Thursday, April 28, 2011

"IN THE KNOW"................................

Are you the kind of person who likes to always "be in the know" surprises...think everything is under control.  The go to person....with all the answers.  Well dear friends..I believe that state of being is IMPOSSIBLE.

Today, I received an update e-mail from my dear friend who's husband has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  She commented that they are having such a hard time with this because they like to "be in the know" and are having a huge problem with all the uncertainty.  She asked for prayers...which we are doing...but on reflecting about her comment above; I've come to this conclusion.

ARE WE EVER IN THE KNOW???  I mean completely...totally...I think not.

TO LIVE IS TO BE UNCERTAIN.  The only one  to "be in the know" is the being upstairs....driving the bus! LOL

Oh...from time to time...he or she will give us a little respite and let us think we are controlling this whole sha-bang, but in reality; we're not.  The only thing we do have control over is ourselves and our behavior.

In fact...I think we all should have this 
permanently imprinted in our mindset as the rule for LIFE 101

Show up
Pay attention
Tell the truth
Don't get too attached to the outcome 

Don't know about you....but the last one is a BIGGIE for me personally. (O:

Have a beautiful rest of the week sweet friends.

Photo: The Paris Apartment~pinterest

Friday, April 22, 2011

MENDING SOUL HOLES..........................

During this special time of year to Christians and several other religions I often find myself reflecting on GRACE.

GRACE means different things to everyone.
What does it mean to you dear friends?

I would like to tell you what GRACE means to me.

Grace comes from the Latin word "gratia" which means "favor".  Taking that a step further specifically....God's favor.
That's it....a free and ready favor given by God to us simply because he is God.
God sees the good, bad and the ugly and love's us anyway.  He wants us to return to that state of innocence and wonder we had as a very small child and to truly see the wonders of the world we have been given.

That does not mean a life without sorrow and me that means taking life in stride being able to say "what" and accepting the path God has chosen for you.  Often....that is not the path you would want...but it is the path God wants for you.  He is the big picture guy.....we are simply looking through the keyhole.

It has taken me a lifetime to be able to reach this thought process...and often I stray...but when the drama is over and the dust settles...I know that I have been given the FAVOR OF GRACE and it is always there for the taking.

Have a wonderful Easter sweet friends,


Thursday, April 21, 2011



I know I've shown pictures of my backyard garden before...but it is especially lush during this short spring season here.
This is my volunteer rose tree.  It is a wild rose we tried to kill.....OH WELL!! 

One of my rose beds

I know today I've posted a lot of pictures of my garden....but it is so lovely here right now...and I'm spending a lot of time outside.

We had such a hard freeze this winter that I am amazed anything survived.

And last but not least my St. Francis statue.  It was here when we bought the house over 9 years ago.  It has broken off at the waist so I simply sat it in my rose beds as is to add a special little blessing to this wonderful garden God has given me. To all you dear ladies who are still having snow and cold weather...sending spring thoughts your way.

Blessings dear friends,

Monday, April 18, 2011

MY PREVIOUS LIFE................

Come on in and join me for a cup of coffee today and I will share a small part of my previous life with you.  No....this is not a post about reincarnation. LOL

My beautiful soul mate is my second husband.  My first husband was the father of my two beautiful children.

We got married WAY to young...and really neither one of us knew what we were getting into.
He went to school...I worked...had kids...the usual hum drum of life went on.

However...inside this man's chest...beat the heart of a musician.  Oh...that wasn't his vocation, he was a teacher; but every chance he got he was writing tunes, strumming his guitar, playing small gigs here and there.

Which meant, he was often not at home.  I don't think I ever spent one New Year's Eve with him in the eleven year's we were married.  The extra money he brought in with his playing was much needed, but you can only imagine all the difficulty his being gone caused.  I felt he was sort of an absentee father....even when he was there.

Oh....and the can a woman compete with a guitar!!!...and I was certainly NOT MATURE enough to handle the situation in a positive manner.  His first love truly was his MUSIC.  

Fast forward..a number of years, we divorced, I remarried; he didn't.

He went on the road, playing and writing music....LIVING HIS DREAM.

He finally returned to AZ though, in his early 50's in an attempt to settle down and build a life for himself.  We settled our differences...and spent many a holiday in each other's company during those years.

He died about 8 years ago, very young, I might add.  Our grandson had just been born in June and he passed in September of the same year.  He made sure he was at that baby's birth, since he has missed his own children's.

They played the music he had written at his took my breath away, it was so very beautiful.  He became very involved in a wonderful church community before he died, and there were hundred's of people at his funeral.

He was truly a VERY CREATIVE and remarkable man.  I wish I could of been more mature to appreciate his creativity during the time I spent married to him.

I have kept the acoustic guitar we purchased during the time we were married.  I hope someday to pass it onto my grandson..along with the wonderful stories about his wild grandpa "the traveling musician".

Have a beautiful day..


Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I'm joining all the other wonderful artists at Paint Party Friday.

I'm a little late with this post...but I wanted to share with you a simple painting I did in art class yesterday.

It is supposed to be a scene from Venice.. that has been texturized with a Mod Podge material.  First of is the first time I have worked with acrylics and secondly...I haven't taken a class in years!!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!

There was no pressure...the instructor was very positive and pleasant....and you learn many new techniques.

