Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WEDNESDAY......MY DAY TO RANT AND SPEAK MY MIND!!!!.... while doing a little blog hopping...after getting home from the dentist; I came across a blog that posted on Blogger Burnout.  We all know what that is...not having anything creative to say....getting tired of trying to be witty, creative, beautiful or wise in our posts.

The kind lady who posted about  blogger burnout stated that one of the ways she manages her burnout syndrome is to NOT COMMENT ON ANY OTHER BLOGS....thus freeing up her time to take care of other things in her life. She also gave some pretty firm advice about how to pick up loads of NEW FOLLOWERS so one would not feel you were blogging for nothing.

Hmmmm....I don't know how you all feel about this...but I like to make comments on other ladies blogs.  I feel I can connect with them a little more while in the process of perhaps making a new friend and spreading a little light out into this dimly lit world of ours.

And as far as acquiring hoards of new followers....why would one care....It is great if you want to follow...but it is also just fine if you don't.  We all only have so much time in our lives to devote to sitting in front of our computers blogging. You can't share a cup of coffee with your computer...nor can your computer give you a hug.  So I say....please keep your blogging where it an enjoyment and a way to spread beauty and light out into the world.  Don't let it become a thing of competition or a stress producer.

O.K. enough of my today's rant....thanks for listening.

Hugs to all you sweet ladies and gents,


Design Sponge


  1. I agree with you! Sending you a "virtual" (((HUG))).


  2. I agree with everything you have to say. I've made some great new friends here, yourself included, and a lot were made through the comments. I've some who have been with me from my start here. I do not agree that commenting has anything to do with blogger burnout. I was posting 7 days a week, and you know how many blogs I have. (yes, it is an addiction with me) Now I usually keep my weekends free, but I always check out the blogs of my friends and comment. I like the connection. I love my new friends.

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  4. Well Said! I agree there is a time and place for blogging. When I am torn on what to say, I don't. I do visit other blogs and get inspired, but I don't post that day. Let the creativity arrive...It will~

  5. I have enjoyed my blog very much and have made great friends. If you need a break - take a break and then come back. Just let people know.


  6. Well said JO!
    yes it can be competitive. I do it for the friendship. Having no family and few friends here it can be tough on me and the stresses of my husbands not so great know life in general! But blogging brings me happiness, contentment, joy and it helps with feeling isolated!

    Pamela xo

  7. Jo, you are so right! I like being able to leave comments on blogs I follow. I don't want to be overwhelmed with too many blogs. If I am going to take the time to follow someone, I want to be able to read their posts and comment. Too many people are too concerned with having a high count for followers. I like keeping it small!

  8. Hi Jo,

    I could not agree more. I look to heaven for my inspiration and it seems abundant there. Oh, and my guardian angel.

    Love your "rant".


  9. I know we don't blog just
    to make New Followers
    and we don't blog so
    we can get comments.
    However, it is nice to know that someone is IS reading our posts.
    I, too, have met many nice bloggers and enjoy reading their comments.
    I've stopped following a few blogs simply because when I've found their posts interesting and have Commented - well, numerous times, and have yet to be acknowledged.
    Bad manners !?

  10. Some of my best blog posts have come from leaving a comment on someones blog when it has reminded me of something I hadn't even thought of. Suddenly I have an idea and I can run with it.
    As for the followers I really love to come across a new blogger who has just a couple of followers and I sign on to follow because I remember how it felt when I was first starting out blogging. It encouraged me to continue.
    I still enjoy finding I have a new follower and head back on over to their site to follow their blogs too. I don't have the time to comment on every one of them or even to read all of them but I try to keep up. No obligations. Just interest.

  11. What a great idea: "Rant and Rave Wednesday" Very catchy :) I like to post pics with my posts and that takes up too much time sometimes but i agree with you, I don't need a bunch of followers. I would rather have only a few who drop by faithfully than a lot who rarely do. I must say though that I often read and don't post because I read in the dark before going to bed.

  12. Goodmorning Jo,
    I have the same not so inspirational period but that doesn't stop me from leaving comments, I so agree with you! Maureen x

  13. I usually think that. Try to take the best from everithing,give to blogghin sweet and gentle words if you feel to do and hear you soul...if someone you like very much follow him, even if heis very far,he could write something very important in a particular time of your life...messages come from everywere...bye,thanks for your visit!.

  14. Great post Jo and a subject that comes up sooner or later for all bloggers. I am wrestling with it but no more than anything else in my life. To me visiting my favorite blogs is like sitting with my favorite magazine, flipping the pages slowly and reading the articles here and there, oohing and aahing over the photos and often learning how to do something I have always wanted to try.
    But on days when I am busy I put the magazine aside to enjoy at another time.
    All in all blogging has been a positive experience for me!
    Tina xo

  15. Oh my! A blogger who says "Don't Comment in other's blogs." To get over blogger burnout. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Does she mean that she needs to leave all of Blog Land, in order to get more into her Real Life, for a while? Well, she could do that, in a more kind way. She could post that she's taking a little blogging holiday. Then people know she's not going to be reading, writing or Commenting.

