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LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.............................

Do you know anyone who is absolutely UNABLE TO LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE?  Unfortunately, I do.

It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.  I have often wondered why some people are able to see beauty everywhere and make something out of nothing and others can't see past the end of their nose.  This certainly is not a criticism it is just an observation.

I don't think it is matter of your childhood environment or a case of having money or not.  I know plenty of people who had less than stellar childhoods and  who barely have two pennies to rub together and they still THRIVE on beauty.  

I know I had a extremely difficult childhood and I was never TAUGHT to make MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL.  Somehow along the way I picked it up...and I have lived in some pretty dismal places during my lifetime.  Yet...I have always made them beautiful in their own way with whatever I had on hand.

Using something in a new way to spruce up my little spot.

Look at your environment......what does it say about …

A RATHER STRANGE CONFESSION...................................

I have been very fortunate and have done many, many wonderful things during my lifetime.  Yet, I find, there are still a few things I yearn to do.  One of these was to take an OUTDOOR SHOWER.  My current home is certainly not plumbed for such a this summer I went looking online.

Found this at World Market.  So I knew it would work for me and I could even take it to our new home when we move.

It hooks up to the outside hose bib...and since the water temperature in AZ is ALWAYS HOT coming out of the faucet here in the least at my house it is...I knew it was my solution.

We have used it all summer long before and after getting out of the pool....and I have been able to sneak out late at night and take a little rinse off under the stars. (O:(O:(O:

The is something so uninhibited about being able to shower outdoors surrounded by nature (BTW I do live in the city).  

I have a table with my coffee cup near by and have a robe at the ready in case I should need to quickly hide…

THESE ARE JUST PRETTY!..............................

These are blooms that managed to sprout during this hot, hot summer we have had in AZ.  It does always amaze me how anything can grow so beautifully in this heat of ours.  Roses, garlic and oregano in a little vase....fragrant and nice combination....don't you think?
Fall is around the corner......the light is is in the air.

IF YOU ARE NOT IN LOVE WITH COLOR........DON'T STOP HERE.........................

Here is a photo of the new book that just arrived at my door.  DECORATING WITH STYLE by Abigail Ahern.  She lives in London and absolutely pushes color to the max!  This look is not for the faint of heart.  LOL LOL
She loves to paint walls dark inky hues and mixes anything she can find to make her style statement.

Here is one picture of her fabulous home.....she is careful to not OVERDO ....but has just the right amount of color to make a room pop. She always seems to have something a little quirky in her design as well.
Every page is a delight and it gives those of us who like pushing the envelope some great decorating ideas.  I still love decorating my home and probably will until I breathe my last breath.  It is always an adventure and as I have said before......I always prefer something handmade over something store bought.
Here is my attempt at using one of her ideas.....An old mirror that was antique gold....covered the frame of that with junk jewelry given to me by a friend...the…