If any of you are thinking about taking a few simple classes...I highly recommend it.  You get a completely different perspective and of course what is better than spending an afternoon painting and being lost in the present moment.
to see all the other beautiful work being shared today.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


What a difference a few days make in one's life.

In a recent post I mentioned about catching up with dear friends from Montana.  We were able to meet them in Palm Springs for a little catch up session.

Well.....yesterday.....we learned that our gentleman friend has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer.  It came completely out of the blue....and to make matters worse....
this dear friend's brother-in-law...was diagnosed with THE SAME KIND OF CANCER last August.  Can hardly get my brain around this.

Please, please add this wonderful family to your prayer list.  I know miracles still happen and I pray one will be performed here!

Have a gentle day,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

THE ZEN OF LIFE.........................

I think it really is just this simple.....

Today is a gorgeous day....let's go give somebody a HUG!!!


Sign:  Courtesy Laurie Ann's Vintage Home

Monday, April 11, 2011

HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!!!!.............

Is this not the cleverest????

Received this little WRITTEN NOTE in the mail today....from my dearest friend.

We will be traveling with this couple in the fall..they have been  our cruise mates on many an outing.
THIS particular friend is extremely talented and clever....she always thinks a little outside the box....which OF COURSE I love.....and I also love it that she took the time to actually WRITE A NOTE....instead of texting or sending me an e-mail....Ah...maybe the OLD TIMES ARE STILL IN EXISTENCE FOR QUITE A FEW OF US.  HOORAY FOR THAT!!!!!

Have a smiley day,


Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am almost ashamed to admit...I have never eaten a PEEP.  In fact...I didn't even know they existed until a few years ago when my husband's sister made such a big deal about letting them sit out until they got hard....because they were better that way.  LOL .... WHO KNEW??

I also cannot believe they come in so many can find a PEEP to match your great is that!!

Gads....when I was a kid I was lucky if we got dyed Easter Eggs....and I never got Easter candy.  I obviously need to make up for lost time.... (O: (O:

PEEPS don't really ring my bell...but See's Candy does.  I'll let you know how I do once I get my pound of dark chocolate covered almond still my heart!! can find the wonderful PEEP artist here.

She also paints some other AMAZING THINGS....I THINK YOU WILL ENJOY HER.



Friday, April 8, 2011

SUPPORTING WOMEN ARTISTS...........................

I try to support women artists when possible.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to make a living selling your art.  

With the internet it probably has gotten a little easier for your work to be seen...but there are so many creative, wonderful artists out there....that the competition is incredible.

This is an artist I love and support....Maria Pace Wynters.  She is an artist out of Canada and I fell in love with her colors and her creativity.

I own two of her pieces...on is larger than the other...but I enjoy both of them.

I have always loved putting contemporary pieces in ornate frames.  This piece was a little to big for the simply attached it to the a shadow box in reverse.  

She always picks a wonderful name for each piece...and I simply love the dream like quality she portrays.  By the way...someone told me if you own three pieces of one are a collector....who knew?? LOL

Please stop by to see her will find her here

Have a wonderful weekend sweet ladies.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WEDNESDAY WISHES...................

Well...we are home at last.  Had such a wonderful time catching up with old friends...but Dorothy said it best "there is no place like home."

It has turned quite warm here for the last few my gardens have exploded.  More Iris than I know what to do with and ROSES pouring out my ears.  LOL LOL

Now mind you...I'm not complaining...I appreciate each and everything that I am given in this life.

However.....If I was really honest.....I wish I lived here......

Could you just imagine waking up to all this beauty....each and every day....and the aroma....oh it must be heavenly.

I wouldn't even mind the bees.......

So please join me in my magic field of lavender....and sit with me a while.

I would love to have a nice chat....and catch up.....then we would go pick lavender till our  baskets were full.

Sending springtime wishes to each and everyone of you.



Sunday, April 3, 2011


O.K......just checking in....we are staying in Palm Springs for a few days.  Visiting friends from the San Juan Islands, Montana, and California.  It is quite nice that all of them are here at the same time so we can catch up.

For those of you who have not been in this part of our beautiful country....just sharing a few shots around the area.  

The flowers here are magnificent this time of year....and of course it is Golf Course Mecca!!

It is about the same weather wise as AZ...only it can be a little hotter in the summer.

Each time we come here...I am always amazed by all this green right in the middle of a desert.

And...of course.....there are water features EVERYWHERE.  I've been told that Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indio....etc.. are sitting over a huge lake ...... so apparently...water will never be a problem.

Here is a shot of the surrounding area in the desert.  There are huge patches of desert between all the golf course communities and little cities.  The huge mountain in the background is covered with snow most of the year.  You can ride a tram to the top of the mountain, which we have done.  It is a nice experience.

Just a few more shots around the area....

Long boulevards...lined with palm trees.

We are staying right on the 17th hole on a golf course community.....geese right outside our window.

Huge Lizard sculptures along the boulevard.  We have LOTS of lizards in this part of the country.  LOL

Pics inside a really KITCHIE OLD HOTEL in downtown Palm Springs called THE PARKER.

And last....but not of the OLD HOMESTEAD..... (O:

O.K.....not quite...but the flowers are mine!!
Palm Springs has a little bit of everything for everyone...not matter what your fancy.
Hopefully you have enjoyed the little tour of the Palm springs is truly an Oasis in the Desert.

Will catch up with all when we return.



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