Saturday, March 26, 2011


Good morning in AZ we really do have a bit of spring....although it is short in duration....and most of the time it goes from moderate to HOT....HOT...HOT....we do enjoy this little respite.

This is one little corner of my courtyard...with basil, scented geranium, spider plants, fern, amaryllis and birds of paradise growing happily beside one another.
The large tree behind is a Texas Mountain Laurel.

this is of course before all the HEAT comes so they are growing like crazy right now before they have to deal with the "blast furnace". (O:

On the other side beside  a small outside dining area is a wonderful Lady Banks Rose.  The smell in this courtyard is quite heavenly this time of year...and I do spend quite a bit of time out here...just enjoying all of God's gifts.

Off pick up young grandson.

Have a beautiful weekend,



  1. So lovely...
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am now your newest follower!


  2. Oh Jo how I love Texas Mountain Laurel, The Man brought a plant home from a Texas Nursery last year and though little now I'm Hopeful it will thrive and look like those magnificent specimens at the Desert Botanical Gardens?! *winks*

    You seem to have a way with flowering plants so I am certain if you throw down some seed into above ground containers full of Miracle Grow soil your Veggie Garden will thrive. I don't tend mine much so it's VERY easy and not at all time consuming to get an abundant Harvest, the plants do all the work. *LOL* I did however learn to plant in above ground containers due to the Gophers... the 1st Season they ate all the fruits and veggies AND the plants and roots, very expensive lesson! *le sigh*

    Happy Spring... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oooh Jo, I want to come sit in your pretty courtyard! I am wanting Spring sooo bad, one day it is nice, then we get snow... your flowers are so pretty, I love that sweet setting... I also love your beautiful hanging basket of million bells and bacopa... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. What gorgeous photos. Your plants are so beautiful and healthy! Enjoy your time with your grandson.

  5. Hello,dear Jo:-)))*

    Oh,it looks awesome by you there!!!
    SOoooooooooo sunny,SO much light,freshness and beautiful colors!!!

    Wish you lovely weekend,
    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  6. You spring looks nice - even though it's short - have a great one. sandie

  7. I look at these and now I am so anxious to start my own little container gardening. Your photos are so lovely.

  8. I adore your pleasant. Now, if you have your plants in pots and it gets too hot, can you bring them in the house {given you don't have 30 of them!!}. I'm not very knowledgeable on the warmer climates. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!


  9. I love the picture with all of the yellow flowers. I'm now following your blog on google friends connect. Wow, that sounds like a stalker :) barb

  10. Beautiful photos of your beautiful "little season." :-)

    Love the way you "blurred" the corners.

  11. I'm looking for a little of that springtime up here in Oregon!!

  12. I wish I could come sit in your garden ....I went out today and took a bunch of OUR springtime photos.........white, snow, cold.....

    I had a son (the one who died) who lived in Prescott....very nice place and not quite as hot as Pheonix.
    I am about ready to run away to somewhere warm.

  13. Oh my! Absolutely gorgeous. So green and colorful and clean! I am still cleaning up after our wild and crazy sand storm Friday nite! Both my balconies were covered in a carpet of fine powder, more like dust than sand. Wasn't easy to sweep up yesterday. My poor plants are choking out there at the moment. But got one cleaned up yesterday and one to go today. Have a great week. Tammy

  14. Hi again, Jo - just read over your post about soul shredders. I've been ridding myself of individuals who are just that. But must get organized at home in order to feel there is a bit more peace in my surroundings.

    The Spirituality and Health magazine looks like it is right up my alley. Unfortunately can't find it on this side of the world. Boo!

    Have a good one. :) Tammy

  15. Can you send me some of that sunny sunshine Jo!!
    Love your french laundry sign!!

    Pamela ox

  16. Awww, another reason to make my way south someday.... You would be the first:)


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