Wednesday, June 8, 2011

THE JOY OF BREAKFAST...................

Like many of you, I have worked outside my home most of my life.  When I was working it seems as though I never had time to really take care of myself as I should have; always rushing here, rushing there.
To actually sit down and have breakfast with my husband was simply  unheard of. 

 Now that we have both been retired for sometime, things have changed dramatically.  

We sit down every morning with our coffee and the paper and actually have breakfast.  Now it isn't always the perfectly healthy breakfast...but it is breakfast none the less. (O:  It is our time to catch up with the news and talk to one another about our plans for the day.

Even while traveling in our motor home,  we do exactly the same thing .....taking time to enjoy each other's company, catching up with the news and just being calm before  starting the day's business.

It is a time we both enjoy.
It is a ritual we would not do away with for anything.

How do you start your morning dear friends?
Do you have special rituals?

Photo:  Painting ~ Kathleen Redfield
Plate with danish photo ~ Flikr


  1. Hi Jo..what a super beautiful visually gorgeous..lovely words and sharings...sounds wonderful! Yay!!
    I begin either stealing a moment alone in the garden with peace and calm, (6am is great before the whole neighbhood awakens) I go within and relax .....or if not a garden kind of day..I enjoy sitting somewhere in my home in a quiet meditation or yoga..tune into the spirit of Thanks and Gratitude.....then begin my work day!
    If my morning is free...well I of course am straight up in my loft painting away or playing music. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your magic heart always! Hugs and have a happy wkd ahead!

  2. We don't necessarily have any morning rituals in our home. Unless you count the sharing of a pot of coffee. Neither of us are breakfast eaters, however, you do have a splendid breakfast table. The roses are simply beautiful!

  3. I start my day now that it is warm outside in the garden swing with my Bible in my lap,enjoying iced vanilla coffee,and talking to my sweet friend.
    Smiles, Dottie

  4. I am the type of person who can't eat breakfast unless I get some air first, so I never have breakfast at home on weekdays, and on weekends I may not eat until lunchtime. I do love that feeling of having my day to myself and look forward to retirement so I can begin to enjoy.

  5. As one of the newly retired, I'm loving not having to use an alarm clock to wake up! I relish waking up when I please, which is usually very early, but it is different when you have to wake up early. I get some juice, say hi to any kids who are up, and come back to my room to pray and meditate. Then my usual breakfast of cereal. That's how I start my day. I love your photos and your description of your shared breakfast. If you are ever traveling through Portland in your motor home, let me know--I'll bring the pastries!

  6. Jo. What a lovely post Retirement makes love a little sweeter.

  7. I used to make breakfast on the weekends only because my husband likes to get up and get out the door for work during the week. I just recently started again and it feels good. I'm not a big breakfast eater but I love to sit and have a cup of coffee while he enjoys his eggs!

    I enjoyed your photos in this post!


  8. I read blogs in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee. On Sundays, My Rare One and I go for strawberry waffles at a nearby restaurant. We sit and do a small crossword puzzle too.

  9. What a lovely breakfast ritual!

    Our winter brekkie ritual is the same most mornings...I make hot porridge and we sit around the dining table to eat it before we get ready for the day ahead. Our summer brekkie schedule is more helter-skelter where everyone grabs their own choice of cereal or toast at different times. I look forward to the slower paced weekends. :)

  10. Love your beautiful photos here! I adore breakfast. We have one every day - since my hubby and i have our office close to were we live, we don't have a long way to work and can afford this luxury ;)

  11. Your posts and photos are always so pretty, Jo. We eat a big breakfasts on weekends. Other than that it is usually some fruit. On weekends, I'll fix bacon, eggs and toast. Enjoy your day!

  12. Nope, I'm still in the running mode. Lucky to grab a bowl of special K! Enjoy your time together, sounds heavenly. Oh BTW...I'm currently up for adoption :)

  13. Though we have not quite reached our retirement years, we still sit down to breakfast together every morning and have for our entire marriage. Hubby loves his breakfast and truth be told, he cooks it. Now I don't always eat what he eats because he is a true born and bred Southern man who thinks a day is not complete without bacon or sausage and eggs and I am more of a light eater in the morning. But nonetheless, it is always a peaceful and lovely was to start the day before our kisses goodby as we head to work.

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