I am an avid wasn't always times past it seems I could not calm down enough to read a magazine 
article let alone a complete book.  But I found this great magazine at WHOLE FOODS; I have not seen it before and it looked like a wealth of information.  It provides information on various paths of Spirituality...and well-being.  Thought you might enjoy it if you can find it in your area.


On another is my latest book find.  I know the title is a little strange...but that is exactly why I choose it. First of all..I have had many an accident with a kitchen knife while slicing and this title was right up my alley.  

In reality is about the life of the Chef who owns PRUNE in New York, city.  Now I ask you, who would name their restaurant PRUNE...might as well be called BRUSEL SPROUTS for those of us that are foodies.  (O:

Anyway this is her tale of how she became a Chef...all the trials and tribulations of a very different childhood and the years spent trying to find her place in this world.  However, not ONE RECIPE is least none that I have run across as of yet.  So has been a delightful read.

Oh by the way.....forgot to mention..I often buy books because of their title or pretty covers...not having any idea what delight lays inside.  More often than not....I am pleased...but every so often I do get a CLINKER! (O:

let's all go out and find something wonderful to read




  1. I am always attracted to a book by its cover. The feel of the book, the artwork. That is not my deciding factor to read it but it certainly gets my first attention.

  2. It's always the book cover or pretty packaging that gets me...and it has to feel 'right.'

  3. The 20th of every month Ricki from Art@home has a linky party to show what you are reading. She is having it this Sunday! Thought I would let you know
    in case you want to link this post up!

    Pamela xo(I took judge a book by its cover and I am rarely disappointed lol !)

  4. Clearly the chef does not want to give away all her culinary secrets!

  5. I have read that magazine before and love it.
    I too am attracted to book and magazine covers most of the time. :)Most of the books I select are great and very few are flops! :)

    PD: have you read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett? I really liked it.

  6. Norma....I have read THE HELP. It was one of our book-club choices last year. I, too, loved it. The author did an amazing job with her writing.


  7. Hi Jo..fabulous magazine and quite an interesting book...enjoy enjoy!

  8. I really need (and want) to get back to reading. Hubs gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I have yet to download a book! It's hard with health issues that cause so much fatigue. I barely get 3 or 4 sentences in and I'm off to dreamland... (sigh)

    I think I'd be drawn to this book by the title and the cover as well. I'll give it a shot when we figure out how to keep me awake! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.

    ~Mrs B

  9. "Never judge a book by it's cover" right? HAHA, Hope you find more great reads, and share them:)

  10. i try to assure that my book covers relay some sense of self as well as the secrets that lie within~!


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