Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd Paint Party Friday......Addendum...........

Hi again.....Just wanted to show you the same piece framed.  You don't always have to frame your whole painting...sometimes just pieces of it are quite nice. all your old frames from decorator pieces that you are tired of.

You never know when you will be able to put one to good use.

The toe on one of the slippers had become kind of "muddy" so I simply chose to delete part of the make it a little more interesting.

Ok....enough of my rambling for today.

Thanks sweet ladies for letting me share my art with all of you marvelous artists out there.




  1. So beautiful! Thanks for the tip. I've a great old oil painting here my hubby found. Will try to do some fixing on it.

  2. I keep scrolling down and looking at your lovely ballet shoes, but I came back here to post. This is lovely. Happy PPF! Theresa

  3. Your painting is wonderful - glad you shared it. Sandie

  4. It became "muddy," so you just deleted it!!!! I love it!!! :-)

    Mmmmmm, are we spending too much time on our computers? We are making use of that computer word "delete"... a lot, aren't we? ,-)

    ♥ Gentle hugs ♥

  5. The frame really enhances it -- the wood against the blue & pink -- nice!

  6. Wonderful painting! My youngest daughter is a dance major...she would love this painting, too!

  7. (hmm - which post to comment on...) This is wonderful Jo! I really love how you "cropped" it and the frame is perfect for it!


    I'm so happy the party will also help you keep your special time with the divine!

  8. Hi Jo! How cute are you?? So nice to see you!! I hope you are well, and I am glad we can visit!!

  9. Fantastic! I just love it. Such a wonderful texture and the colors...yum!

  10. Great texture and I love how you just "deleted" it!

  11. Oh I LOVE it framed!! Thank you for coming back and showing it with the frame. And great tip about saving old frames. I'll remember that! :)

  12. Awwww, more of your shared talent. Love it Jo. Know what else I love? The background! Love your decor :)

  13. This is a beautiful painting! I love it! The colors are fantastic. So rich.

  14. Beautiful painting and amazing photo styling! I love the technique used and the discovery using pastels (watercolor is very challenging for me, but I hope to learn). And your home decor is lovely too :) Nice way to showcase your artwork!

  15. Oh my, It has been too long since I have been to your blog. First, what great art you did here. I find it compelling with the colors and what looks like ballet slippers.
    Second...Soul Shredders, yup I have a lot of those still around. Sometimes however, I feel like my worst sould shredder is ME....I tear myself up quite a bit it seems.

  16. Jo this is really a beautiful piece and I do like how you framed it.
    It is something how the right frame can make all the difference in a work of art.
    How are you honey. So miss coming by here just wish I could spend more time with my friends on their sites.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Love ya

  17. I love your painting and the way you photographed it too- mini still lifes are wonderful things!

  18. Well I still love it framed or not.

  19. I'm a little late with my visit, but I have to tell you...I am inspired to paint some pointe shoes now...what a wonderful idea, and if I can do half a good a job...

  20. Now my little fairy could have used these this very much!

    The colors are beautiful and I like how you created the concept of how slippers would hand on a wall vertically.... literally.

    Looks just perfect in the frame you've chosen....yes keep those oldies and some form the church sales etc they do one day come in now I use all my frames for the Charlottes Webs I'm sculpting and incorporating within old frames.

    Annabelle >^..^<


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