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OH.......THIS WORLD OF OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to put this out into the universe today!

From Style Carrot

A SIMPLE CHRISTMAS POST......................................................

Goodness....I have not posted in over a month.  This one will have lots of pics so be prepared.  (O:

I was not sure if I was ready to celebrate this year as Christmas day was the last day I saw my son alive....but I know Scott would want me to celebrate the day even though he is somewhere else....hopefully....having his own celebration!!!

These old clear bulbs turned into the ones in the shots above.   Still loved the bulbs as they are plastic and unbreakable but wanted to make them a color so took paint and made that happen.  

I have used the same decorations now for sometime....just remaking them into something new.  

We did not put up a big tree this year as I was just not up to the task...but as you can see I spread little things here and there though the house.

The leather photo album in this picture is over 100 years old.  It contains pictures of my aunt, my mom and my grandmother and grandfather.  It is a real treasure given to me by my Aunt Ruthie on one of our last visits.

More han…

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES.....................................

It has been just a little over one year since we downsized into this little spot of ours.  A year of both sadness and multiple blessings.  We have made a few changes to the inside of the house and the yard.  Wanted to show some of the changes we came up with by using old stuff in a new way.

I believe the most difficult aspect of moving is how you will use your existing things since we certainly could not afford to go out and buy all new.As I indicated in a previous post, I only kept what I LOVE and that in itself was a huge undertaking.  Using old things in new ways to bring back memories and smiles.  In the photo above I hung all my Chinese Lanterns and umbrellas from my porch ceiling.  It is a fairly high ceiling for a porch and I figured they could be installed there with little effort.   That way they can be put to use instead of being stored away;  reminding me of the many trips we have made around our country and the little treasurers I found along the way

Right now the weather in…

OH DEER.......................OH DEAR..................

I don't buy much for our house anymore.  Since our downsize we just don't have that much room and besides I gave away so much when we moved that I NEVER want to have to do that again.  

But this particular item....I could not resist.  It is a handmade deer head using old saris from India.  Pieces of straw are intertwined with beads and fabric.  His nose is a little to square...but I like things that are not so perfect.   I added the camel bells and the little bird just for decoration.  

Try not to notice the little spackle patch on the wall, as I move things around I try to patch all the nail holes from previous endeavors.  I just have not had time to paint them.  
I collect Kantha cloths from fact it is probably the only thing I collect.   You can use them in so many ways....

as door coverings...

our entry doors into the rooms in this house are all set back a ways so I can use these Kanthas as curtains so I don't have to close doors for privacy.  I like the little boh…



THE HEALING AND HOPING SEASON............................

Life keeps moving on at it's normal pace....... with events happening that are totally out of our control, but one thing we can control is how we take care of ourselves..which is needed especially during difficult times.
I am a  big fan of organic and natural skin care, and since good cosmetics have become so very expensive I often come across something I can make myself that I believe has a wonderful effect on one's skin.

This skincare recipe is from the above publication.  I had not seen it before so I picked up a  copy to see how I could incorporate some of these items in my personal care.

It is such a simple concoction and so very easy to make.  
3/4 cup chopped need to peel 1/4 cup liquid coconut oil...I personally use organic 1 cup white sugar Basil leaves as much as you like .. mine are from my garden out back
I chopped cucumber and basil.   Put them into my blender, added the sugar, then the coconut oil.  Then I put the blender on puree and mixed it to my desired c…

THERE IS A SEASON...............................

I turned 69 on Saturday, October third. It was a bitter sweet birthday this year since my son was not with us.   We went to one of our favorite  spots for my birthday dinner.  In fact, it was one of the last places my son was with us while he was alive.  The familiarity was somehow comforting for us..although some  tears were shed by us because of the vacancy that was felt by his absence.  Which really brings me to the point of this post for today....THERE IS A SEASON.  

These pics were taken by us on a trip 2 years ago.  We toured down the Danube  and the Rhine rivers in Europe.  It is pretty evident that it is Fall in these was an incredible time for us.

It was before our move and Brad's  surgery.  It was before our son's death.
Who would have known  what was in store as we were viewing this incredible part of the world.

It was a season of all  joy and hopefulness. Then came the season of hurting and sorrow.  Every life has it's seasons....and each of them leav…

ONCE AGAIN MY QUIRKINESS IS SHOWING................................

Allright......I will admit it.  I love having things in my home that are homemade...not store bought...and are like nothing you will see in someone else's home.  

I also love mixing the quirky with the refined  ~~ something homemade with a fine piece of art.
Since downsizing and moving I'm finding myself with many things that I can no longer use or are just simply wrong with the feel of this house.  So I end up taking things apart and reusing them in new ways.

The little lamp above was made from an old lamp base from World Market and a shade that had ripped and torn over the years.  I incorporated various lamps parts of other fixtures that we are no longer able to use here...and  voila'!  A new little lamp that is both funky and artsy at the same time.  My dear husband loves the idea of the shade being there and yet not being there.   I only use a flicker bulb in these lamps as they are really more for decoration and not function.
It is amazing what one can come up with with ol…