Saturday, June 11, 2011

MEET THE PUMPKIN...................

No.....this is not the pumpkin...this would be called the raspberry.....

No....this is not the pumpkin....this would be called the gum drop.....

No......this is not the pumpkin.....this would be called the
lemon aid.....

This is the pumpkin.

This was my Christmas gift this year.  My darling husband asked me what I wanted....and since we needed to change cars for our motor home...I knew what the exact answer would  be.

This is my third VW.  My very first car was a "bug" the teal blue color...when they first came out.  I bought and paid for it myself.

I had an interim one in lime green called "lightning bug".

And now....."the pumpkin"....I told my husband this will be my last car...he laughed.  I love it that I began driving in a VW Bug and I'll probably have my license revoked when I'm too old to drive.....and I'll still be in a 
VW BUG.  (O:(O:(O   Heck...I'd even be buried in the thing if they would let me. LOL LOL

Have a fun filled weekend,


Photos: First three tumbler
Last Photo mine


  1. i love that you know what you like and stick
    to that! i'm much too fickle, but i adore your

  2. The 'pumpkin' is adorable! I've always wanted a bug. I bet it is fun to cruise around town in : )

  3. Too cute. I also drive VW but not a bug. Love my car. Great quality.

  4. What a fun car! I have a girlfriend who had a lemon yellow VW bug in 1972. What a blast we had in that car!Ah...youth! Love that pumpkin alot! Happy weekend! Anne

  5. I'm loving the little Green Caravan! Thanks for stopping by, you made me smile with your comment... yes, why be normal at all... it's quite subjective really. *winks* I'm still torn between collecting and wanting to purge most of it... I don't think it shall be too long before the second urge wins out in the Spirit of convenience and less work. *LOL* I love it all... but to whom much is given, much is required...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. The pumpkin is so cute Jo. I own her sister in lime green. They are fun cars aren't they?


  7. I'm Lovin the Pumpkin, the gum drop & the raspberry were Pretty Sweet Too.....

  8. I love VW's Jo! That is so awesome... When I was a teenager, I had a beat up 1967 bug, gave me more grief than anything else in my life, but boy did I make the best memories in it. I cried when I sold it and it drove away! *sigh*

  9. Nothing like a VW. I had a VW van in my hippie days. Love your pictures.

  10. That is one sweet car. Does having a pumpkin as your vehicle make you feel like Cinderella? Sounds like you've already got your Prince!

  11. ah Jo, I love your pumpkin!!!! Enjoy.

  12. Vroom, vroom + beep, beep = pumpkin VW! Love it!

  13. After the gumdrop my fav would be the pumpkin too. My very first car..bought and paid for myself..was a PINK vw bug..I loved her! then I got a teal bug her too. I would find another but it is getting impossible to find someone to work on them...what I really want is a VW bus...I'm on the look out!

  14. hey your pumpkin
    if you're ever cruising thru PA
    be sure and stop by
    we'll go for a ride, visit the spots
    where the car hops still come out on
    roller skates and the 50's and 60's
    music is blaring over the speakers!
    you go girl :D

  15. Oh Jo, what a fabulous Christmas present! I love it.

    Also, I left an award for you on my blog if you would like to pick it up. Have a wonderful week.

  16. Miss Jo, I just wanted to add if you are "award-free" I still just want you to know you are irresistibly sweet. ;-)

  17. Geez... what an awesome pressie, how cool is thaatt...My first memory of a car is my Dads VW beetle and us kids rolling around in the back, in the days before seatbelts... oohhh the fun we had. Hope your pumpkin brings you many years of joy JO.

  18. Hello from Frog Hollow Farm! I love your sense of humor Jo - and that little pumpkin is so sweet. Driving around in little cars is so cozy! Thanks for stopping by my blog post about Panicale, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my visit. Ciao, bella! xxoo

  19. It's so pretty and shiny. I used to have a little VW Polo. I don't know if they sell them in the States. A tiny car but sure was great to scoot around in and easy to park. Have a great week. Tammy

  20. I always wanted a VW... and yours is too cute.. and orange isn't usually my thing but gee it looks fab on this little guy!!

    I really need a new car!! can I have your santa? hehehe.. Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  21. Love it; and you!
    I had to smile because
    when my son was a baby,
    that's what we called
    him, as he was an October
    baby! My hubby would love
    to have one of these for
    our daughter. Sweet!
    xx Suzanne

  22. Your little pumpkin is gorgeous!! I love VWs too....used to drive a VW Kombi van for years and still miss it. I wouldn't mind a VW bug in lime green or turquoise ~ :)

  23. Finally getting around to blog reading again...I've missed you! Ok, I'll start here and go up. What a sweet little Punkin! LOVE the flower on the YOU :) And what an awesome soul mate you have to give you something so special. Wonder why he laughed when you said this would be your last car...haha.
    Ok, onward and upward....


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