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LIVING ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET.......................

I have posted before about the realities of living on a budget as one gets older.  When you leave the working force your income will invariably diminish somewhat.  

You can do one of two things, you can complain about it or you can embrace the circumstances and get creative about how to deal with the circumstances.  For the most part, I have always been one who tries to make the best of my situation....this especially applies to my immediate surroundings.

I have always been pretty good at making something out of nothing and I continue to do so today.  In fact this ability actually has nothing to do with getting older or being younger.  For some reason I am able to realize that IT IS WHAT IT IS and be somewhat content with that realization.  This probably comes from having a fairly complicated childhood and having very little in the way of expectations.

Anyway.....enough of my rambling....the above pic is of my fireplace.  I have not liked the way it looks since the day we moved into our …


William Morris

As a woman of a certain age I now feel as though I can pretty much do what I want in my sweet little spot.  I have had these porcelain glove molds for years.  Used to display jewelry on them but every time you touch one of them the darn thing would fall over and I was always afraid it would get broken.  

So I put my thinking cap on and decided I could use them in another way that would make me laugh every time I walked in my front door.
I had Brad super glue them on wall mounts and will use them to hold various pieces of art  as the mood strikes.  This particular is by Maria Pace-Wynters and is called "The Dreamer".  Anyway I made the spacing wide enough that I will be able to change out the art at will without covering much of the art itself.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....I GET THAT....and don't know if these glove molds are particularly beautiful but I do know that I have now made them useful and something to bring a smile to you when you w…

TODAY IS OUR 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY..............................................

Brad and I were married 40 years ago today.  It seems almost impossible that so much time has sped by.  It is a life filled with many, many memories that I never dreamed I would have.

Saying those vows all those years ago in our little living room in our house on Holly makes the memories even sweeter.

We started out with next to nothing...only our love and commitment to each other and my kids and we have never wavered.  

He always sends me one rose for each of our married years.  This is 40....such a large bouquet that the florist had to place it in two vases.  Goodness....the thought just occurred to me if we make it to 60 they will have to put the roses in a small wheelbarrow. HAHA!!
I married a wonderful man....I'm VERY FORTUNATE AND GRATEFUL.
Have a beautiful day,