Monday, May 31, 2010

TEXAS TREASURES...............

We all have heard about the great antique shopping out in the HILL COUNTRY of Texas.

Well.......I did manage to pick up a few little TREASURES in Kerrville, Fredericksberg and Llano.

The porcelain glove mold I found at Anne's shop in Kerrville......she does a  blog called FIONA AND TWIG and if you haven't visited her you can find her by clicking as shown. The pearls and silver sugar bowl I also found in the same antique mall......but not in Anne's shop.  All these things were priced for a song and it was a beautiful mall with lots of booths and selections.

The soap was purchased at the Peachtree Cafe  in Fredericksberg.....if you are ever in that area......lunch THERE IS A MUST.  

......the lovely royal blue full slip and little hat were purchased in a little out of the way place in Llano .  I bought them for my mannequin, Minnette,........every girl needs a new change of clothes once in a while.  (O: (O:  It ALSO FITS ME!!!!  to my surprise and delight.  Don't know when I would use it.........but a girl can dream!

Lastly.......I love lavender, in fact I grow it at home in abundance.  There is a lavender farm outside Fredericksberg that is a must see if you are ever in the area.

Not only is lavender a lovely fragrance to have on the R.V......I can REUSE the little  bags and refill them at home when needed.

Didn't spend a lot.......but found some things that will fit into my life nicely.

Once again, thanks to those of you who have followed along on my little trip to Texas, it has certainly been fun to share it with you.  I do apologize, again, for not being able to visit each of you as much as I would like, but it is extremely difficult for me to hop from blog to blog with all the downloading time involved,  it seems as tho the WI-FI is not very efficient with this.

Blessings to all,


Saturday, May 29, 2010



When we travel.......sweet hubby always tries to find us great spots to stay over for a restful few days.  This sweet little spot in Arlington, Texas (just outside Fort Worth) is no exception.

I look out my window while sitting at my computer and this is what I see.

It even has a white picket fence.  I'm not sure this little spot isn't prettier than my gardens at home in AZ.

I think I could stay here forever!!

Have a sweet weekend my dear friends!!



Friday, May 28, 2010

"DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES"..................

OK......... what is a cross country trip if you are not constantly figuring out where your next meal will be?  Sweet hubby and I are no different.  We have managed to stop in some sweet little,  if not caloric laden,  places along this wonderful trip thru Texas.

This is the wonderful BLUE BONNET CAFE, which is an institution in the wonderful little town of Marble Falls, Texas.  It has been here 81 years and they are famous for guess what?????  You guessed it!!!!  PIE

Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing???  These pies are the Mt. Rainier of pies!!!!
The pies must be l2" high, I didn't have my trusty tape measure so I couldn't verify my guess.  (O: (O:

The two biggest ones are chocolate cream and lemon, we had neither,
 opting for the wonderful coconut cream and banana cream!!!yummmmmmmmm

And if that isn't enough they are also noted for their Chicken Fried Steak.
I  think there must be more Chicken Fried Steak in Texas than anywhere else on the planet

Another little funky place we passed along the way.....the sign made me smile!!
And, if that weren't enough...........
Oh, lest I forget, BAR-B-QUE.  We drove all the way to Llano, to see this little beauty.

Now.,.......there are also some sweet little antique shops in Llano, and I did do a little bit of looking and shopping, but we mostly went there to EAT!!!!

Even took some take-out for the next day!!  All the locals filled us in on how to make it and what sauce to use with what.

No, this isn't an add for the Food Network (O: (O:  but part of the fun of traveling is eating in little places and having great stories to share

 I need to close now and make sure I have enough Gavisacon 
for the rest of the trip.  HAAAAA!!!!!HAAAAAAAA!!!

Want to apologize for not visiting each of you as much as normal, we have limited WI-FI service on this coach and it makes it a little difficult for me to always have dependable inter-net service.

Bye Ya'all

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Who knew there were so many peach orchards in Texas??   We are driving to Marble Falls and then onto Fort Worth.

About every mile or so we see yet another fruit stand selling peaches.
Peaches named after every community they are raised in.

We have eaten every thing you can imagine made with peaches; peach cobbler, peach pie, peach jam, peach buckle, peach ice cream, etc.

Ah.........Texas is a peach of a state!!!!

(O:  (O:  (O:

Good day to all dear friends,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

STAYED IN..........NO ADVENTURE TODAY!..........

Today we had planned on driving to Boerne pronounced (Bernie)  an artsy fartsy community about 45 minutes from Kerrville....but sweet hubby didn't feel well so we ended up staying on the coach all afternoon.

When I'm home in AZ, I always find things to keep me busy; laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  But, here on the coach you can get those things accomplished in about l5 minutes so you have LOTS of time left over!!

Therefore, since I was forced to stay in, with nothing to do.....I decided to be a little creative.

I haven't been drawing very long but I thought I could tackle a simple rose.

The first pic is with an antique treatment  that comes with my photo program.
The second pic is with the sepia treatment.

This last pic is the original drawing not altered in the least.

It seems as though I have to force myself to do anything creative when I am in my home, but on the coach, I'm able to be creative when the need arises.

