Friday, January 21, 2011


Just returned from a little trip in our sweet motorhome.....

We actually attended a rally in Quartsite, AZ.....if you have never been to Quartsite you have missed a treat...

The MINERAL AND GEM SHOW was this weekend.

Our group had about 60 motorhomes all attending our rally....we circle the wagons just like the old pioneers and eat, drink, play games and just have an all out good time.  We all boondocked....dry camped for 4 days.

You must understand....thousands of people from all over the country descend on this little spot during the early Spring months to attend all the flea markets...gem and rock shows....RV shows.....bead is a rock and bead HEAVEN!! They arrive in anything from a clapped out old school bus to the most expensive motor coach made....and we all camp next to one another out in the desert!!!

The flea markets and stalls sell everything under the can spend days looking at all the stuff!!

Quartsite was established in 1989...was a little mining community and has never grown very much in size...General Patton trained American Troops out in this desert during WWII.    

At one point in time....they also tried to import see if they would survive and be used in our desert environment....The camel drivers' hut still stands...

His name still enhances his original outpost.....however....the camel experiment failed. (O:

As you can is now an internet cafe serving coffees and snacks..

I tried to imagine a camel grazing out there among all us campers and motor-homers..along with all the rock-hounds,the wayward hippies and old prospectors who have settled in here. 
Made me smile...I'll tell you that!!

Till next time......HAPPY TRAILS.




  1. That sounds like a great place to visit. After I read your last passage, I was able to close my eyes and see the hippies descending on the area. Glad to hear that you were able to get away and have a wonderful time. Missed you and welcome back.

  2. Jo~~~

    This sounds like so much fun..have you ever gone in the spring? I think I would love a few days away in a motor home! Welcome back!


  3. Hi Jo, looks like so much fun, I am sure you had a wonderful time!... would love to see what all you bought!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. what fun! i'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

  5. What fun, Jo! Glad you checked in... we were about to send search and rescue out to find you! ;-)



  6. Is that little silver beast yours? how cute it is... can I nickname it the bullet? hehe

    Glad you had a great time... hope you weekend is fun also.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. Hey Jo! That sounds like an absolutely fantastic trip. What fun! My husband goes out to the desert every Thursday nite. This is the time of year when everyone puts up their tents and goes out there for the evenings or the whole weekend. Sure gets cold out there at nite. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. -chuckle- Those A-a-a-a-a-rab camels didn't take to our desert, hu? ,-)

    Hugs & ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  9. Hi Jo, I've been out of commission myself lately and it's good to have some time to catch up with the goings-on of my blogger friends. What a fun trip that must have been - and I love how you all lined up in a circle like a wagon train - it must just create such a great environment. And days of flea market wandering sounds like heaven to me! Ciao, bella!

  10. So glad you are having such a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  11. Oh, Jo that sounds like so much fun. I enjoyed reading this post. The pictures are great. Keep enjoying! Hugs

  12. Welcome Back!
    So happy to know you had a great time at Quartzside. I used to live in AZ. so I know where that is. :)

  13. Hi Jo
    So good to have you back home safe and sound.
    What a great trip you had.. Love the photos..
    Thanks so much for sharing your travels.

  14. GOOD MORNING JO! I love that picture, the second one, with the hot pink! It must be of the flea market. You must be having warmer weather than us; we had THIRTY BELOW a couple of nights ago!

    Dearest Jo, I want to wish you the best. I while I am NOT stopping posting, I will be cutting back on the number of visits I make only because getting up at 2:30-3:00am just to fit in visiting everyone is getting out of hand for me. I will continue to post, and even though fatigue has caused me to loose a bit of enthusiasm, my desire to write tells me to KEEP WRITING. I adore you, and will visit on occasion, but I simply cannot keep up with EVERYONE and I want to thank you for having been so kind to visit me. I spend way to much time in front of the computer, as we all would tend to do, but it is time I do something about it and get some sleep!!!!

    Have a relaxing time and thank you....Anita

  15. Hello Jo...I am one of your new followers...You are a woman after my own heart. It is going to be truly delightful getting to know you.


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