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These lovely photos are courtesy of Flicker.  Can you believe how often a heart image appears naturally in nature.

These are truly amazing.

Just keep your eyes open, and your camera ready.

You never know what you might see.
Blessings dear friends.


Allright, I must admit that I am a woman of a certain age.  I still like to buy fashion magazines only my choices have gone from GLAMOUR to MORE.  You know, the magazine for women over 40 and counting!
Anyway, to the point - this is the most recent edition and a picture of their front cover....

Now I ask you--do you want to reinvent yourself??
I don't.

It has taken me 63 years to grow into my skin and I would not change one hair follicle.
I love the fact that I am an empty nester and free to travel with "Mr. Wonderful".

I love the fact that I LOVE to garden and live in a state that allows me to do just that.
I love it that I am a little creative and can take the time to enjoy all the creativity around me whether it be a live exhibit or on the net.

I love the fact I have a 6 year old grandson who is the apple of my eye.
And I especially love the fact that I am healthy enough to tool around the neighborhood on my cool "cruiser bike".  I am truly blessed and I am grateful…


My sign is the sign that has the scales - you know, the things that always try to keep everything  in balance.  I must admit that I fail in this endeavor on a regular basis.  I'm so busy juggling things to keep all my balls in the air that I often miss the ball completely!

But the one ball that I never seem to miss is the ball of beauty; I have to have beautiful things in my surroundings.

They don't have to be expensive things and they can be as simple as the home made cards above or the beautiful tea-cup that I often use for my tea. 
But they do have to beautiful, wouldn't you agree?
Blessings dear friends, -


Today, I want to pose a question to each of you.  Do you know the color of your husband's or boyfriends eyes?  Right now - don't look, no fair cheating!!

I've been married to the same man for 30 years and I must confess that when that question popped into my head this morning, I could not answer it!

I'm actually quite embarrassed to admit this, as I am the one who is always telling everyone to stay present and be in the moment.

I once read something written by an old Zen Master.  His advice for life was this: Show up PAY ATTENTION Tell the truth And don't be to attached to the outcome.

I think this is very sound advice - and for me - especially the PAY ATTENTION part.
Wouldn't you agree?


Oh my, another award has been sent my way.  I am always surprised to have been chosen as I feel that all of us in blogland deserve special awards for just being ourselves and letting it "all hang out" in cyber space and not being afraid of never finding it again once it is out there (if your computer skills are like mine - you will understand this comment).  :))

Anyway, Lori of http://storiesofmyancestors. nominated me for this award.
Thank-you so much, Lori.

She said that this award is given to bloggers whose sites are creative, funny and entertaining and to those bloggers who take the time to make insightful posts as they scoot around blogland.

I feel very fortunate to have a few loyal readers and I would like to nominate all of you; but, alas, I am told to only nominate two:

So here goes:  I would like to pass this award on to -

KeKe at Theatre Du Boheme


Julie Marie at

They have become wonderful fo…


Today I met with my Friday women's group to discuss world events.  The topic for today was Global Crime.  You know, drug trade, cyber crime, human exploitation and the list goes on.
On leaving the meeting - I was left with the thought:  we as individuals can do so very little to fight the huge criminal element in our world.  What can we do by ourselves to give ourselves piece of mind.
I immediately came home and pulled out my dog-eared copy of the above book. The first sentence reads, and I quote:  "We live in a time when the ordinary life is more elusive than the extraordinary  Some days I'm overcome by feelings of nostalgia for the days when people seemed deeply and satisfyingly engaged in their ordinary activities."
In blogland where we see such beautiful pictures of everything, we are often envious of that persons home or that persons stuff and the pretty pictures they share with us. She is so clever in her posts, and I'm not.  She is so talented, and I'm not. A…


Look at the sweet award Sue Bee from Sue Bee and Butterflies passed on to me.

I'm not sure I know what I have done to deserve this; because the only thing about me that is "over the top" is my muffin top that always appears when I put on my jeans. ):):

She had to answer about a million questions in her blog after receiving this - but she was kind enough to let me pass.

Thank-you sweet Sue for passing this on to me!

Have a wonderful day bloggy friends.


O.K., I admit it - I splurged on myself this holiday and bought myself an antique mannequin.  Of course she is from France, and I have named her Minnette.

I chose this name from many French names because of her minute waist.  Can you believe that women used to be that tiny!

Anyway, as I have posted before, my childhood was less than perfect - and I really never had much of a chance to play the things little girls play; i.e. DRESS-UP.  So, I decided with this the new year I was going to embark on things I have not done -  thus - MINNETTE!

I change her outfits often with whatever fancies my spirit for that day.  Although it is not me wearing the outfits, it certainly allows me to express an artistic side of myself.

You might ask, where do I have her displayed?  You guessed it - right smack dab in my living room in all her splendor!!

She makes me smile - every single day.  Isn't that what life is all about?
Have a wonderful day, dear friends.