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OH MY GOODNESS.....HAVE NOT BEEN ON THIS BLOG SINCE CHRISTMAS...................................

It seems as though I rarely post on my blog anymore.  Not that I am that busy mind you.... My outside activities mostly consist of just living...seeing friends, going to clubs I belong to and getting together with family.
However, lately I have been messing around the house again.  Painting on some of our walls in our sweet little spot.  
I really would never consider myself a real artist but I do enjoy the process and my thought is that you can always paint the wall back to its original color.  Although, in this case I think you would have to put on a heavy coat of primer and I have used some pretty dark colors here.
I have many pieces of art hanging on my wall but not a single piece of art ON MY Wall!! hahaha....
Hope all of you are having a great day....I am.