Thursday, June 23, 2011


I hope I have not mislead you to believe that I am so busy smelling the flowers....that I never shop along the way.

I occasionally run into something that speaks to me and when that happens...if I can find a spot to store it and if it is reasonably priced...I'll simply take it on a ride with us until we return home.

Case in point....these wonderful Chinese lanterns I have been seeing everywhere.  I would not find these in my home state of when I found them in a little store called FIREFLY I knew they had to come home with me.

They fold up like an accordion so it is no problem storing them for the time being.

I also purchased the little quilt above.  It is called a JOGI RALLY QUILT.  It means Small Patches, and was handmade by a small group of artisans in India.  I love the color and the design.

My wonderful husband of course asked me what in the world I was going to do with those lanterns...and before he could finish the sentence he said "I know, you are going to hang them from the ceiling in your art room...aren't you?"  Ahhhh how well he knows me...that is exactly where I think I am going to use them.

I really do have kind of a boho~eclectic thing going on in my these should fit right in.

Next stop.....the wine country.
Hugs to all,



  1. I am a boho gal myself so love your style~!

  2. BE~U~T~FULL JO! I think they'll fit right in with all the other colorful pretties in your home. Enjoy your journey:)

  3. They are beautiful Jo. I would be shopping along the way too. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Staying in an RV would be my kind of "camping". ;)

  4. Those little lanterns are precious! What a beautiful addition, especially since they fold up small. Inspires me to do a little shopping..Hmmmm

  5. I love the lanterns and the colours in that quilt are right up my alley, Jo. They will make wonderful additions to your home...a great find!

  6. great finds...I would have grabbed those for myself! travel safely..;j

  7. I love those lanterns and wish I could find something like that. I would like to use them to hide the ugly hanging light fixtures we have here. The quilt you bought is lovely -- love that blue of the background. Almost anything goes around here too. A riot of color for sure! Wine country is where you would find me ... enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Sounds like a great life travelling around sightseeing the countryside. Especially love your quilt and all its beautiful colours.

  9. Amazing finds Jo! Sounds like your next stop will be an awesome adventure with wonderful photo ops! If you get a chance stop by my blog and enter the giveaway! ~Hugs, M

  10. They're lovely. I'd love to see a photo when you have them hanging in your art room. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

  11. Hi Jo, I love these little colorful lamps - they will look so pretty in your art room! And that quilt looks great just placed where you have it. Color always makes me smile! Ciao, bella! xxoo

  12. I love them too! Great find! They scream Summer. :-)

  13. I am in love with paper lanterns .They hang from all my trees and are lite at night!!!
    Oh Heavenly! Wine country!!!

  14. Your blog is very tranquil. I certainly lack that quality. Thanks for stopping by. Safe travels and happy shopping. Be glad you're else where during this heat. The wind is blowing today. It's like a blast furnace out there. I look forward to visiting with you in blogland.

  15. Bo-ho is GOOD! Time to kick up your heels and DANCE.

    Did you go to Firefly in Paso Robles? It is a great shop.

    Pocketful of joy to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  16. Jo I LOVE these Lanterns! I haven't seen them in AZ either... even though I shop in many Asian Grocery and Medicinal Herb Stores... wonder if Firefly has a website shop?

    Thanks for dropping by my benign neglect Post, oh, most certainly when you come back to the 'Surface of the Sun'... yeah I know the Tourism Dept. prefers we call it the Valley of the Sun *winks*... we shall have to hook up and go Junquing together!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Wow! These Chinese lanterns are so beautiful. I am so happy that you are having a great time. Shop on, my friend!


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