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These Christmas stockings were the first ones I ever bought for my children who are
now 38 and 42 years old.  I've put them away all these years and digging them out has brought  back a flood of memories.  As you can see, they were more like dolls with a hook at the top for hanging and the little pouch in front was for slipping in little presents.  I found them at a Hallmark store that was designed to specifically showcase Christmas things.  Isn't this trip down memory lane a hoot!

Warmest greeting to you all!



Now that Thanksgiving is over and we should be ready for the next round of eating it is time to talk about Christmas.
I am old enough to remember a time when the Christmas Season did not start until the beginning of December.  In today's world it  seems Christmas begins in October.  It is not uncommon, at all, to see Christmas decorations displayed right along with skeletons and Halloween masks.  I don't know - I kinda' miss the old times - don't you?  It seems like it was a gentler time.  
That is why Blogland is so great.  All of you out there seem to like vintage stuff and the simpler the better - this is such a special community to be in  - and I for one am READY TO DO CHRISTMAS!
So here goes - just something I made from junk I had around the house.  It turned out well don't you think?
Took an old nightlight - glued on Christmas stuff I had around the house and voila' a cool looking Christmas night light.  I plan on using this in a gift exchange with friends.  …


Old things are the best things

Today I'm participating in Vintage Christmas Monday's hosted by The Potting Shed - Anything goes here - just click on the badge in the side bar and you can find out all about it.  O.K. now about the "VINTAGE STUFF' that is in my pics.  The ornaments belong to my dear mother-in-law, Lois, I was only able to spend 2 Christmas holidays with her before she passed.

These memories are very special to me, as my husband and I were newly married and I felt totally accepted in this new family of mine.  We were able to do all the things you do - make cookies, prepare a big meal, EAT A BIG MEAL, laugh and have  a good time.  

The vintage doll is one I found many, many years ago and it has always been included in my Christmas displays ever since.

I just threw in the book for looks - artistic license is allowed!!

Happy holidays to all of you- Warmest wishes


Oh my !  Saturday morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat.  In times  past I would have simply "KEPT CALM AND CARRIED ON".  But no--this time I fluffed up the pillows in the guest bedroom , made myself a pot of herb tea, sent my husband out for chicken soup and went to bed.  In short, I took care of myself.  This time - I put myself on the top of my gift list - by giving myself the gift of love.  
So, my dear friends, this holiday season, when as women we are so overbooked and overextended put yourself a the top of your gift list.  Give yourself the Gift of Love!   
Blessings to you all,

p.s. the beautiful young girl in the picture is not me!


Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I stopped what I was busy doing and made myself a cup of tea.  I don't often do this, and I don't know why.  The Brits have solved world problems and wars over just such a thing, and the Japanese and Chinese have taken tea ceremonies to an art form.
Having a hot cup of tea can be as simple as just putting the kettle on or as elaborate as setting down and having high tea with scones and teacakes. 
So during this busy time of year, or anytime for that matter, make time for yourself - whether it be with an elaborate teapot and beautiful teacup or the kettle and your old cup at the kitchen table.  It is such a civil thing to do, don't you think?   


Hello everyone - this is my first post for vintage thingie Thursday.  I'm not so sure if I have done this correctly as I am really new to blogging - but here goes:

I have posted photos of an old photo album that my wonderful Aunt Ruthie gave to me the last time I went to visit her in Kansas.  This photo album is over 100 years old - as you can probably tell by its condition.
I have very few artifacts from my family of origin as my mother died quite suddenly while I was in my 30's and unfortunately, my family did not do much to make sure any of her possessions were saved.  This is one of a few things that I have to remind me of my wonderful grandmother and mother whose photos are scattered throughout the photo album.  I'm truly honored and pleased that my dear aunt chose to give it to me as it is truly a treasured possession.

Have a great Thursday!


Well, it has taken some time, but Michelle from Shabby Creations has finally finished my banner.  She did a great job, don't you think.  This was a fun project as I put things that were meaningful to me in my banner.  My grandmother Maupin died when I was very young, but to this day when I think of her , I realize how much she influenced me.   She dressed  beautifully in her time, was very spiritual and gave me the only doll I ever owned.  Her home was one of comfort and warmth to a little girl who came from less than an ideal environment.  Her house was close to mine in the little town where we lived.  I would often walk over to visit and she would make me a wonderful lunch and show me her latest gardening successes in her yard.  I surely miss her, and as I have gotten older, am beginning to realize no matter how long someone is in your life they can truly make a difference.  So please, dear friends, open your eyes today and notice everyone and anyone who you come in contact with…

A Great give away by WHERE WOMEN CREATE

Well, not much happening my in world at the moment.  Still waiting to see how my banner finished up - but I wanted to post  about the One Year Anniversary of the Magazine By Stampington WHERE WOMEN CREATE.  They are having a wonderful giveaway for this anniversary and are looking for inspirational comments and ideas for future issues.   So stop on over by clicking on their badge and give them some new juicy ideas from this fantastic blogging community out there.  In case you have not seen a copy - they are a feast for the eyes.

Have a great weekend.

Still working on blog layout and banner

Well I appear to be making some progress with my banner - but I am NOT too busy doing this to forgo entering in some great give-aways. is having a very generous giveaway. She is also in the process of opening a new store. Stop by her blog to see what's up. Also, Velvet and Linen has an unbelievable give-away - IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT -
a Coffee Table from Bobo's Intriguing Objects. Stop by her blog to enter in this fabulous event.

Have a good one.