How do all of you real artists out there make yourselves take the time to do your art??
It seem like I have a heck of a time settling down so I can do that!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Blessings dear friends.



Sunday, May 23, 2010

HERE YA GO DARLIN'................

OK.....this mature lady is really likein' Texas now.  Last night was our last get together with our group.  We had a lovely dinner and dancing to a big swing band.

When my young cowboy waiter served me my meal his comment was "Here ya go darlin".

This mature lady has not had such a sweet thing said in many a moon!!
Made my evening......I'll tell you that!!

Told sweet hubby about the comment when we came home and he said he did not hear it or he would have "defended my honor".  Haaaaaaaa  Haaaaaaaaa!!!

As if that were not enough to make me giggle like a young girl......the handsome young thing told me how much he Loved!!! my boots.  (O:  (O:

Oh.......those Texas boys sure know how to make a woman smile!!!!

Bye now,


Saturday, May 22, 2010

RED COWBOY BOOTS AND PEARLS............oh my.........


I'm sure all of you are sick about my Texas posting......but this is one fun state!!!!

We are here for sort of a motor coach round-up with coaches from all over the country. (notice I didn't say R.V. that is a!)

Anyway, they know how to have fun in Texas.

This is our group of ole'timers (O:  cutting up a rug.  We had a great band ALMOST PATSY CLINE and anyone who could move was out there doin' the Texas two-step.

Sweet hubby, isn't much of a dancer, but he promised we would take dance lessons in the fall when we are back in AZ.  

Even though we were not out there with them, we did a few toe taps to follow along.

(O:  (O:

Happy trails friends,


Friday, May 21, 2010


We took about a l35 mile drive today thru Texas.  We visited Bandera, Utopia, and Medina.  Along the way we saw nothing but beautiful Texas rolling hills, ranches,  grass and more grass.  

On the way to Bandera the smell of freshly mown grass hit me, there was a rancher out on his riding lawnmower mowing his huge patch of property abutting the highway.  The grass was about as high as an elephant's eye (you know they grow them big in Texas)
(O: (O:.

That smell hit me immediately, and brought back memories of playing kick-the-can outside till midnight and days of playing croquet on front lawns.  Sprinklers spraying and snow cones dripping.

You see, in sunny ole' AZ we don't have acres and acres of green grass.......nor do we have these hanging out along the highway. (O:

Nor these........

I've heard it said that as you get older it just takes the slightest stirring to bring back a beloved memory.........this short trip has done that in abundance.

I really am a small town girl in a big town body!!  (O:

Have a happy weekend dear friends,


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


 I was raised in a small town in I'm really a small town girl at heart.
This visit to Texas has brought back some wonderful memories of leisure time spent as a child.  

Like most folks my family was by no means well off and we used to do the simple things in life.  Picnicing, going to the park, fishing, etc.  Passing this restful little spot on the way into Kerrville brought to mind many idle hours spent in bliss at the lake fishing with my family.

I wasn't a very good fisherwoman, but I enjoyed every minute of the outdoors and the beautiful scenery.  My mom would always pack a great picnic lunch and I was always so hungry as a kid I would devour it in seconds.  Ah.......what memories.

I think the only thing that could make this lovely setting more beautiful would be a bridge across the pond and a lovely swan bathed in this soft ray of sunlight letting me know that God's grace surely shines on us everyday of our life.

Have a blessed day dear friends,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Who knew Texas would be so very beautiful!!  I've posted before about how beautiful our country is and how fortunate I feel to be able to see parts of it.

Well, Texas is no exception.  We are staying at Buckhorn Lake Resort about 7 miles out of Kerrville.

This is a picture of one of the beautiful coaches we are parked next to.  I love the fact that they fly the Texas and Mexico and U. S. flags at this resort.  I took a class this fall on our relationship with Mexico, and the instructor felt that our most important relationship as far as foreign relations go is with Mexico.  I think  I agree.  Even though, here in AZ, we are in the press about our immigrant situation.....I still feel like the Hispanic population is extremely important to our well being.

Can you believe all the wild flowers?  I hope these are a result of Lady Bird's efforts to beautiful this wonderful state.  There are just miles and miles of them.

Had to include just a little more local color in one of the towns we passed thru.

The first night we arrived we were welcomed by a HUGE know they do everything bigger in Texas!!  (O: (O:

But today, is sunny and beautiful, clear skies and fairly comfortable.


Blessings to all,


Friday, May 14, 2010


O.K. the picture is not of Texas, in fact I think it is somewhere in New Mexico, but a post is supposed to have pictures, and I have never been to Texas.  (O: (O:

Anyway, tomorrow, sweet hubby and I get in our bus and head out Texas way.
We will be staying in a park in the hill country of Texas.  I've never spent anytime there, so we are going to do all the touristy things.

Plan on visiting Fredricksburg, Kerrville, Marble Falls, etc. (I don't believe I have spelled these towns names correctly........but I SAID I have never been to Texas, so there you go!)

Will see the Alamo, and go to Fort Worth to visit old friends.  Should be a hoot of a good time.

We are looking forward to it.

Will catch up with you all in a few!!

Blessings dear friends,


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