Friday, January 28, 2011


My post today is highlighting two beautiful bloggers.
the photo above is a photo of a gorgeous necklace that I received earlier this month...and have been neglectful in posting about.  It seems .... with traveling  ~~just living, etc. time gets away from me.

Anyway the beautiful piece above was gifted to me by HOME AND HEART.  Please visit this dear lady...she has a lovely blog and is so generous in giving us her beautiful images~~not to mention the beautiful jewelry she makes.

Please stop in to visit her and tell her Jo sent you.

The next blog I want to mention is the fabulous art of J. Beaudet
I have followed her and her art for a while and I purchased this lovely piece.

Her florals are wonderful and she has a great artistic style.  Please stop in to see her as will be pleased you took the time.

This is what is so wonderful about are able to meet so many beautiful and creative women and men who you would never come across in your everyday life.

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends,
today I'm hooking up with Pretty Little Things hop on over to see all the other beauties out there.


  1. Beautiful necklace and painting. Thank you, for introducing us to these wonderfully talented ladies. Have a super great day and weekend sweet Jo. Hugs

  2. Your gifts are lovely. I have to agree with you about blogging. I've met so many wonderful people here. When I first began blogging, I was more into Yahoo groups and thought blogging would be much the same. What a pleasant surprise I was in for.

  3. Beautiful treasures for a beautiful lady... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hi Jo, hope all is well and that you have a great weekend. That necklace is gorgeous as are the two paintings you received. Thanks for sharing so that we can visit these lovely ladies too. My blogging experience has been nothing but positive and I have met so many wonderful folks along the way. My blog has evolved over this past year and a half as I have changed and grown. It's a process like everything in life. Take care and best wishes, Tammy

  5. Beautiful items - glad you got them! sandie

  6. I think I have about covered everything on your blog from top to bottom and even jumped off a time or two to visit others you have listed. It's been a great time and I have throughly enjoyed it. I will be back. Thanks for the visit and comment at paintpage.

  7. It's all just beautiful, Jo. I have gotten more interested in necklaces lately myself. There are so many more pretty ones for sale than use to be. Enjoy your new things!

  8. Hi, i'm visiting from Friday Pretties. Lovely blog you have here, both, jewellery and painting are gorgeous! Come on over and see me for tea ;) Have a fab weekend!

  9. What gorgeous gifts you have received. I have also met some of the kindest gifted people through my blog and I count you among them.

  10. Hi Jo,

    Congratulations for the lovely gifts. The necklace is lovely and so is the painting.

  11. Oh you lucky lady you! They are just beautiful.. I will pop over to their blogs.
    Thank you for sharing this..

  12. My Goodness! What beautiful gifts. Very, Very Pretty!!!

  13. Oh dear Jo,

    It is so sweet and wonderful to receive such lovely gifts. I am always so blessed upon opening up a beautiful gift and even more excited when I can send something! And thank you for visiting me. Life is good and may your week be filled with joy!!! Anita

  14. Hi Jo, These are such beautiful items. (I think the scarf is lovely too) I am your newest follower. *hugs*

  15. beautiful!! Such gorgeous treasures...enjoy!!


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