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This weekend I took my wonderful grandson to the Phoenix Zoo.  He has been there before but it has been many, many, many years since I have visited.

The vision for our zoo began in the early l960's and has grown to be one of the largest zoo's in the country.

It was a warm weekend here as we walked the zoo's grounds and stopped at all the various exhibits.   Seeing all the animals in their habitats was certainly wonderful...ours is a somewhat interactive zoo...which allows various animals to be fed and touched.  But the most memorable event that I remember from our little outing was this....

No...not the peacock...but the willingness of complete strangers to help you see hidden animals when needed and just jumping in with information when you had questions.  
The zoo was packed over the weekend with hundreds and hundreds of visitors...yet we all had this commonality~~ no matter how different we each were~~ all of us were enjoying God's wonders and just helping each other wit…


Look at me~~look at me
Please come in and stay
Every house has a story to tell

Whispers from the floorboards
Shadows from the light
Every house has a story to tell

Rooms in their kaleidoscope of colors
Beds holding secrets of their own
Every house has a story to tell

Doors open more than closed
Windows left bare to catch the light
Every house has a story to tell

Too much clutter stored away...but not forgotten
Tidy surroundings saying all is secure here
Every house has a story to tell

Personal bits of inspiration
hung haphazardly here and there
Every house has a story to tell

What story does your house tell?


Here it is.....just where I had planned it to be.  I couldn't be happier!
^       ^ O {~~~}
Have a wonderful day....


I believe creating about letting the child that is inside of you come out to play.  Remember as a kid you could daydream for hours and your imagination would go wild!!  
Well.....I believe that is just what we need to do when making anything creative.
I spent time in the studio this weekend just messing around with junk.  Had an old mirror I bought at a yard sale...many moons ago...lots of jars of buttons...and decks of old game cards that my 8 year old grandson no longer plays decided to put it all to good use.
Now if you know know my home is all ABOUT COLOR....any kind....almost anywhere.....
This is what I came up with....

Haven't put the sealer on it yet as it needs to dry overnight....but I think it is pretty cute....especially for a young grand child or baby's room....OR for a grandma who is still very young at heart!!
I'm going to put this right in my living room among the other very colorful pieces of art I have collected.   I do b…

AHHHHHH THE WEEKEND................

I don't know about you.....but the weekends have ALWAYS been special to me....whether working or not....the whole atmosphere in my surroundings seems to change.

Beautiful music from my garden......and softly lit candles seem to set an atmosphere that just says RELAX.

Don't know whether we will take in a movie or go to the farmer's market in Carefree...but we will leave that decision for later.

In the meantime I'm going to pull up a favorite chair in my favorite corner and have myself a little cup of tea.....and simply BE.......

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.

A NIGHT OUT...............................

Last night, my wonderful soul mate and I joined friends to see the opening night of "Wicked"...I had read Gregory Maguire's novel several years ago and had mostly forgotten the main parts of the book.  
But what I did remember was the main character...Elphaba...and that it did happen in the most wonderful place of all....OZ. It has loose ties to the original Wizard of OZ....but the story line is so original that anyone will be throughly entertained.
If it comes to a theater anywhere near you....I believe it is a must see for anyone who loves live theatre.  
I know in these trying times supporting the arts may seem a little frivolous...but the arts are especially necessary for one's soul during stressful times.
"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual." Beethoven
Have a beautiful day....

WOMEN IN RED..........BEEZOO.....TO ALL OF YOU.......

RED is the most popular of all the colors.....especially for women.  However, it is a very assertive color, therefore making it one of the least popular for making garments.

What do you think when you see a woman dressed in red?  I, for one, always look....and love seeing a beautiful woman in red.  It is said that human metabolism rises when red in viewed.

It is associated with passion, energy, courage, vividness, leadership, celebration and good cheer.

Whatever kind of energy a red dress ALWAYS says look at I am.....YOU cannot ignore me! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day sweet friends.....go put on that red dress and strut your stuff!!  LOL LOL LOL all. Jo p.s. I hope that French term is correctly used....(O:(O:
Photos courtesy Blue Lantern Studio

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME................

Well.....the above pic is not is from the wonderful Suzanne at Privet and Holly....BUT....I SO LOVE THE SIGNS!! not to mention that cute, cute baby... ok...onto the post....

This may not be very exciting to any of you.....but it is certainly exciting to me.
Today....while out to lunch with very dear friends...I had someone inquire about where I  bought my lovely necklace.  I said  "I MADE IT" and....the best part is out of recycled junk!! Her comment was "Do you have a web site...It is wonderful!!"  

The above piece is made from the top of a bag balm can, part of an old napkin ring, an old earring, an old jewelry clasp and some of my mom's old pearl's...with a few beads to top it off.  The best thing is it is ALL recycled stuff excluding the few beads I had to purchase at Joanne's.  
Needless to say...I was very flattered at a complete stranger's interest.
She asked for my card ...... 
Here is the pic on my card.....had to share this w…

LITTLE RED BOOKS...............................

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." Charles W. Eliot

See the four small red books on the stack of these little books.....found them while antiquing with a friend a few weeks back.  She saw them in a stack and we both fell in love with the size, the feel and the color.  

They only measure 3" by 4" and are nicely weathered inside.

Each one was written by a famous author during the 1800's....I can only imagine how many hands have held these delicate little tomes.
What a different time it was then with books only available to the chosen few.... and such small sizes.   As more advanced methods of book publication became available larger books came into being...but still very small compared to those we read today.

These hardcover books are approximately 4" by 6"...small enough to still be carried in a be lovingly read again and again as one trave…

UNTAPPED CREATIVITY........................


All of us are creative in some way.....yes, each and everyone of us.
How many times have you said to yourself....oh...I'm not creative at all?  
The above pictures were taken several years ago at the Dale Chihuly exibit at our Desert Botanical Gardens.  Do you think Chihuly ever said to himself....oh...I'm not creative...even when he was making all these weird pieces of glass....Of course he didn't.

Since the beginning of has been creating caves and beyond....each time this creative process happens everyone of us is touching that soul source...our connection with the divine... Myth and ancient stories came from this connection...trying to figure out why we are here...and what life is about.

We are never to old to start this creative an artistic life...
So let's...all of us....make time.....make art....of some kind...let's add to life's beauty.


Have any of you been fortunate enough to have a life long girlfriend?
I know......I haven't.  Oh I have friends that have been in my life for many, many years...but I don't have one left that is from my pre- school or grammar school years.  
Occasionally one will come to mind such as very best my middle school years.  I spent hours at her house playing tether-ball....gads...I wonder if anyone even knows what tether-ball is in today's world?
Another my early school years in a very small town in Kansas.  Alas, my family ended up moving far away from its roots more Jenny.
And there was Nancy....she was PERFECT....I mean perfect in the nicest way.  Her clothes were always ironed, her skin and hair were beautiful, she was kind and her mom was A STAY AT HOME MOM. They had dessert EVERY NIGHT after dinner....I mean every night!!! A kid's dream. Each of these girls touched my life in a special way...since my home was general…