Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm sure that most of you think my title for this post is crazy....what you can cleaning be spiritual??

TAKE WASHING DISHES....Thomas Moore says "the ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."  I like washing dishes....I have a dishwasher...but sometimes the act of running hot soapy water and the actual washing of a dish and holding it in my hand while I dry..encourages reflection and reverie.  I might admire the dish...remember where I bought it...remember where it was used to nourish those I love...realize how pretty the flower pattern is on the dish..or if it is one passed down to me think of the person who gave it to me..this simple act can nourish one's soul.

doing dishes, dusting, sweeping the floor can all be viewed as spiritual.....remember THIS IS MONK's WORK......

just so everyone knows...I cleaned house today....and I am DETERMINED this year to make this simple act one to look forward to...rather than dreading it.

Hugs sweet ladies,



  1. What a lovely post. I have to start think of household chores more in this manner rather than something that just has to be done.

  2. Hello Jo... wonderful post!... I am one of those ladies who actually loves doing housework! I know, alot of ladies think I am nuts, but you are right, it really is therapeutic and relaxes me... I love how you said you think about where your dishes came from or admire a pretty flower on one... the simple things in life really are the very best, and many times as I am dusting or vacuuming, my thoughts drift off to my grandma's little house and how I used to love to help her houseclean... memories probably play a large part in how we feel... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Yes, they say mindfulness can make any task more spiritual. Let us know how that turns out with housework!

  4. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a sweet comment.
    I came over to say hello and to visit for a few.
    Thank you for having me and come visit again.
    Enjoy your day!
    BTW: I like to clean house also it really relaxes me especially after I am done and sit down to admire the results :)

  5. Cleaning is brings me the ultimate comfort. If only it would stay that way for awhile! Great post, Jo!


  6. yay a kindred...I love creating conscious intentions when I do creates a beautiful translation..whether cleaning or doing a I loved this post..I totally relate.

  7. I loved this, Jo. I read a book years ago (I think it was by Alexandra Stoddard), and she talked about making rituals happy times. It was such good advice. I try to take a page from "Snow White" when she sings, "Whistle While You Work." If it's something I've been dreading, I literally sing that song, and it instantly changes things. Then I remind myself, too, that I do it as unto the Lord, and that always makes it better for me!

    Happy Cleaning...


    Sheila :-)

  8. This is a wonderful attitude. I actually like ironing, washing dishes and several more household "chores". I shall think of them as an entirely new experience now that I have read your post. :o) Happy House Cleaning...

  9. I love these deep posts you write!
    I enjoy dishes and vaccuming too! Maybe because I'm a nester...I find it helps me destress to clean and rearrange!

  10. YOU are one lovely
    and wise woman, Jo : )
    It is all in the way
    we look at it. If
    my kids leave things
    in a mess or my hubby
    should drop a sock
    on the floor, I just
    put it right and thank
    God that I have children
    and a wonderful husband
    who loves me. It's good
    to embrace our daily task;
    reminds us we are alive.
    Hugs to you, today!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Josette,

    So, you're actually confessing that you like to wash dishes? You are one brave woman! :)

    Seriously thought, your post makes a valid point on how we as homemakers should view the keeping of our homes. We need to find joy in cleaning, even when it's hard.

    Dusting is one chore that is difficult and not very motivational for me. So, when I dust, I listen to biblical lectures on cd to keep me focused.

    At any rate, I had fun visiting your blog today. I found your name via my friend Trish at "Angel Wings and Apron Strings."

    By the way, I liked what you said to your grandson in your profile. Very cute. :)


    -Lady Rose

  12. Beautiful perspective on the mundane task of housework. I love it!

  13. I THINK that finding joy, purpose, love and honor in whatever we do is a sign of a great heart and mind....excellent idea dearest! Hey, I LOVE TO CLEAN HOUSE! Anita

  14. This really is so true, Jo. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Great way to look at this necessary bit of life.

  16. I love this! I saw this go by in my reader, and planned to come back to it . . . then I couldn't find it! Ack! I spent half the morning looking for this post. Love it! Please post on this more -- I need to change my thinking around about this sort of thing. In the recent past, I have become burned out on the "homekeeping arts." I need to renew my spirit. Thanks for this post -- it is a great start. Happy New Year!


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