Monday, April 29, 2013

EXTROVERTS VERSUS INTROVERTS...................................

Have you ever considered the fact whether you were an extrovert or introvert?  I have....and I am so pleased that some kind soul finally wrote a book comparing the two styles.

I have always considered myself....shy.....or in other words an introvert.  Oh....don't get me wrong....I can carry on lengthy conversations if required....but I much prefer listening to talking.  By doing so, I can interject comments occasionally if appropriate...or keep quite if I so desire.

Often, if we are attending a social gathering I will size up our companions and decide which one, I believe, will carry the evening so to speak.  Or, I will ask my wonderful soul mate if he is in a "chatty" mood....his comment usually is we are going to see "so and so" so he doesn't need to be.  LOL LOL

I always believed there was something wrong with me because I was not more of a "chatty Kathy"....but now....I realize there probably are a lot more folks out there just like me.  I can be a "situational extrovert" as this book so aptly describes....but I much prefer to just sit on the sidelines and just listen and evaluate.

I don't mind my own company....and in fact.....days can go by when I don't even venture much beyond my front courtyard.  Spending time puttering and contemplating various situations and ideas is actually a perfect day for me.

This was a very "eye opening" read and I recommend it highly for anyone who is questioning whether their "social skills" are up to par in this mile a minute society.

Tell me....if you had to you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?  Just wonderin'?

Hugs from me to you,


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Look what has just popped up again in my garden!  I am always amazed that amaryllis  bloom yet again here in AZ.

These were purchased two years ago at Christmas time.  They bloomed indoors then so I put them outside in my garden just on an outside chance they might  bloom there as well.  They did......both last year and again this year.......they bloom both in November and around April.  

Sweet Skyler chomped on one of them and destroyed an entire bud....but it survived in spite of him.  LOL LOL

BYTW...he is currently at Boot Camp for two weeks to learn some important "doggie lessons"..  The trainer brought him by the house this morning and we got to see him put through some of his paces.  He looked so great and like he was having a ball!!!  We will have him  back  the Saturday after this one.  We miss him tons...but know this is really good for him.  Not sure if Miss Sophie misses him or not....she really likes being Queen of her castle once again. (O:

Hugs from here.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Do you have ungrateful people in your life?  I know I do.  Some of them are more in my life than I desire...but I do try to weed them out as I can.

It does seem that a sense of entitlement goes hand in hand with a lack of gratitude.  I believe we American's as a whole believe we deserve the PERFECT life....since we believe we live in the perfect society...or so we are told in every way possible.  There has never been the perfect life.....nor will there ever be.

Life is difficult at best and at other times it seems as though events are the recent Boston Marathon can attest to.  Our  country is one of the few in the world who don't have to live every day with a constant threat of danger.....I MEAN CONSTANT....examine Israel....for just a small example

So...on this day.....after yet another tragedy.....I vow to up my gratitude focusing entirely on what I have instead of what I don't have.  Appreciate every day as it matter...good or bad....I learn from both.

Always saying a silent prayer to God how grateful I am for EVERYTHING!!!



Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have had this leopard lampshade was in storage and since I have always loved it...I decided to give it a fresh new life.

Fringe comes from an old scarf that I no longer use...but I have always loved, loved, loved this fringe.....sewed it onto the bottom of the can be removed with a little snip  if I get tired of the look.  I've had the floor lamp since the mid-nineties and it is actually pretty special in its own right...but I thought it needed a little more drama. When I looked at it with its original finial...I realized that something had to be done with that.  So....
painted the existing finial a ebony black and glued on a small crystal ball that I found at a garage sale many moons ago...

I have to night....when this lamp is is pretty spectacular.  I really am pleased with how it turned out....just recycling and reusing...