~~Chinese proverb

I'm a gardner.....always have been.....always will be.

NO....I don't plant to eat~~I plant for beauty alone.

My garden is not formal..nor is it manicured.

It mostly pops up...all over...on it's own ~~ thru what I call "volunteers".

Every so often I'll throw in a new flower or two...but thrives best with minimal planting and just tender loving care.  Let's not be so hard on ourselves if we don't have the perfect garden.

Which brings me to my SIGNPOST FOR THE SOUL~~ WEEK THREE

"God was the first loosey-goosey gardner.  If our gardens were meant to be manicured don't you think he would have done it in the first place with all the natural forests and vegetation he created."

Again.....just me thinking out loud....if you love manicured gardens please take no offense...I just have never been able to pull one off!! (O:

Hugs as always,


First 3 pics from La Vie Claire and Country Living
Las 3 pics are my courtyard


  1. Debra.....I couldn't agree more!!!!!! I just have never been able to have a tidy one! (O:(O:


  2. I agree with both of you, ALL gardens are beautiful, but for me, I prefer the old~fashioned cottage garden, where things re~seed and pop up everywhere... I love how casual it is, like me, I am not a fussy dressy~up type of person... I love the simple life and want my gardens to reflect that as well... your courtyard is beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I love the randomness of a beautiful garden. My gardens are random because I see so many pretty flowers and plants I have to buy them whether they "match" or not.

  4. Such a beautiful garden. When I had mine, it was for food and beauty. I had the tallest sunflower which stood over the eves of the second floor. Oh, how I do miss those Sunday's I spent puttering around in it.

  5. Oh, I do believe I must agree with that proverb. The pictures are nothing but gorgeous! I do love flowers. Hugs

  6. That made me giggle about the "volunteers" in your garden.
    I have more of those then I care too.
    As you know, we live in the country, so I am in the very beginning stages of organizing a garden.
    We bought a greenhouse, and hope to get a "start" on our flowers and veggies for next year. It will be fun for hubby and I to putter in the greenhouse.

  7. Your courtyard is beautiful. I've never thought of God as a Loosey-Goosey gardener but I will now! My youngest daughter's nickname was Lucy Goosey. I'm eager for spring so I can get back into my garden.

  8. To me all gardens are beautiful, a window box or a simple pot of flowers are beautiful. As for organizing well that's a whole other not me! :)))
    Love your post sweet Josette!

  9. Your courtyard is lovely. Our yard and garden are very "wild" and rustic. But that's the way we like it : )

  10. Gardens are close to my heart too. Beautiful post.

  11. Hello Jo,

    Such a pleasure to have a visit from you!
    I LOVE your blog, it is supreme eye candy and so much fun reading as well. I will be sure to come back for more!
    Your photos are divine.

  12. You speak to my heart! I love a wild and free garden as well. Must be our Bohemian Gypsy souls, huh?

  13. So agree with you. Gardening for me is about creating the best conditions, planting what suits the conditions and then letting nature take it's way and surprise and delight me. Oh the wonderful potential of a seed!

  14. Beautiful images Josette! Such a pleasure to read.... thanks for dropping in!


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