    And as to gathering in loads-and-batches of Followers... Don't do that, unless you have the time to read/Comment in ALL of THEIR blogs.

    Plus, the whole concept of Followers, makes me laugh. My stats say that a whole lot of people have "signed up" to Follow me... Both in Blogger and Google Reader. But anyone KNOWS, not all those people keep reading our blogs!

    They come by, see a post they like, and sign up as a Follower. And in a while, they forget all about us. :-)))))

    Me... Follower Lists.... Silliness... Just my humble opinion, of course.

  16. Well said! I wouldn't think of not commenting on other blogs. That is part of the camaraderie and support we give one another. Clearly, she blogs for reasons I don't.

  17. I stopped by today and enjoyed your comment on blogging so much that I decided to become a follower. It's good to know there are genuine people out there like you who enjoy getting to know people!

  18. I go through times when I don't post much because I am so busy (like now) : ) But I still enjoy zipping around to my favorite blogs & see what they have new to say. They always brighten my day : )

  19. I love blogging...I post when I want to and if I don't want to then I don't. I also love reading and commenting on other blogs. As for followers that is up to whomever cares to follow my blog. We all should understand that there are times when we have other things to do and we will not always be posting or reading blogs. If any part of blogging was stressful to me it would not be fun and I would not do it. Great post and I agree with you. Hugs

  20. Hi Jo, I stopped back in to read everyones comments and didn't like mine!... so I deleted the first one and am leaving you this one... (yes, sometimes I am wacky!)... comments in my opinion are like getting a letter from a special friend, or leaving a little note for a special friend... when you traveled the country, I loved to comment to let you know I felt like I was right there with you!... like the other ladies, I don't believe blogging is about the number of followers one has... I have always said that if I had just one follower and I made that one follower happy then I am content... I love to leave you comments!!!... sounds like that blogger has the "me" syndrome... wants everyone to follow her and comment but she won't repay their kindness... sorry to be blunt, but that's what she sounds like... xoxo Julie Marie

  21. Doesn't that make the blogger a "creeper"? Poor thing!

  22. Lots of good comments here...
    I've found that when you take a blog rest, and we all do, some of your followers drop off the face of the earth. The fun one's make their way back... I have three blogs, just cause:) But I try to post at least once a week on them. Rarely do I visit and not comment, but sometimes when I read a post and see there's 50+ comments, I feel like I'm just saying something over again. But then even one word is better than not. Whomever the blogger is with the selfish ideas....un-follow!

  23. since I don't use my blog to earn an income, I do try not to feel the pressure to collect followers. I try. I really do. But I do some time get caught up in the needless NEED.

  24. I so agree. I followed several blogs when I first began, hoping to learn something from those more "seasoned" than I, but as time went by I found that there are bloggers who blog for the number of followers they can reel in and those who blog simply for the love of blogging.

    I had the occasion recently to have to make a big change in my blogging life and the same sweet, dear friends who've been there for me through thick and thin, were right there with me, supporting and encouraging me the whole time. Good people like that are the reason that I blog.

    By the way... I'm a new follower, but I'm actually an old friend, dear Jo. I'd love it if you stopped by and said hello when you have the chance!

    Peace and Blessings,
    Mrs B

  25. I believe people take this stuff far too seriously. To me blogging was sharing my creativity. Joining with others for the same reasons, it has amazed me the huge amount of talent out there that would have never been discovered. I agree with Lilybets a comment goes a long way. To me this isn't a numbers game. It is simply sharing our uniqueness in what we love to do.
    What is wrong with complimenting each other? Perhaps this lady could answer this.

    P.S. Josette be careful where you plant that lemon balm if you don't want to see it anywhere and everywhere in your yard next Spring. ;) Just sharing.:)

  26. And it IS for the sheer pleasure to come to visit you that I thank you dear Jo, for taking the time to visit me and wish me well on my anniversary. What I LOVE about blogging is the connection and ideas one gets by making these visits. When it is time to go to work, I leave behind what I cannot finish, and I so wish I could enjoy more blogs, but everyone, or at least most everyone understands. We all do this for fun and it is such a wonderful journey.

    Your blog is so gorgeous. WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE TWO LOVELY LADIES in the first photo??????

    Blessings for a magnificent week my dear! Anita

  27. Hi Jo
    I receive so much joy visiting other bloggers and I love to leave comments as often as I can. Yes, this should be, and is a pleasure..
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Jo.
    Beautiful post..

  28. I agree with your take on blogging. To me it's for fun and peeping into the different worlds of those I would otherwise never know. I've enjoyed reading your blog this morning and all the wonderful happy photos you post. Nice to meet you, Kathleen.


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