Monday, December 29, 2014

THE COLORFUL BED.................................

You have heard of "The Burning Bed"....well this is the colorful bed. :O)  I adore color....everywhere in my home.
When you live in a state with almost constant sunshine you can get away with bold colors in a room. Our little spot gets a tremendous amount of sun and having a room that is all white would be so glaring for us...we would not be able to live there.  Hence.....the dark bold color......

 I smile every time I come in here...and the color is glorious on sunny day AND the RARE CLOUDY DAY WHEN WE HAVE THEM. 

Bedrooms are such an important part of your home and so many of us tend to overlook them and don't make them something that brings us JOY.....This coming New Year perhaps that could be a project.....MAKING YOUR BEDROOM FABULOUS whether with muted color or bold color as I have done....the important thing is to make it a room you want to spend time in.  You know, each of us spends more than half of our lives in our should be beautiful..and a place of JOY.



Sunday, December 21, 2014

OUR CHRISTMAS AT NIGHT....................................

My favorite time during the holidays is at night.  Sitting in a dark room with the tree lights on is always so calming.




Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My wonderful husband and I have moved 7 times during our 36 years together.  Each move has been to a wonderful  location....and this most recent one is no exception.  

This little house has  many, many wonderful features....but one of my favorites has been the existing chandelier that is hanging in the dining room.

Every time we have moved I have wanted to replace the existing fixture in the dining area.....not this time.  

When we first moved I thought I wanted a different fixture hanging here...but as we have lived here with our things and fine tuned here and there...I've come to absolutely LOVE
this hanging over our dining room table.  We had to take it apart when we painted and had to clean everyone of the glass rods before reassembling....but it is now so beautiful I could not think of another one to put in its place.

I've hung the little beaded garlands for the holidays but usually it is just plain.  We have installed dimmers on all the lights so at night this light reflects a soft light of off EVERYONE of those little glass rods.  It is truly spectacular.

Lighting in a home is so very important and so often we really don't give it enough least that is what I think.  (O: (O:



Saturday, December 6, 2014


I know there is a lot of snow out there in our country right now.....wanted to send you a little spring to brighten your day.

I don't usually mix flowers..but these tulips and roses were the perfect match.


Friday, December 5, 2014

MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH FEATHERS....................

I love feathers......there....I've said it!!
My sweet husband thinks I was probably a feather dancer in France during the Belle Epoque.  (: In particular feather boas really get my blood going.....I have several at the house in different colors, and have managed to use them in various ways.  I thought this white one would gussy up my home made wreath.

I was  looking for a few new ideas with my decorating this year....and decided that feathers were just the ticket.

I simply pinned this boa around the outside of this wreath. I will be able to use the boa for something else next year.

I also decided to use my Mardi Gras mask to adorn the top of our little tree.  I just stuck it in the top and will be able to remove it at the end of the holidays. 
Oh....I know....some of you think this is pretty weird...but feathers are so very festive and so versatile.  

Thats it from here today.

Stay well and happy.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Last night I watched the movie GRAVITY on Net flicks.  I did not see it last year when it came out and I can see why it won as many awards as it did.

It was truly a visual wonder filled with suspense the entire time.  In fact.....I had a hard time sleeping after watching  it.  

I know this post is entirely out of sync with this joyous Holiday Season...but perhaps if we delve a little deeper it is not.  For me, the end of another year ALWAYS brings a time of introspection.

In fact, I believe this movie has an important message during this time of gift giving and shopping....baking and partying.  Whether you believe in God or your own version of the Creator....
our Universe is beyond imagining.  We each believe we are so very important with our small every day problems and tasks...but the reality is we are such a minute part of this incredible whole...and so very often we don't keep this in the forefront of our thoughts.  We are really only here for a "blip" in time.

Each day we are given on this Earth is a wonderment...and should be viewed as such.  The Creator gave us life and the Universe and I will guarantee he or she could care less about what present you give Aunt Jane or how lovely your home is decked out for the holiday season.  Nor does he or she care about how great a cookie you bake or the special outfit you will wear to the Christmas party. 

