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KITCHEN REMODEL REVEAL............................

This is a picture of our kitchen when we purchased our little house a few years ago.  The only things we updated before we moved here were the kitchen floor and the appliances.

Here is another picture from a different perspective.  you can see the light countertops and tiny white tiles that were at least 30 years old.  These white tiles also were on the floor...but we HAD to replace those when we moved in.
This kitchen is fairly small so we could really not reconfigure the layout...but we did want to freshen it up a bit.

Here is the update with just a few small improvements...

Did not replace the existing cabinets as that would have been much too costly so we had them refinished.  Installed a "leather" granite as a counter top.  This granite has a lot of texture when you touch it and is matte finish... not the shiny kind we have had in the past.

We live here and this is a WORKING kitchen so it is not styled to perfection but I wanted you to get an idea of what we did here.

We tota…

BEING FEARLESS WITH COLOR.....................

It does not matter what age one can still have fun with color. I have lived in 10 houses during my lifetime and I have pretty much decorated everyone of them myself.  Now, mind you, I am NO DECORATOR.....but I do know what I like and how I want to live. Each time I have moved, I certainly have not been able to afford new I just keep recycling them same old things I love. Getting out the paint and changing up my color scheme to match my mood is something I have done in each home.  Lately, my mood has been pretty lively if I do say so myself.
Little table above used to be a boring brown...lamp...a navy tired of changed the color on both. Yellow chest below used to be red....then a rusty orange and now sunny yellow. Have used all the art from my other houses in new rooms and in new ways...just to mix things up.  I like shopping from my own home to change my feel. My beautiful husband accuses me of having TF...for those of you who don't know WHAT …

SPRING GARDENS IN ARIZONA.....................................................

I've posted before of the difficulty  of a spring or summer garden in Arizona.  In fact, gardening in AZ can be a challenge any time of  

We have lived here going on three years now and I never tire of changing things around or sprucing things up.  In fact, at 70 years young I still get a kick out of decorating and fluffing up my house.

These are photos of both the front and back gardens of our home.  Most of these plants have been here for the whole time and they just keep thriving in spite of AZ weather.  As you can tell.....I like a "full garden" look and the more the merrier I say.  
For all of you who are still dealing with snow and is sending spring to your corner of the world.

THE WOMAN IN THE BLUE BANDANA .....................

While sitting at Mayo clinic this morning waiting for tests to be done, I sat across from a beautiful woman in a blue bandana.  Actually, she was dressed in blue from head to toe.  While contemplating what her health situation might be, I realized how confident and regal she appeared to be.
This wonderful woman knew who she was, knew she was ill, and knew she would survive.
If I am ever forced to wear my own blue bandana, I hope to show the confidence she shared with me today.  
Just sayin'