Friday, March 11, 2011


Today....I'm joining Razmataz for her Friday Photo Shoot....todays topic....perfume bottles.

Messed around with various setting on my photo program on my Apple...some of them look like they might be from outer space.


Anyway....this was fun...

This is kind of a silly post today...but also not forgetting all the tragedy that is happening around this beautiful world of ours...Keep praying...everyone!!!

Have a beautiful weekend.



  1. Pretty photos Jo... yes, my prayers are going out to all today... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. delicious...perfume from outer space. Welcome aboard Beauty in the Ordinary!

  3. perfume bottles can be so lovely...i can't believe all the devastation going on around the world, dzintra

  4. Josette, I love your creativity. You really did some artisitc things.

    It does seem a trivial topic with the scary world today. I do know that it is on everyones mind and in their prayers.

    Thank you so much for joining in with the challenge. I think this week we have had some of the best shots ever.


  5. Awww, I can almost smell the scent:)
    Hang on world....

  6. I love that last photo most! Very pretty!

  7. fun post!
    Yes we are praying...we had high warnings here on Vancouver Island...scary my neighbours home is right on the ocean.

  8. This isn't silly at all it made lots of scents to me. :) Very nicely done you are one creative soul Josette.
    Have a wonderful time with your grandson next week, I'm so looking forward to my son being off.

  9. Beautiful Jo!! I love perfume bottles they are just so charming..gorgeous fun photos..beautuful!
    yes..many prayers to Japan.

    HUgs..happy wkd!

  10. A lot of sadness going on today -
    Your perfume bottles are pretty.


  11. That green photo is so great, my fav color! Kit

  12. Hi Jo, glad to hear all is well and that you and your other half are doing well with getting healthy. That is the most important part of weight lose. I decided I wanted to be fit and forty, not fat and forty so lost 30 lbs before my 40th birthday and have kept it off the past 6 years. Makes me feel so much better. Because I changed my eating completely (I never did follow any sort of diet, just common sense) -- I don't ever have a problem if I do gain a little (like during vacation time when it is hard to always get the right kinds of foods or you just want to indulge a little more).

    I just read your post about blogger burnout. For me, the whole purpose of blogging is to connect with likeminded souls. It has nothing to do with readership or followers. I like bloggers who keep it real and have become like friends across the great divide. Sharing throught posts and comments is truly what it is all about. There are bloggers who have 1000 followers, and they still take the time to leave me comments. And then there are those, like the one you blogged about, who certainly don't have their priorities straight. Those are the types of blogs I do not return to. The other thing is those who want to set restrictions on blogging. I feel that blogging is a personal reflection of who you are! No need to follow any rules except that of common sense and courtesy!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy PS. I love the new look of your blog and your header photos. So soft and pretty. :)

  13. Pretty pix - i love the first and the last picture best! Such horrible news about Japan - am sending as many good vibes as possible!

  14. Hi Jo.
    So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see a lot of you.
    Your blog is beautiful and I love that you've dedicated it to your grandmother. So sweet.
    I'll be by often to see your many ways of being creative and also to get to know you. It's a big beautiful world out there with many wonderful people. Blogging has been a blessing!
    Happy Spring, Jo!
    ♥ audrey

  15. Dearest Jo, you are so kind. Thank you for visiting and for your words about my writing. I keep it simple these days with having so much work, but I find I am just like my mom who said about herself, "I am just a simple person." Indeed. And I am just like her, but simple words and profound thoughts mix well...may our prayers go out across the seas, Anita

  16. Such a beautiful bottle. I've always been fascinated by small bottles of different shapes and colors. The artwork on this one truly matches the name. Orchid Rain.... I believe I'd like the scent just seeing it in your lovely photos. (I know.... I'm a bit odd! lol)

    My prayers join yours and everyone else's for the people of Japan and also those in turmoil in the Middle East. Such pain and sadness. So much strife....

    Blessings and Warm Hugs,
    Mrs B

  17. who would have thought, a photo shoot for a perfume bottle...but what a pretty bottle it is!!

    I like your saying at the top of your blog "true joy is untouched by circumstances"
    kinda meaningful in these troubling times and tragic world events.
    I guess if we have True means we are at peace with ourselves, and whatever circumstances we face, will not destroy us.....that's how I interpret it.

  18. That is how we playing. I enjoyed your post about blogging...lots to think about.
    Thank you for the visit and sweet anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful time together.

  19. I love perfume bottles and your photos are so unique. Love them...

  20. Wendy......your interpretation is "exactly correct".



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