 I  believe the Creator only cares about our loving the planet and each other.  I believe he/she wants us to realize how special a GIFT was given us with our spectacular Universe.  Perhaps if all mankind would simply reflect on this simple fact and put aside our egos the world would stand a chance of being healed.

It is just me thinking out loud today....thanks for listening.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WHAT IF.......................................................................

What if someone told you this would be your last day on have exactly as the sign above indicates.

How would you handle yours?

be blessed,


Friday, November 28, 2014

THE DAY AFTER!!.................................................

Like many of you, I start decorating with Christmas things the day after Thanksgiving.  We are in a much smaller home now so I cannot put out as much as I have in the past.
But....I do manage to set out a few of my favorite things....many I have made....some are things I have had for many years.

The wonderful old santa photo is actually the front of a magazine cover dated from the 1920's.  My adult children didn't want many of their dad's things when he I kept a few of the things I thought were special.  

The brass candlestick actually was an anniversary present to my in-laws for a important  wedding anniversary.  Both of them passed on many years ago...and no one in the family wanted this set so I kept it as a remembrance.

Here is the other candlestick and a wonderful Red Lion amaryllis purchased at our local Trader Joe's a few weeks ago.

Both of these little trees are made with vintage bulbs and things I have had for a long time....I wanted to consolidate into a more manageable mode at Christmas....hence...putting it all together.  The cross was hand made by an artisan at the Santa Fe market.  I liked its simplicity and yet wonderful design.

And last a simple wreath made with vintage bulbs that were my mother-in-laws....very few things from my family were passed onto me so I really can appreciate keeping those special things that bring back fond memories.  I will pass on these things to my nephew when I go and hopefully he will use them lovingly... as I have.

This is just the beginning of the Christmas season so I'm looking forward to the many lovely things everyone will be showing us as part of their Christmas decorations and customs.

Closing for now.


Monday, November 24, 2014

PSST..........DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?................................

Even though it is the Holiday
Season, I have not been deterred from purging and getting a little more organized.

It is always such a treat to unearth small books with a great message. This particular book was found many years ago and while once again looking at it made me realize that each of us is drawn to a particular kind of writer or writing. 

Personally...I want to be entertained when I read.  Character development and description is just as important as the story line. The quirkier ...... the better.  Oh, I read the occasional non-ficton ... but fiction is the real clincher for me.  Hopefully there will be a moral when done, but it is not a necessity in my case.

With this recent move I have been able to give five big boxes of books to our local library. Holding  a book  in my hands is still a must for me. Even though I use my I-Pad often when we travel....there is still such a thrill discovering an old book that has obviously been well read and well loved.

I do so hope BOOKS never go out of style!!




Saturday, November 15, 2014


Woke up this morning and walked into my living room.....the light on these roses was so spectacular I wanted to share it with the world.  It was as though the universe wanted to make sure I stood up and took notice!

One can never have enough beauty.

  It really is the simple things that truly matter.  Have a beautiful weekend.



Monday, November 10, 2014

A WELCOMING GARDEN......................................

Here is the little garden that graces the front door to our new, sweet little spot.  I have always believed that your front door area  gives such an important message as to who lives inside. It is a welcome to all who visit your home. 

Most of these plantings were in place when we purchased this house.  However, the previous owner was a very tidy gardner and liked everything shaped into little tiny balls.  

Not so.....with us.  We like a much more lush feel to our gardens.  The tree in the corner is a Ficus and the previous owner was kind enough to leave it for us to enjoy.  The tree is in such a large pot that it allows the Vinca to thrive below.  I might add that much of these planting are volunteers ( which all of you KNOW THAT I LOVE.....less work).

I have always believed that a fountain will help plants could be inside our outside the door.....either place will give such a serene feel.

Whether your front door area welcomes inside or outside your home.....matters not.  The energy that emits to a visitor is something that will stay with them long after they have visited and returned to the world outside.  

All of us could use just a little more calm in our world.......don't you think?