Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BITS 'N PIECES.............................

O.K. I know what you are is going to be a post about this...

and this........

but is really a post about
THIS......'s about how our diet is going.... The above photo is a sample of the foods we can choose on the MEDI FAST plan.  It is quite a eat one of their meals 5 times per day and then one of your own which you prepare.

We choose to eat our prepared meal at dinner...which means I cook.  They call this one meal LEAN AND GREEN....which means 6 to 7 ounces of a lean protein and one and one half cups of vegetables.  It actually is a lot of food and you are quite satisfied.  Their meals are approximately l00 calories a piece so you are taking in approximately l,000 calories per day..while in the loosing phase.

SO FAR ....... I'm down 10 lbs. and my wonderful soul mate is down 20 lbs.

We've even gone out to dinner several times and I've had guests for dinner and been able to prepare healthy and quite good low cal meals.

WE ARE PROGRESSING NICELY ON THIS....we are in this for the duration. (O:(O:



It is springtime in AZ....I know a lot of the country in still under snow....but now is the time for this where I live... guessed it.....LEMONS AND LAVENDER.....Everything is starting to bloom and we are pruning our frost damage and getting ready for SPRING in full swing.

Just a quick peek out my front door this morning.


I do apologize for this long post....but I have not been here for a while and just wanted to let you know what was happening in my neck of the woods.




  1. Don't apologize. It's great to hear from you. I am going to look into the Medifast and see if it is for me.

  2. Congratulations on the 10 lbs! Nicely done.

    Lemon and lavender are 2 of my favorite things. Glad you are doing well.

  3. Way to go! But isn't it maddening how men lose weight so much faster than women? Darn female metabolism!

  4. Oh, I love it all! And I agree with Mina: lemons and lavender are two of my fav things, too. Great job on the diet!

  5. I was going to mention the chocolate. Strange, isn't it? Seems we are on the same wavelength.

  6. I'm not on the medi fast diet just trying to lose weight by eating more sensibly. I've lost 11 pounds and still going. I've got a long ways to go.
    Best of luck on your new eating plan.


  7. Hooray for you on your weight loss, Jo! I really enjoyed your pictures today!


  8. Congratulations on your weight loss Jo!... and I am loving your Springtime... as you know, it is still winter here, yuck!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Your diet sounds wonderful. I lost 40 pounds three years ago . It was not easy and I kept it off. I feel so much better.

  10. Oh my your garden is beautiful and the flowers on your side bar are so beautiful!....Not sure if I will ever open an online store...kinda scared!

  11. Good for you Jo! Congratulations. Thank you for a view of you springtime garden. We don't have any snow but it was sunny most of the day.

  12. Your front courtyard is just lovely! The lemons and lavender are so bright and sunny too. I'm longing for even a glimpse of that here. We just had over a foot of snow and more is predicted! UGH!

    Congrats to you and hubby on your weight loss! You're doing so well. Sending you both lots of positive thoughts....

    XOXO Mrs B

  13. 10 pounds...that is great! I admire you for commiting to a program and sticking to it. That is the hard part.
    Lemon and lavendar not only smell wonderful, but I love the yellow and purple together. And your view is lovely : )

  14. Be strong and patient and go on with your diet !.This post is beautiful!.

  15. Hi Jo,

    Lemons and lavender! What a perfect combination. I absolutely love it! You are an inspiration with such success on the diet!

    I love the first pictures of the chocolate...yummy.



  16. Congratulations!

    So this is a eat-6-times-a-day plan. Sensible, according to all they say. Keeps one satisfied and keeps blood sugar on an even keel, etc.

    Now, what comes next, I wonder? After this present losing phase? A kind of a maintenance phase I suppose.

    But you will tell us, when you get there... :-)

  17. My song for today "I'd really like to be in Arizona".

  18. Your courtyard is just beautiful Jo!!

    Thanks for the great comments on my home. We are just leasing the place it's not ours. I hope to find one just like it one day . But hopefully not in need of so much repair!!

    Pamela xo

  19. Thank You Josette for being so patient with my Oop-ish-ness! I am afraid I have a Genetic Predisposition to Oopishness.. So Yes I am Blaming my Parents! Lol!
    Thank You for Entering our Drawing and Putting our Giveaway Button on your Sidebar!
    You are Great!
    Happy Friday Friend!
    a Junkin Gypsy & a Feather in Flight

  20. Oh, I should really think to eat less:)


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