clock sharp.  Hearst did not like late arrivers.  
You were allowed one cocktail, maybe two.  Hearst did not like drunks.  Then at 9 o'clock you would retire to the dining room above for the formal dinner.  The term "formal" made me chuckle as you can see from the ketchup and mustard jars on the table.  Hearst did not like "sauces".  He always sat his most important guest right beside him, that way he could pump them for information and going's on in Hollywood.  His guest list included Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Hedda Hopper just to name a few.   The next time you were were moved down a chair because you had served your purpose.

Here are a few more shots around the main floor of the castle.  It is a little over the top for today's standards....but at the time was truly a marvel.

Anything that could be embellished.....was, with antique ceilings from churches and castles throughout Europe.

Sadly, Hearst died in 1951, before his beautiful vision could be completed.  At the time of his death, he was in serious financial difficulty, so the construction on the "Casa Grande" came to a halt.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this little piece of History today.  It is a marvelous place to see and a must if you are ever in Southern California in the San Simeon area.

Back again soon......hugs to all.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This is...........

Just a sneak peek.....

at where we have been......

Can you guess where dear friends????

More to follow........


Monday, July 4, 2011

EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL............................

We all have stories.  Are you the type of person who thinks your's isn't worth telling?  

One day, while visiting my beautiful aunt Ruthie in Kansas, we were talking about blogging.  I commented that I wasn't exactly sure why I started my blog; and my aunt piped up and made this statement.   "I know why you want the world to know that you existed."  Perhaps that is it.  Oh....there are other reasons but I do think she may have hit a vein there.

Our stories matter...and they matter to more people than just close family or friends.  They matter to the world out there.

Your story....told through your matter what your blog is about will touch someone else today.

If you told your story ~~ what would it be about?

Your adventure
Your humor
Your survival
Your creativity
Your romance
Your illness
Your growth
Your happiness
Your soul searching
Your everyday life
Your pet's life
Your recipes
Your decorating

Just to name a few.....there are so many things you can make your story about.  Let's all of us just remember that we touch other people on a daily basis with our stories and each of our stories can CHANGE someone's life for the better or worse.

I for one....hope I choose wisely with mine.

Have a beautiful day dear friends,


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Happy birthday dear USA.......Happy birthday to you.....

Ok....for the next celebration

Another birthday to beautiful Daughter Shannon....Yep...she was born on the 4th of July....and she HAS BEEN a firecracker for sure!!!!

Here she is with her beautiful son....this was taken over 7 years ago...He also is a July baby and he will soon be 8.  Oh how the time has flown .

Happy birthday...Shannon....we love you,

Mom and Brad

Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone,

Photos: tinywhitedaises~tumbler

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